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[Diversion] : [for flute, violin, viola and cello] / [Edith S. Woodruff]

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Unnamed instrumentalists
[between 1948 and 1950]

Title from slip of paper accompanying discs. One disc is recorded on one side only. Recorded 1948 Middlebury Composers' Conference, Middlebury, Vermont. No discs are labelled. The order of the sides is unclear. ARCH LP12"-8 recorded on one side only. ARCH LP12"-8: accompanied by letter to Henry G. Morgan from Alan Carter, dated February 7, 1951; and by slip of paper containing title and notes for library staff. ARCH LP12"-9 Side 1: Band 2 duplicates a part of the content on Side 2. Content of ARCH LP12"-8 is duplicated on ARCH LP12"-10

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Table of Contents

Variations -- Intermezzo -- Rondo

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ARCH LP12"-8/9 ARCH LP12"-10
1 item
Format - AV
2 audio discs (13 min.) : 78 rpm, mono ; 12 in. Lacquer on aluminum.