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Fales, Helen Augusta | to "dear Aunt Susan," Nov. 18, 1865 [TS]

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November 18, 1865

1 letter, from Fales to "dear Aunt Susan." Fales complains about Vassar's strictness, particularly compared to the freedom afforded to students at men's colleges. She gives a detailed account of the faculty and staff at Vassar, including Dr. Raymond and Miss Lyman. She explains how meals are


Stephenson, Mary (Sheldon). Letters, 1884-1888


3 letters from Stephenson to her friend "Sate" concerning her experiences at Vassar between 1884 and 1888. Stephenson details Vassar's election festivities of 1884, during which Republican students held a procession for Blaine, whom they assumed to be victorious, while the Democrat students dressed


Woodworth, Mary (Parker). Letters, 1867-1869


38 letters from Woodworth to her family about her experiences at Vassar from 1867 to 1869. Woodworth evaluates and requests news periodicals, comments on political news, and describes lectures by the abolitionists Wendell Phillips and Anna Dickinson. She references fashion trends, social and family


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