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Guide to the Andrew Tallon Papers, approximately 1990-2016

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Collection Summary

Repository: Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries
Creator: Tallon, Andrew, 1969-2018
Title: Andrew Tallon Papers
Dates: approximately 1990-2016
Quantity: 12 boxes (4 cubic feet)
Abstract: Syllabi, course outlines, notes, journals, collected offprints, and photocopies of academic manuscripts.

Biographical Note

Andrew J. Tallon (1969-2018) was educated at Princeton and Columbia Universities and joined the faculty at Vassar College in the Department of Art in 2007. Tallon taught medieval art, architecture, and pre-modern acoustics. He received a Ph.D. from Columbia University, M.A. from the University of Paris-Sorbonne, and B.A. with highest honors from Princeton University.

Tallon was an innovative scholar of French Gothic art and architecture, who introduced new digital techniques to the analysis and re-creation of the spatial archaeology of medieval buildings. His published works include The Structure of Gothic, and Notre-Dame de Paris, coauthored in French with Dany Sandron and published in 2013. Tallon completed a study of the Cathedral of Bourges and a five-year study which culminated in the web-based project Mapping Gothic France. Tallon was a former director of the International Center of Medieval Art and of AVISTA, and was co-founder and a director of the US-based charitable association the Friends of Notre Dame.


Scope and Content Note

This collection contains syllabi, course outlines, notes, journals, drafts and offprints of scholary essays, and photocopies of academic articles documenting the career of Anddrew J. Tallon. The materials also include subject files from Tallon’s years as a student in the United States and France, and as a professor at Vassar College; and sound recordings that Tallon used during lectures.



This collection is open for research according to the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Library without any additional restrictions.

Restrictions on Use

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  • Digital files created by Andrew Tallon and/or his student assistant(s) in the course of his work on French Gothic art and architecture. A listing of these files is not available at this time.

Subject Headings


  • Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano
  • Cathédrale Saint-Etienne de Bourges
  • Columbia University
  • Notre-Dame de Paris (Cathedral)
  • Princeton University
  • Princeton University. Chapel
  • Sorbonne Université
  • Vassar College--Faculty


  • Architecture and archaeology
  • Architecture, Gothic--History
  • Art, Medieval--History
  • Cathedrals--Design and construction--History

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  • Art and Artists
  • Vassar College

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Andrew Tallon Papers, Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries.

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Acquisition Information

Gift of Marie Tallon 26 July 2021 (M2021-015).


Series List

Series I. Coursework (Boxes 1-4, 10, 11)

This series includes research and study material from Tallon’s work as an undergraduate and graduate student at Princeton and Columbia Universities. Of particular note are notebooks containing cathedral interior sketches, syllabi with notations, and email printouts. Also included are photocopies of academic papers, articles, abstracts and offprints, many of which contain Tallon’s highlights and marginalia.

Series II.Teaching files (Box 5)

This series gathers course outlines, syllabi, and handwritten teaching notes.

Series III.Subject files (Boxes 5-8, 11)

This series collects research and reference materials, some with Tallon's highlights and marginalia, on subjects including acoustics, iron architecture, and liturgical drama. Also included are notebooks with handwritten calculations and diagrams of cathedral coordinates.

Series IV.Writings (Boxes 8-9, 11)

This series includes academic manuscripts resulting from research completed at Princeton, Sorbonne and Columbia Universities. Some manuscripts include edits, inscriptions, supporting research documentation, and notes.

Series V.Audiovisual Materials (Box 12)

Audiovisual material includes (2) CDs containing digital image files from the exhibition opening of Mapping Gothic France at the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center (2012) and 7 CD audio recordings of medieval choral music that Tallon used in his lectures.

Container List


Folder 10.1-10.3 18th Century Architectural Acoustics, Professor Middleton, Columbia University, undated
Folder 10.4-10.5 18th Century and 19th Century French Architecture, undated
Folder 1.1 Architectural Acoustics, Harris, Cyril, Columbia University, 2001
Folder 1.2 Architecture in 18th century france, notebooks, 2001
Folder 1.3 The Architecture of Sir John Soane and the Picturesque, 2002
Folder 1.4 Art and Architecture of Constantinople, Prof. Holgerklein, Columbia University, 2000
Folder 1.5-1.7, 10.7 Art Humanities: Masterpieces of Western Art, 2003
Folder 1.8 Bergdoll, Barry, Art History, Archeology, 2001
Folder 1.9-2.2 Byzantium and the West, Columbia University, 2000-2001
Folder 2.3-2.6 Cluniac Liturgy Seminar, 2001
Folder 2.7 Collected syllabi, documentary film, art and technology, natural history, architectural theory, 2001
Folder 2.8-2.9 Elementary Latin, 2001
Folder 3.1-3.3, 11.1 French Eighteenth Century Architectural Theory, 2001
Folder 3.4-3.6 German for Reading Knowledge, 2002
Folder 3.7-3.8 Gothic Architecture, oral exam study notes, 2003
Folder 3.9-3.10 Greek Art and Architecture, Marconi, Clemente, Columbia University, 2000
Folder 4.1 Italian Renaissance, 2001
Folder 4.2 Medieval Historiography Seminar, 2002
Folder 4.3 Paris in the Medieval Age, notebook, 2002
Folder 4.4-4.5 Proseminar Methodologies of Art, Columbia University, undated
Folder 4.6-4.8 Roman Art II, Professor Brilliant, includes Tallon paper, Living Space: The Cultivation of Prospect..." 2000
Folder 4.9 Romanesque Architecture, bibliographies, 2002
Folder 4.10 Seminar on the Skyscraper, Violet le Duc, Princeton University, 1990


