Matthew Vassar Papers

to Rev. Charles A. Raymond, 22 Sep 1862
Matthew Vassar's preoccupation with many visitos; Babcock's efforts in behalf of Maria Mitchell and his visits to various schools, etc.
to Rev. Charles A. Raymond, 25 Nov 1862
Apology for failing to send promised periodical; report on progress of building.
to Rev. Charles A. Raymond, 30 Jul 1862
Organization of the College; interested in Raymond for vice-president; etc.
to Rev. Charles A. Raymond, 30 Jul 1862 - 3 Apr 1864 [typed transcripts]
From the title page: "Typescripts prepared by Edward R. Linner, Prof. Emeritus of Chemistry, in 1977/78"
to Rev. Dr. William Hague, 1 Mar 1864
Explaining his position with regard to the controversy over Milo P. Jewett
to Rev. E.J. Goodspeed, 26 Apr 1866
I received your kind letter... Speaks of plan to celebrate his 75th birhtday. Encoses small portrait used in autograph albums for students.
to Rev. F. B. Wheeler, 12 Feb 1867
Letter on Vassar Female College letterhead indicating enclosed cards for admission to the College and to Springside; printed ticket to Springside
to Rev. Thomas Devan, 26 Sep 1860
Concerning early plans for the College.
to Rev. William Hague, 23 Oct 1861
Concerning Ostrander.
to Reverand E.G. Goodspeed, 23 Jul 1862
Letter responding to application and a friendly note
to Ruthie E. Barber, 31 Mar 1863
Letter of application, daughter of missionaries to India
to S.S. Cutting, 6 Jul 1863
Acknowledging receipt of note with enclosure concerning a matter of business which will be considered at next meeting of Board
to Samuel Butler, 2 Jun 1863
Sending a box of his late wife's clothing.
to Samuel M. Buckingham, 19 Dec 1867
Concerning the erection of his statue.
to Sarah J. Hale, 11 Dec 1862
Sending article on college by Moses Tyler, pastor of local church, for printing in Lady's Book; and moneyfor subscription
to Sarah J. Hale, 11 Jul 1867
References to lossing's ""Vassar College and Its Founder"".
to Sarah J. Hale, 13 Nov 1861
Reports on the building of the ""edifice"" and President Jewett's activities.
to Sarah J. Hale, 14 Oct 1867
Speaks of desiriability of advertising the College, which he calls ""the first College for the liberal Education of Woman in the world."" Baptist conference visitors at College.
to Sarah J. Hale, 20 Jun 1867
Commencement activities.
to Sarah J. Hale, 22 Feb 1867
Comments on articlers in Godey's Lady's book.
to Sarah J. Hale, 22 Mar 1867
Invitation to visit the College and himself; suggested exchange of photographs.
to Sarah J. Hale, 23 Mar 1864
Concerning Mrs. Hale's recommendation of Mrs. Cuddehy as ""Professor of Reading, Elocution, Botany, Gymnastics, etc., etc."
to Sarah J. Hale, 25 Aug 1866
Copy of catalogue sent for publication in magazine.
to Sarah J. Hale, 25 Jan 1864
Publication of article in magazine; women teachers (maria Mitchell), etc.
to Sarah J. Hale, 26 Feb 1864
Lady teachers; change of name of college.
to Sarah J. Hale, 26 Sep 1864
Concerning the agreement in regard to the art collection, ""in belief that you are laboring under a wide misapprehension or mis-recollection to the facts i know your earliest attention to them."
to Sarah J. Hale, 27 Jun 1866
Name of college ("I hasten to inform you that the great agony is over...")
to Sarah J. Hale, 27 Mar 1868
Regarding a committee report to be sent to Mrs. Hale; photographs and catalogues; Founder's Day; Miss lyman in Philadelphia.
to Sarah J. Hale, 28 Apr 1864
Thanks for photographs, appreciation of publicity given college in magazine; women teachers.
to Sarah J. Hale, 28 Aug 1865
On the progress of the change in name.
to Sarah J. Hale, 28 Oct 1865
Describes brief vists to the College and comments on forthcoming articles in Godey's Lady's Book.
to Sarah J. Hale, 29 Jan 1866
References to change of name and mention of provisions of will.
to Sarah J. Hale, 3 Oct 1867
Chiefly on College affairs; comments on Godey's Lady's Book.
to Sarah J. Hale, 31 Mar 1864
Acknowledgment of proofs for article; appointment of Mrs. Cuddehy doubtful, etc.
to Sarah J. Hale, 4 Dec 1865
Financial matters (college tuition, etc.)
to Sarah J. Hale, 5 Dec 1866
Plans for Mrs. Hale to visit college; change in name of college; requirements for admission, etc.