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The following is an experiment in practical analysis of storytelling media. The project seeks to explore what insights can be gained about media specificity and adaptation theory
through the process of constructing a story and adapting it into background notes, a short story, a one-act play, and a comic book. A meta paper analyzes the constraints and opportunities afforded by each media as observed through the process of creation and adaptation. The historical notes will go last before the paper to facilitate more surprise in the reading experience. There are endnotes classified into H/N (historical note), A/N (author's note), P/S (primary source), ED/N (editing notes), AD/N (adaptation note), as well as notation marking notes to do with form (F), observations (O), and revelations (R). These notes mean to comment upon the process of adaptation, delineate the connections to historical sources, and provide a window into the process of creation and revision.
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