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Guide to the Helen Drusilla Lockwood Papers, 1883-1971

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Collection Summary

Repository: Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries
Creator: Lockwood, Helen Drusilla, approximately 1891-1971
Title: Helen Drusilla Lockwood Papers
Dates: 1883-1971
Quantity: 28 cubic feet (35 boxes, 1 roll)
Abstract: Correspondence, notes, manuscripts, and diaries relating to Lockwood's life and work a professor of English at Vassar College and her interests in euthenics, labor and the press.

Biographical Note

Helen Lockwood was born May 8, 1891, in Clifton Springs, NY. Following the example of her mother, Mary E. Lamson (VC 1890), she was graduated from Vassar in 1912. The following fifteen years were spent in study, travel, and teaching. After earning a doctorate in comparative literature from Columbia, she taught at Wellesley, 1925-1927, and at the Bryn Mawr School for Women Workers in Industry, 1921-1923. She returned to Vassar in 1927, was made a full professor in 1936, and served as chairman of the English department from 1950 until her retirement in 1956.

Helen Lockwood was an outstanding teacher and a challenging member of the faculty. Her courses, whether on romantic poets or the contemporary press, were considered a memorable part of a student's program. A supporter of interdisciplinary studies, Helen Lockwood played a leading role in the American Culture and Today's Cities programs; she also supported the euthenics program. Education, in her view, should prepare the individual to act effectively in society, and she herself deeply interested in the social and cultural life of the local community. Helen Lockwood died in England in 1971, where she spent most summers and much of her retirement. Her unrestricted gift to the college of more than six million dollars was one of the largest in Vassar's history.


Scope and Content Note

Correspondence, notes, manuscripts, and diaries relating to Lockwood's life and work a professor of English at Vassar College and her interests in euthenics, labor and the press. Boxes 24A-24B contain letters from former students at the time of H.D.L’s retirement. Note: Seven boxes of the Lockwood Collection are currently unprocessed.



The collection is only partially processed. There is descriptive information for 29 of the 34 boxes. Also, it appears that the container list is not completely accurate: although the material should be in the box indicated, it may not have the same folder number.Top


This collection is open for research according to the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Library without any additional restrictions.

Restrictions on Use

Permission to quote (publish) from unpublished or previously published material must be obtained as described in the regulations of the Vassar College Archives and Special Collections Library.


Subject Headings


  • Clark, Eleanor, 1913-1996
  • Murray, Pauli, 1910-1985
  • Page, Elizabeth, 1889-1969
  • Robertson, Priscilla Smith
  • Sewell, Elizabeth, 1919-2001
  • Smith, Hilda Worthington
  • Ware, Caroline F. (Caroline Farrar), 1899-1990


  • English language--Study and teaching
  • Euthenics
  • Labor and laboring classes--Education
  • Press

VCL Categories:

  • Literature and Writing
  • Vassar College

Encoding Information

Encoded by Elizabeth Clarke, December 2006. Updated by Emma Gronbeck, March 2024.


Preferred Citation

Helen Drusilla Lockwood Papers, Archives and Special Collections Library, Vassar College Libraries.

Processing Information

Original processing date unknown.

Acquisition Information

Gift of the Estate of Helen Lockwood.

Additional material added in June 2009: 4 letters from Lockwood to Barbara Swain, now in Box 3.


