About the Digital Library

Our goals

Through our digital collections, we aim to provide access to high-quality digital content generated by the Libraries for research and study, as open as possible; support the teaching, learning, and research needs of the College; preserve at-risk or fragile physical collections through digitization, or at-risk born-digital collections through reformatting; expose hidden, less-used physical collections through access to digital surrogates; and foster experimental, cutting-edge, and innovative projects through technology. 

Collection Developent Policy

We carefully select items based on a wide set of criteria.

What's in the digital library?

The library is a work in progress.  We are adding new collections, new facets to our current collections (e.g., transcripts), and new features to make our materials easier to use and more broadly accessible.

For more information

  • Contact us for more information about the digital library group, the technologies we use, and our projects.