Matthew Vassar Papers

from Ruthie E. Barber, 7 Apr 1863
Letter responding to application
from Samuel Shardlow, 26 May 1864
Request for information for daughter's application
from Sidney Andrews, 7 May 1863
Letter requesting a circular, ""with a view of deciding where to place my sister next Fall"
from Thomas Devan, 25 Sep 1860
Proposing that Mr. Vassar give money for the support of orphan children of foreign missionaries.
from Warwick P. Miller, 23 May 1864
Letter of application on behalf of daughter
from William J. Burr, 26 Apr 1864
Request for information regarding admission for daughter
from William Kelly, 21 Mar 1864
Advice to have his friend place an application for his daughter at once.
to Anna E. Murphy, 4 Feb 1863
Letter responding to application
to "Dear Sir" [John H. Raymond], 11 Jul 1864
Concerning Harloe's failure and other items of college business.
to A.S. Pease
Letter about the safe arrival in NY of M.P. Jewett and John B. Brackett from Europe
to Benson J. Lossing (2 letters), 2 Jul 1867
Arranging for the binding of 1000 copies of Lossing's "Vassar College and Its Founder."
to Benson J. Lossing, 1 Jul 1867
Explaining delay in receipt of notes. Refers to ""Vassar College and Its Founder."
to Benson J. Lossing, 14 Feb 1861
You will perceive from a copy of the charter herewith...
to Benson J. Lossing, 15 Jun 1867
Stating his decision against the free distribution of ""Vassar College and Its Founder"" to the pupils, etc.
to Benson J. Lossing, 22 Feb 1867
I have read your note...and in reply would say, that the whole affair is in your hands & keeping...
to Benson J. Lossing, 24 May 1864
Asking Mr. lossing to accompany Buckingham and Vassar to the College for advice on cabinet room, etc.
to Benson J. Lossing, 27 Jun 1866
Sending mRS. hale a copy of act changing name of college. Has copy of ""Dog Tip"" and picture of birthplace for addressee.
to Benson J. Lossing, 29 Sep 1862
Concerning illustrated article about the college to be published in the City Directory. Introducing Mr. H. Boyd.
to Benson J. Lossing, 4 Feb 1867
Unsigned letter relating to material for Lossing's book, ""Vassar College and Its Founder"".
to Braidward, 26 Jan 1863
Letter thanking writer for report on the Philadelphia School of Design for Women
to Caroline E. Williams, undated
Response to request for catalog
to Carrie E. Atwood, 23 Oct 1862
Letter responding to application
to Carrie F. Stowe, 10 Jun 1862
Concerning the progress of the plans for the College.
to Carrie F. Stowe, 25 Jun 1862
...shall register your name on our College books.
to Carrie F. Stowe, 29 Nov 1861
Plans for the College.
to Christine M. Benedict, 10 July 1863
Letter responding to request for admission. ""I deeply sympathize with you... your past life truly touching to my heart."" Asks for character references and will keep her name on file.
to Cornelia E. Jewett, 17 Feb 1863
Letter responding to application
to Cyrus Swan, 10 Jan 1862
Note in Milo Jewett's hand, signed by Matthew Vassar and Milo Jewett, asking the secretary to confer with chairman of the Board of Trustees in regard to February meeting.
to Cyrus Swan, 25 Jun 1861
Arrangements for portrait to be painted by Elliott.