Digital Scholarship and Technology Services

The Digital Scholarship and Technologies Department, in conjunction with the Digital Scholarship Services Collaborative on campus, provides Vassar College faculty and students with the tools and services they need to make their digital scholarship projects come to life.

Our services


I want to...

  • Experiment with new ways of exploring the humanities
  • Explore funding for my digital humanities / digital scholarship project
  • Write a grant proposal that includes digital scholarship services
  • Better understand (or help my students understand)...

Digital Publishing

I'm interested in...

  • Creating an exhibition or online narrative for my research
  • Visualization of my data
  • Preserving my published materials or data output
  • Creating a critical edition or annotated work in digital space
  • Publishing an e-journal...


I need to....

  • Get advice about file naming schemes, describing the materials I have, or designing a data dictionary
  • Make my digital work available to a wide audience
  • Manage a data entry project for myself or a group of researchers and students

Open access and institutional repository

I need to...

Manage my research to fulfill open access requirements or keep permanent connections to my research.

Tools and Techniques

I need to...

  • Make a 3D prototype
  • Learn more about a specific tool
  • Visualize my digital materials (on a map, with a graph, on a timeline, in an exhibition...)
  • Perform spatial analysis / make maps
  • Incorporate digital humanities methods into my...