Albert Einstein Digital Collection at Vassar College Libraries

A gift of Morris and Adele Bergreen in 2003, Vassar College Libraries' Albert Einstein collection documents a lesser-known aspect of Albert Einstein’s career: his social and political work in the United States and abroad, with special attention to Jewish affairs. The collection was formed by Einstein's friend and executor to his will, Otto Nathan, an economist and professor at several institutions of higher learning, including Vassar College.

Bidloo's Anatomia humani corporis

Bound in Moroccan leather, Anatomia humani corporis by Govard Bidloo comprises 105 engraved plates of anatomical drawings by Gerard de Lairesse. With a few exceptions, these are not idealized or diagrammatic representations of the human body, as was typical in early atlases of human anatomy. They are naturalistic drawings of actual cadavers, remarkable for their sensuous portrayal of their subjects.

Digital Window

Digital Window is Vassar College's institutional repository, reflecting the research and scholarly outupt of the Vassar College community.  It provides access to many collections, most notably a variety of senior theses and projects from disciplines ranging from American Culture to Urban Studies.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton Papers

The Elizabeth Cady Stanton Papers include correspondence with Susan B. Anthony, Paulina Wright Davis, Elizabeth Smith Miller, Gerrit Smith, and others relating to family matters, her children, the woman's movement, her lectures and travels, publication of her books and articles, women and religion, abolition, temperance, and other social causes, 1839-1902; phrenological report by L.N.

Glass Plate Negatives

The Glass Plate Negatives collection contains materials from 1904-1935, depicting events, students, alumnae, and buildings at Vassar College. The photographs were taken by E.L. (Edmund L.) Wolven.  The first phase of digitization of the Glass Plate Negatives collection was made possible by the Vassar Class of 1950.  

Images of Early Vassar

This collection consists of materials relating to the early history of Vassar College, from its founding in 1861 to the early years of the 20th century. The images provide visual documentation of Raymond Avenue, college buildings and buildings relating to Matthew Vassar, class groups, faculty, presidents, students, trustees, Vassar Lake, and Matthew Vassar and his relatives.

Jasper Parrish Papers

The Jasper Parrish collection includes correspondence of Jasper Parrish, 1790-1829, and others, 1757-1869, relating to the Painted Post treaty, payments to Indians, supplies to the Seneca mission, conduct of the St. Regis Indians, and work of the Quakers among the Indians. There are addresses and messages, 1803-1823, of Timothy Pickering, Thomas Jefferson, and John C. Calhoun to Iroquois chiefs including Red Jacket, Cornplanter, Farmer's Brother, Little Billy, Young King, and others.

John Burroughs Journals

John Burroughs (1837-1921) was a noted naturalist, essayist and a significant figure in the history of environmentalism. He was born in a small town in the Catskills and spent the bulk of his adult life in West Park.  Note: not all of the journals include a transcription, so a keyword search of the collection will not include hits from all of the volumes.

Landauer Longfellow Collection

The Landauer Longfellow Collection consists of approximately 300 pieces of sheet music and some bound volumes (totaling more than 6500 pages) featuring the poetry of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. The items were published in the United States and Europe primarily throughout the nineteenth and early twetieth centuries.

Lucy Maynard Salmon and Adelaide Underhill Exhibit

This exhibit, part of the Hudson River Valley Heritage's "Women of the Hudson Valley" exhibit, highlights selected materials that focuses on the partnership between Lucy Maynard Salmon and Adelaide Underhill, two important women in the early years of Vassar College, and the way that their relationship informed, shaped and sustained their work and their lives.

Matthew Vassar Papers

The Matthew Vassar Papers digital collection contains material from the Matthew Vassar Papers available at the Archives & Special Collections Library at Vassar College.  The materials come primarily from Series 1 in the collection, incorporating items related to Vassar College, including:

Memorial Minutes

The Memorial Minutes collection consists of short biographical pieces from Vassar faculty members, read in their honor at faculty meetings from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The collection includes biographical information from many notable people in Vassar history, including George Sherman Dickinson, Achsah Mount Ely, Henry Noble MacCracken, Cornelia Raymond, John H. Raymond, Lucy Maynard Salmon, Adelaide Underhill, and Henry Van Ingen.

Music Programs Digital Collection

One of the oldest continuous collections of concert programs in an academic institution, the Music Programs Digital Collection documents Vassar College Department of Music events from 1866 to the present. Student and faculty concerts, interdepartmental collaborations, and guest appearances by music scholars, composers, critics, and performers of jazz, world music, and classical music are represented here.

Newspaper Archives

The Vassar College Digital Newspaper Archives provides access to a wide range of newspapers and magazines that were published by Vassar College students from 1872-present. Publications include: Miscellany News, Vassar: The Alumnae/i Quarterly, Vassar Chronicle, The Vassar Miscellany, The Vassar Spectator, Unscrewed, Womanspeak, Left of Center.

Oral Histories

The Oral History collection currently consists of three sub-collections: the Vassar College LGBTQ Oral History Project (including interviews conducted as part of Spring 2013 Women's Studies Class WMST 219, "Queering the Archives") , Vassar College ANTH-AFRS 386 Oral History Project and The Associated Emeritae/i of Vassar College (AEVC) Oral History Proje

Printers' Marks in the Vassar College Library

This collection provides images of, and information about, all of the extant printer's marks in the windows of the Vassar College Library.  Printer's marks are visual emblems that identify the printer of a particular book. They first appeared in the 15th century, and helped early printers establish their businesses and protect their work in what was still an emerging and precarious field.

Student Diaries

The Student Diaries collection provides access to more than fifty diaries from Vassar students from the nineteenth century. The diaries concern life on campus, other students, classes, relationships with their professors, vacations, family news, and other subjects; some volumes have short entries on daily activities while others have longer, more reflective entries. Students include Florence Wislocki, 1922; Frances M.

Student Letters

The Student Letters collection contains letters from Vassar students primarily during the nineteenth century.  The letters were written by students to family, friends, and Vassar faculty, with some letters received by students from family and friends, concerning life at Vassar, their studies, social events, and family affairs.

Susan B. Anthony Collection

Susan Brownell Anthony was born in Adams, Massachusetts, on 15 February 1820, Her parents, Daniel Anthony and Lucy Read, raised her and her seven siblings as Quakers. After a series of financial setbacks and relocations, the Anthony family settled in Rochester, New York, where Susan B. Anthony became acquainted with many abolitionists and women's rights reformers of her day, including William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, Amelia Bloomer and Samuel May.

Vassar Songs

The collection of Vassar College song books consist of nine books published between 1881-1940. Together they constitute some 500 pages -- songs written at Vassar, published by Vassar and sung by Vassar students. Some songs, such as the Wentworth/Gow "(Vassar) Alma Mater" are repeated in many if not all of the books, but there is some evidence of title changes, and variations in words or harmonizations, and additional verses.

Vintage Vassar

A collection of Vassar films depicting life at Vassar over the course of the 20th century, including the earliest films from the 1930s.  Video footage from the College Archives and Communications Department.

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