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Erhart Oeglin, 1505-1516 -- Printer's Mark

Main (Thompson) Library location: North wing -- Second window. Erhart Oeglin (c.1470 – c.1521) was born in Reutlingen around 1470, and by 1490, he was in Basel, where he studied printing under Johann Otmar. In 1505, Oeglin moved to Augsburg and began printing with Jörg Nadler; it was not until 1518 that he started to publish independently. It is evident that Oeglin spent part of his career in partnerships with prominent printers including Jodocus Pirlin, Johann Rynmann, and Johann Widmann. Notably, Oeglin took an interest in the printing of Hebrew texts, and he cast the first Hebrew typeface in Augsburg in 1514. Most of his publications were school textbooks, music books, and books of humanist literature. Oeglin's mark in the Vassar Library is particularly decorative, displaying an elaborate heraldic lily that extends upward from an orb. The printer's initials E.O. are on either side of the symbol. The use of this device by Oeglin in Augsburg may be traced to Erhart Ratdolt, who would have brought the "Florentine lily" motif back to Germany from his work abroad in Italy.
Photograph by Amy Laughlin

This project was created by Katherine Durr (VC '15) as part of the Ford Scholar program under the supervision of Professor Ron Patkus in Summer 2013.

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