Container List

Folder 1.1 Personal and biographical information relating to HDL and her family. Includes correspondence, excerpts from Gladys Meyer Wolfe's diary, draft of an article on HDL by Mary Alice White, notes about HDL collected by Barbara Swain, a notebook, and 1945 daybook
Folder 1.2 Photographs of HDL. Other photographs are in boxes 21-23
Folder 1.3 Letters to William Lockwood from his mother, 1883-1885
Folder 1.4 Mary Lamson Lockwood's letters while a student at Vassar, 1886-1888
Folder 1.5 Miscellaneous letters to Mrs. William Lockwood
Folder 1.6 Letters to HDL from her mother, 1909-1912
Folder 1.7 Letters to HDL from her father, 1908-1909
Folder 1.8 Miscellaneous letters to HDL while a student at Vassar, 1908-1911
Folders 1.9-1.10 Letters to HDL from mother and family, 1913-1940
Folder 1.11 Letters from Cordelia Lockwood (HDL's sister) from Vassar to her family, 1912
Folders 1.12-1.23 HDL's letters to her family, 1908-1921
Folder 2.1-2.11 HDL's letters to her family, 1922-1937
Folder 2.12 Cordelia's letters to HDL, 1909
Folder 2.13 Cordelia's letters to her family, 1917-1929
Folder 2.14 Letters from Mrs. Lockwood to Cordelia, 1911-1920
Folder 2.15 Correspondence with Dr. Jane N. Baldwin, 1957-1970
Folder 2.16 Correspondence with Emily Clark Brown, 1951-1971
Folder 2.17 Correspondence with Edna Carter, 1943-1961
Folder 2.18 Correspondence with Eleanor Clark, 1932-1970
Folder 2.19 Correspondence with Evangeline Darrow, 1950-1971
Folder 2.20 Correspondence with Hallie Flanagan Davis, 1930-1969
Folder 2.21 Correspondence with Eloise Ellery, 1932-1957
Folder 2.22 Correspondence with Josephine Gleason, 1958-1970
Folder 2.23 Correspondence with Monica Healea, 1957-1971
Folder 2.24 Correspondence with Elizabeth Page, 1912-1969
Folder 2.25 Correspondence with Blanche Powers, 1960-1971
Folder 2.26 Correspondence with Priscilla Smith Robertson. For correspondence relating to The Humanist see box 14, folders 1 and 2, 1931-1968
Folder 2.27 Correspondence with Lillian Smith, 1957, 1959
Folder 3.1-3.2 Correspondence with Elizabeth Sewell, 1955-1971
Folder 3.3 Elizabeth Sewell manuscripts and publications
Folder 3.4 Correspondence with Hilda W. Smith (Jane Smith), poems by Hilda Smith. Additional correspondence with the material on Workers Education, boxes 16 and 17 1952-1970
Folder 3.5 Correspondence with E.K. Van Alstyne, 1927-1929
Folder 3.6 Correspondence with Caroline Ware. Correspondence relating to the UNESCO history is in box 15, 1922-1970
Folder 3.7 Correspondence with Gladys Meyer Wolfe, 1929-1968
Folder 3.8 Correspondence with Vassar faculty, including Ida Treat Bergeret, Martha Bossavy, Evelyn Eastman, Nell Eurich, Carrie Mercer, Barbara Swain, and C. Mildred Thompson
Folder 3.9-3.12 Miscellaneous correspondence. Includes correspondence with Ruth Andrus, Ruth Lamb Atkinson, Pauli Murray (with some of her poems), Lucy Madeira Wing, and Helen Wright
Folder 4.1 Papers and addresses representing formulations over time of HDL's educational philosophy
Folder 4.2 Manuscripts, "Vassar College and the Community of Poughkeepsie and Dutchess County," and "The Essence of Vassar's Education," 1967, with notes and correspondence
Folder 4.3 Notes and manuscripts, including article for the Vassar Quarterly, 1921, on worker's education, poetry, miscellaneous on teaching and students circa 1914-1921
Folder 4.4 Papers written for Columbia courses, copies of The Relay (Wellesley), October 1927, with article, "The American Tragedy" by HDL, and correspondence and book reviews relating to HDL's dissertation, "Tools and the Man."
Folder 4.5 Notes, manuscripts, and publications, including reviews of Caroline Ware's, 1920-1930 Greenwich Village, and Mary Beard's On Understanding Women, manuscripts: "Literacy and Illiteracy," "For Armistice Day, November 11, 1935," "What is College For" (3 Dec1935), and "The Bryn Mawr Summer School," 1936.
Folder 4.6 Notes, manuscripts, publications, including review of Lewis Mumford’s The Culture of Cities, and review of November 1940 issue of Vassar Review and Little Magazine, "The New Freedom" (commencement address delivered at The Madeira School, 1939), "She Knows Her Place: A Democratic Concept of Household Employment" (contribution to Symposium on Household Employment, Nov. 28, 1939), Vassar 75th anniversary symposium speech, "The American Way of Life in Time of Crisis," and "Does Defense of Freedom Include Women?" ( scripts broadcast on station WGY, Schenectady, Oct. 11, 1940 and Jan. 4, 1941).
