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Cornell, Mary Emma | to father, Jun. 14, 1866:

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June 14, 1866
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Vassar College
June 14, 1866.

My dear Father.

Miss Gilbert one of our teachers asked me this morning if I would write to you and ask if you had any pamphlet or any thing of that form in regard to the University and to what it is intended to accomplish. Whether it is intended to carry the students beyond the other colleges. She was particularly anxious to know if it was to take the Young men beyond the college course whether there would a College course and a University course too. Wont you please send all


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the information possible for she is very much interested in the subject? We are rejoicing to think the College closes so soon. I suppose if nothing happens you will see me home two weeks from today. I shall be very glad to get home, for it seems a long time since I have seen home friends, although for a good many reasons I wish the time was not so near over. I have spent a very happy year at Vassar and hope that my little sister will be able to enter next year for the College is morally good. The students are mostly Christian girls and a good many who were not Christians when they came here have,


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within the past ten months been brought over to the Lords side. I think this College is meant to accomplish a noble work for our country-women. I am very thankful that I was permitted to be a student here the first year of the College. A scaffolding broke in the Gymnasium this morning four of the workmen were hurt three of them were so
badly injured by the fall that they thought they could not live but a little while the other was badly injured but they thought he would recover. I have been sick all this week but am much better now. I was disap- pointed at not receiving a letter from Mother today. I hope I shall hear from you soon.


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Give my love to all home friends I shall be with them all soon if nothing happens. I suppose I shall see Mother and Em in Po'keepsie before long.

It's nearly tea time so good bye.

Your affectionate daughter
Mary E. Cornell

Hon. E. Cornell.
P.S. Dear Father I nearly forgot to speak to you of that which most concerns my self. You will remember that last summer I asked you if I might unite with the Church and you said I might but that you would rather I would wait a while. I have waited a year and have thought and prayed much on the subject and now at the end of the Year my desire is greater than ever for I think it not only my pleasure but my duty to unite with the Church. Will you give me your permission to unite with the Church the 1st of July?