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McAndrew, Marjorie — from Aunt Florence, September 28, 1916

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28 Sep 1916
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Dunkirk New York
Sept 28 - 1916 -

My dear Marjorie

Your letter came this morning and I am writing you so that you may receive it on Sat - the 30th at least. I was sorry not to have the jacket laundered, but did not think of it in time. It also slipped my mind in regard to the laundry bag or I should certainly have had a more


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satisfactory one for you. It will [however?] serve its purpose of course.

The little silk bag is not quite finished, but I will get it off to you in a few days Grandmother has done most of the real work on it, so you know to whom to express your appreciation. Will just Vassar College be sufficient for your address or will your letters require the name of the Hall as well? I have been over to Mrs- [Nelson’s?]: she is progressing with


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the blue dress. I doubt if she will have it ready to send to-morrow. In case she does not, do you prefer it sent directly to you or to [Mamaroneck?] I think it will look very well. [...] will plan on the [..ile?] as soon as possible.
You will learn to be very […?] with your letter-writing and not think that you can delay it till some future date. In fact, you must conserve your energy and concentrate upon each thing, so as to make ^time for


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an opportunity to enjoy the various activities. I really feel that the ^first few weeks will be the hardest. Until you learn their [...p] and methods. You must be very brave if things aren’t just as you would like them, and you must attribute the best motives to everyone.

I am enclosing the draft for the amount I said I would send you at this time. I shall think of you and pray that you may be fortunately located and greeted with much [love?]

Aunt Florence


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Have [...] one [drop?] a line as to [when?] [...] shall send the blue dress


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Miss Marjorie McAndrew
134 Prospect Ave
New York


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