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A Vassar Notebook, 1970

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Made by professor and founder of the Film Department James Steerman and his students, "A Vassar Notebook" comprises a series of twelve student pieces on life at Vassar in 1970. The pieces are: (1) "Remedial Film Making 1A" - students setting up and using a movie camera in front of Main Building with audio from antiwar protests; (2) "In the Beginning" - security guard waves a vehicle through Taylor Gate toward Main Building; (3) "Upon Trying to Enter" - parody of an admissions interview; (4) "And the Mail Came" - students coming and going from the mail room in Main Building; (5) "The Glory of the Big Pink" - cheerleaders sing a fight song about Big Pink over footage of two men's and women's basketball games; (6) "Time is a Lonely Sunday" - the sound of a ticking clock accompanies footage of a student in her dorm bored, smoking, reading and lonely for friends; (7) "Nearly Easter" - what looks like a May Day celebration and a musical production in the chapel; (8) "Tea Time?" - students and faculty drinking tea in the Rose Parlor juxtaposed with students eating outside at picnic tables; (9) "Quasimodo '70" - The Hunchback of Notre Dame acted out on the library ramparts, featuring history professor Benjamin Kohl; (10) "Musical Contrasts" - the choir and the organ in Skinner Hall, and other musicians performing elsewhere; (11) [untitled] - students and children enjoying outdoor spring activities, including picnics, frisbee, volleyball, and strolling around Sunset Lake, overdubbed with a reading of E. E. Cummings' "i thank You God for most this amazing"; and (12) "Spring Also Was" - a "multi-media happening" held in front of Main Building during an April 1970 series of campus events and lectures called "The Week America Died," as well as an anti-war march in New Paltz and a sit-in in front of IBM.
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