Folder 4.7 Notes, manuscripts, and publications, including "On the Election of Lloyd Nichols" (broadcast over WKIP, Nov. 6, 1942); manuscripts of contributions to Family-Community Digest, 1943; Vassar Brew, 1943; Vassar Miscellany News, Vassar Political Association publication, 1945; Vassar Alumnae Magazine, 1948; The Humanist, 1957; and correspondence.
Folder 4.8 Writings on euthenics and material on the Vassar Summer Institute, Including abstracts of lectures given during the 1942 Institute. 1940-1945
Folder 4.9 Some contributions to the Vassar Miscellany News, 1932-1956
Folder 4.10 Convocation addresses, 1951 and 1955
Folder 4.11 Holidays (notes)
Folder 5.1 Teaching at Roselle Park, 1913-14 and "The Elms," 1914-15.
Folder 5.1A Wellesley material, including correspondence with Wellesley students.
Folder 5.2 Correspondence relating to college business, fellowships, etc.
Folder 5.3 English (range, problems, published materials).
Folder 5.4-5.8 Vassar College English Department, 1926-56
Folder 5.9-5.10 English Department reading lists.
Folder 5.10-5.12 National Council of Teachers of English, Conference on College Composition and Communication, and NCTE Achievement Awards judge, 1960
Folder 5.13 College Conference on English, 1938
Folder 5.14 N.Y. State English Council, Syracuse, 1953
Folder 5.15 Recruiting teachers.
Folder 6.1-6.10 Relations with students. Correspondence with students, arranged alphabetically, and student recommendations.
Folder 6.11-6.17 English courses 105, 185, 210, 218
Boxes 7, 8, and 9 Material on English courses 218, 235, 241, 242, 275, 300, 312, 335; (Folders 18 -75) Documentary Film, American Culture, Today’s Cities.
Boxes 10 and 11 Faculty meetings, faculty committees, Social Museum , and (Folders 76-110) miscellaneous college- related activities.
Folders 12.1-12.2 Speeches, 1955-1959, programs, correspondence, and notes.
Folder 12.3 Conferences and traveling seminars, 1958
Folder 12.4 Vassar Institute for Women in Business, 1956
Folder 12.5 Vassar Institute, Secretaries Newsletter.
Folders 12.6-12.7 Vassar Centennial and International Conference, March 1961
Folders 12.8-12.12 Alumnae activities, 1912 activities.
Box 12 Also thesis by Mary Anna Nevins, "Peter Sterry and English Independency," in 2 binders.
Folder 13.1 Examples of financial contributions to community and national causes.
Folders 13.2A-13.9 Poughkeepsie, Poughkeepsie Forum, and Poughkeepsie Music Survey, 1950
Folders 13.10-13.11 Poughkeepsie community activities, philanthropy, and the Philharmonic.
Folder 13.12 National Conference of Jews and Christians.
Folder 13.13 New York Women’s Trade Union League.
Folder 13.14 Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.
Folder 13.15 The United Nations.
Folder 13.16 Downs Day Club (from 1966/1967-)
Folder 14.1-14.2 The Humanist. Correspondence with Priscillan Smith Roberson, 1956-1959 and 1976
Folder 14.3 The Humanist. Programs and proceedings of international congresses, symposiums, and newsletters. A file of The Humanist from 1956 through 1959.
Folder 14.4-14.5 Miscellaneous manuscripts and publications contributed to H.D.L. by friends.
Folder 14.5-14.6 Miscellaneous pamphlets and programs; 2 student papers.
Box 15 Work with Caroline Ware on the UNESCO History of Mankind: The (Folders 1-12) Twentieth Century. The material includes correspondence, outlines, and early drafts of the text. Also publications of Caroline Ware and Gardiner Means.
Boxes 16-17 Material on worker’s education: information on the Bryn Mawr (Folders 1-15) Summer School, the Vineyard Shore School, and the Hudson Shore Labor 1922-52. (H.D.L. participated as a teacher and was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hudson Shore Labor School from circa 1943 to 1952.)
Boxes 18-19 Collections of newspaper clippings, including items relating to (Folders 1-34) H.D.L.’s trip to India; theatre programs.
Box 20 Alumnae questionnaires for the article in the Vassar Alumnae Magazine, May 1948, "Part Time Paid Jobs for Women."
Box 21 High-school papers and yearbook; Vassar scrapbook, 1908-1912; V.C. publications relating to President Taylor, Miss Wylie, and Miss Salmon; photograph album; and A.B., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees.
Box 21A 3 early diaries, 1903-circa 1911
Box 22 Miscellaneous personal and family items, including a scrapbook and 3 notebooks of Mary Lamson Lockwood; 2 notebooks used by William Lockwood at Cronell; 2 Bibles which had belonged to H.D. L (Class of '90 baby); and 5 framed photographs.
