Student Photo Albums

Lutz, Alma, n.d.
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This album covers the years 1908-1912, and contains photographs of events such as hall plays, Commencement, the Daisy Chain tradition, and various classes. It also depicts college life in residence halls, parlors, classrooms, and outdoor activities.
Russell, Lucile (Cross), 1895-1896
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This photo album covers the full four years Lucile Cross Russell spent at Vassar College, as well as subsequent Vassar reunions. Russell frequently photographed herself with friends Chastine "Chattie" Miner Johnson (exVC 1896), Ellen "Nell" Hayward Kimball (VC 1896), Alice Merrill Howland (VC 1896), and Medora Higgins Hooper (VC 1897). The friends frequently participated in outdoor and athletic activities, such as hiking, bicycling, boating, ice-skating, sledding, tennis, hurdling, and basketball. She especially enjoyed exploring the outdoors, as during the Geology field trip to Boardman’s. Russell’s images document several Vassar traditions, such as donning colonial costume for George Washington’s Birthday, traveling downriver to West Point, and decorating the senior rooms and parlor. She also attended theatrical events and mock weddings. “The Lodge” and the “Annex” to Main Building, which have since been demolished, appear in several of her photos. Also included in the album are images of art professor Henry Van Ingen, President James Monroe Taylor’s son Richard, and Dr. Elizabeth Burr Thelberg’s daughter Elizabeth.
Thompson, Helen (Lathrop), 1907-1911
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This photo album is arranged in loose chronological order from Lathrop’s freshman through senior year at Vassar College. Lathrop eagerly joined the social and extracurricular life at Vassar, documenting hall plays, costume parties, basketball games and boating. She indulged a love of the outdoors through her participation in the Wake Robin Club, which was frequently invited by the naturalist John Burroughs to his property at “Slabsides.” Lathrop also was a member of the Shakespeare Club and the Dickens Club. Her photo book is devoted to a variety of Vassar traditions, such as the Sophomore Tree Ceremonies, Class Day, House Sanitation Picnic, Junior-Senior Boat Ride, Daisy Chain, Class Tree, Founders Day, Lake Mohonk, the Vassar College Geology Excursion, Commencement, and Washington’s Birthday. She also attended the multiple Vassar reunions, the 50th Anniversary of Founder’s Day, the Hudson-Fulton Celebration of 1909. Lathrop photographed numerous notable people associated with Vassar College, including the alumna Baroness Uriu (Shige Nagai, VC School of Music 1878-1881); the alumna and suffragist Inez Milholland (VC 1905-1909); Vassar presidents James Monroe Taylor and Henry Noble MacCracken; and Vassar faculty Elizabeth Burr Thelberg, Margaret F Washburn, and Dr. Saunders.