Folder 5.1 Art Humanities: briefings, 2003
Folder 5.2 Art Humanities: Masterpieces of Western Art, 2003
Folder 5.3-5.4 Art, Music, Archeology, course outlines, 2004
Folder 8.6-8.7 Islam, Art and Architecture, 2001
Folder 5.5 Proposal, Stephen Murray, Department of Art and Archaeology, 1995-2002


Folder 5.6 19th century acoustics, approximately 1990-2002
Folder 5.7-5.9 Aachen, liturgy, undates
Folder 5.10-6.2 Acoustics, approximately 1990-2002
Folder 6.3-6.7 Acoustic jars, vases, undated
Folder 6.8 Architectural models, Basse Oeuvre, Beauvais Cathedral, undated
Folder 10.6 Architecture and Liturgy, approximately 1990-2002
Folder 10.8 Aubert, Marcel, 2002
Folder 10.9 Beauvais Cathedral, 2003
Folder 11.2-11.3 Cluny Souvigny, undated
Folder 6.9 Diary, notes, calculations, diagrams, 2012, 2016 (2 notebooks)
Folder 7.1 French Eighteenth Century Iron Architecture, approximately 1990-2002
Folder 7.2 Iron fabrication, 1996
Folder 7.3 John Soane virtual reality, undated
Folder 7.4 L'acoustique Cistercienne et l'Unite Sonore, Larcher, Hubert, undated
Folder 7.5-7.6 Liturgical drama, undated
Folder 7.7-7.8 Liturgy, approximately 1990-2002
Folder 7.9 Mapping Gothic France, website printout, Mellon Foundation, scholarly materials, 2010
Folder 11.4-11.5 Musicological Aspects of Architecture, undated
Folder 7.10 Paleography, undated
Folder 7.11-7.13 Perrault, Pattie, reference material, draft text, undated
Folder 7.14 Pitcairn, Raymond, Bryn Athyn Church, photocopies, correspondence 1917-1919, undated
Folder 8.1 Princeton University Chapel acoustics, undated
Folder 8.2 St. Peter's, Rome, design and construction, undated


Folder 8.3 "Architecture et Sculpture, Gothiques," Press Universitaires de Rennes, 2012 (offprint)
Folder 8.4 Art et Architecture a Étampes au Moyen Age, Les Cahiers, d'Etampes Histoire, 2010 (offprint)
Folder 8.5 "Einhard, Notker and the Ninth Century, Frankish View of Byzantium, 2001
Folder 8.8 "The Liturgy of the Cluniac, Priory of St. Pierre de Souvigny," 2002
Folder 8.9 "Medieval Architectural Acoustics," 1992
Folder 8.10, 11.6 "Medieval Architectural Acoustics: An Inquiry Into Some Aspects of the Relationship Between Ecclesiastical Music and Architecture in Medieval France," Sorbonne University," 1992
Folder 8.11 "My 'Post-Modern Yearning': The Integration of Architectural Acoustics in the Study of Gothic Space," 2001
Folder 8.12 "The Origins of Organum: An Acoustical Approach," 2000
Folder 11.7 "The Play of Daniel at Beauvais Cathedral," including research materials, 2002
Folder 8.13 "Pierre Patte and the Late Eighteenth Century Conception of Architectural Acoustics," 2002
Folder 9.1-9.6 "The Portuguese Precedent for Pierre Patte's Street Section," Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, research documentation, galleys, 2004
Folder 9.7 Smith Western Manuscript 16, research documentation, notes, 2001
Folder 9.8-9.9 "Structural Problems in the Conception and Construction of New St.Peter's in Rome," Princeton University, 1991
Folder 9.10 "The Tie Beam as Anti-Seismic Device in Early Islamic Mosque Architecture, 2001
Folder 9.11 "The Vaults of Il Gesu," including research documentation, Princeton University, 1990


Box 12 Mapping Gothic France Event, Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, 2012 (2 discs)
Box 12 Musical recordings used for Tallon lectures, undated (7 discs)

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