Box 23 Photographs
Folder 24A.1 Former Students—Clare Burgin Allen (VC 1953)
Folder 24A.1 Former Students—Jane McDill Anderson (VC 1930)
Folder 24A.1 Former Students—Lydia Anderson (VC 1944)
Folder 24A.1 Former Students—Helen S. Fox Appell (VC 1945-44)
Folder 24A.1 Former Students—Carolyn Stearns Ashbaugh (VC 1939)
Folder 24A.1 Former Students—Margaret Travis Atwood (VC 1948)
Folder 24A.1 Former Students—Dorothea Ferry Bamford (VC 1941)
Folder 24A.1 Former Students—Mayr Agnes Amiels Barnes (VC 1950)
Folder 24A.1 Former Students—Jacqueline Marx Barnett (VC 1954)
Folder 24A.1 Former Students—Jean Brayfogle Bartlett (VC 1954)
Folder 24A.1 Former Students—Patricia Reynolds Bassett (VC 1940)
Folder 24A.1 Former Students—Evelyn Chambers Birge
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Frances Jones Boyerson (VC 1940)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Constance McChesney Brauer (VC 1940)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Martha Higley Buscoe (VC 1943)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Alice Osborn Brown (VC 1931)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Barbara Bailey Brown (VC 1932)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Pauline Bryan (VC 1933)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Elizabeth Bushnell (VC 1941)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Peggy Masback Cahn (VC 1943)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Jane Calloman (VC 1950)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Margaret Sawyer Carroll (VC 1934)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Jane Uhl Chamberlain (VC 1944)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Carnzu Clark (VC 1936)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Kay Dorr Clark (VC 1937)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Ursula McHugh (VC 1953)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Joan Daly (VC 1945)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Anita Straub Darrow (VC 1942)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Evangeline Moore Darrow (VC 1916)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Clara Lyman Day (VC 1932)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Gladys Krieble Delmas (VC 1935)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Mary Irvine Doyle (VC 1953)
Folder 24A.2 Former Students—Emilie Levy Drooker (VC 1945-44)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Mary Coit Drury (VC 1937)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Clare Raymond Durant (VC 1935)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—MaryLou Elery Ellicott (VC 1952)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Judith Kelly English (VC 1931)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Louise T. Erskine (VC 1942)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Kathleen McInerny Dornan (VC 1935)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Beulah Bertolet Fehr (VC 1953)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Pamela Cottier Forcey (VC 1946)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Ann Garretson Fod (VC 1947)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Mary Adams Frederick (VC 1935)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Mary Ann Lueser Freiberg (VC 1940)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Cecile Gabriel (VC 1931)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Nancy Gailor (VC 1956)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Iona Horowitz Ginsburg (VC 1953)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Helen Crosby Glendening (VC 1936)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Priscilla Sprague Goldthwait (VC 1942)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Nancy Dubois Hagmayer (VC 1932)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Molly Thomas Hamett (VC 1941)
Folder 24A.3 Former Students—Barbara Gilman Hammond (VC 1942)
Folder 24A.4 Former Students—Anne Ferris Harris (VC 1931)
Folder 24A.4 Former Students—Jean L. Harry (VC 1933)
Folder 24A.4 Former Students—Isabelle Ellis Hart (VC 1939)
Folder 24A.4 Former Students—Faith Hall Harvie (VC 1945-44)
Folder 24A.4 Former Students—Kathaleen Fishback Hempstone (VC 1953)
Folder 24A.4 Former Students—Joan M. Hench (VC 1952)
Folder 24A.4 Former Students—Sally Powell Hermansdorfer (VC 1954)
Folder 24A.4 Former Students—Dorothy Kittell Hesselman (VC 1951)
Folder 24A.4 Former Students—Isabell Teeter Hill (VC 1931)
