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The Glass Plate Negatives collection contains materials from 1904-1935, depicting events, students, alumnae, and buildings at Vassar College. The photographs were taken by E.L. (Edmund L.) Wolven.  The first phase of digitization of the Glass Plate Negatives collection was made possible by the Vassar Class of 1950.  

The digital project will be completed in several stages.  Currently one-third of the glass plate negative collection has been digitized and made available, comprising more than 850 images. More than 2,000 additional images were digitized after this first stage, and will become available in coming months.

Please Note: Images featured in the Vassar College Digital Library include some historical items that reveal racist, disturbing, or otherwise negative representations or stereotypes of the people depicted. These items have been included as part of the historical record and should not be interpreted to mean that Vassar College or its staff endorse or approve of the negative representations or stereotypes presented.

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