Folder 24A.4 Former Students—Becky Hirsch (VC 1955)
Folder 24A.4 Former Students—Elizabeth Blair Hirsch (VC 1933)
Folder 24A.4 Former Students—Sarah Gardner Hull (VC 1949)
Folder 24A.4 Former Students—Maryphyllis Barber Hunter (VC 1941)
Folder 24A.4 Former Students—Marjorie Frankenthaler Iseman (VC 1943)
Folder 24A.4 Former Students—Katharine Jenkins (VC 1946)
Folder 24A.5 Former Students—Joan Lewis Jewett (VC 1952)
Folder 24A.5 Former Students—Nancy Johnson (VC 1945-44)
Folder 24A.5 Former Students—Rebecca Johnston (VC 1930)
Folder 24A.5 Former Students—Jane DeWalt Jones (VC 1952)
Folder 24A.5 Former Students—Janet Clark Jones (VC 1958)
Folder 24A.5 Former Students—Mary Coker Josline (VC 1944)
Folder 24A.5 Former Students—Anne Heath Kemper (VC 1952)
Folder 24A.5 Former Students—Elizabeth E. Kingsley (VC 1935)
Folder 24A.5 Former Students—Lovina May Knight (VC 1931)
Folder 24A.5 Former Students—Helen Warner Keornig (VC 1955)
Folder 24A.5 Former Students—Georgette Averback Koopman (VC 1937)
Folder 24A.5 Former Students—Elizabeth Coles Langhorne (VC 1931)
Folder 24A.5 Former Students—Betty Brooks Laurenson (VC 1938)
Folder 24A.5 Former Students—Margaret Voorgees Leggett (VC 1937)
Folder 24A.5 Former Students—Ann Rosar Levine (VC 1947)
Folder 24A.5 Former Students—Joyce Osterman Lieberman (VC 1952)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Bernice Lorber Lifton (VC 1943)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Dorothy Spivak Linder (VC 1941)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Libby Austin Lindsay (VC 1945-44)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Carol Ludington Livingstone (VC 1951)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Margaret Thom Lovejoy (VC 1939)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Frances Lewison Low (VC 1941)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Tina Ramsey Lyman (VC 1929)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Anne McConnell (VC 1941)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Helen Davison McCord (VC 1947)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Anne MacDonald (VC 1956)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Jane Howe McGeary (VC 1934)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Helen Stephenson Magee (VC 1942)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Ruth Weiss Mandelbaum (VC 1938)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Marion Samson Marshall (VC 1928)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Helen Hickam Martin (VC 1929)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Alison Murphy Mathews (VC 1935)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Betty Greenwood Metcalk (VC 1951)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Vivian Seigel Meyers (VC 1951)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Berle Meyerson (VC 1952)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Annabelle McAllister Miller (VC 1929)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Barbara Miller (VC 1945-55)
Folder 24B.1 Former Students—Carrel Hidlay Moore (VC 1951)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Anne Hazlewood Morgan (VC 1946)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Carol Heckman Morrison (VC 1952)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Eleanor Morrison (VC 1938)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Anabel Burkhardt Murphy (VC 1937)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Anna Mattison Murray (VC 1933)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Elizabeth Newton (VC 1940)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Virginia Shafroth Newton (VC 1940)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Fay Frederick Padelford (VC 1939)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Ruth Adams (VC 1939)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Mary Patterson (VC 1954)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Madge Pendleton (VC 1937)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Virginia Perry (VC 1931)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Ethel Phillips
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Harriet Fleisell Pilpel (VC 1932)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Helen Plotz ( VC 1933)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Katherine Prescott (VC 1934)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Margaret Sparrow Pulsifer (VC ex. 1930)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Doris Purves (VC 1932)
Folder 24B.2 Former Students—Mary F. Quarles (VC 1929)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Polly Anne Raizen (VC 1949)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Elinor Schatzman Reiss (VC 1953)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Mary Sublett Richards (VC 1943)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Ruth Silber Ridler (VC 1950)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Anne Grosvenor Robinson (VC 1940)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Doris Pick Rubin (VC 1939)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Betsey Lowell Ryland (VC 1940)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Shirley Schecter (VC 1938)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Georgia Schneider (VC 1946)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Shirley Sims Schneider (VC 1947)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Nini Klaveness Scott (VC 1951)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Helen Searing (VC 1954)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Marion Shaw (VC 1941)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Joan Youngelson Sherman (VC 1952)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Mary Shaw Shirley (VC 1932)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Anna Jane Phillips Shuman (VC 1928)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Ellen Howe Smith (VC 1953)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Margaret L. Smith (VC 1938)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Anne W. Spaulding (VC 1938)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Natalie Davis Springarn (VC 1943)
Folder 24B.3 Former Students—Elizabeth Packard Sprague (VC 1943)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Helen Edwards Steiner (VC 1948)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Grace Holden Stephenson (VC 1955)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Jeanne Thompson Stephenson (VC 1942)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Jean Keiser Stevenson (VC 1930)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Helene Nieschlag Steneman (VC 1932)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Anne Louise Schulz Strong (VC 1951)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Franny Prindle Taft (VC 1942)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Barbara Warne Thompson (VC 1951)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Eleanor Smith Toby (VC 1935)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Glendora Rollins Trescher (VC 1941)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Annie Parran Wagner (VC 1949)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Susie Berg Waldman (VC 1944)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Louise Baker Wall (VC 1929)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Virginia Norht Waters (VC 1941)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Martha Kiser Wayt (VC 1950)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Emma Jane Weale (VC 1955)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Merylee Werthan (VC 1953)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Anne Underwood White (VC 1941)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Hilary Whittaker (VC 1952)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Pat Wilbert (VC 1952)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Marjorie Ziegler Wilson (VC 1954)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Jane Dealy Wirsig (VC 1941)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Helen Martin Wood
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Mary Clabaugh Wright (VC 1938)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Louise Joseph Yanoff (VC 1932)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Connie Croll Young (VC 1950)
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Mary L. Young
Folder 24B.4 Former Students—Margaret Stone Zilboorg (VC 1938)
Folder 24B.5 Former Students—Unidentified correspondents
Boxes 25-31 unprocessed material

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Correspondence, notes, manuscripts,
and diaries relating to Lockwood's life and work a professor of English at Vassar
College and her interests in euthenics, labor and the press.

Finding Aid Date
Dates: 1883-1971
Collection Title
Helen Drusilla Lockwood Papers