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Archival footage taken by Elizabeth S. Brooks (VC 1935). The first 2.5 minutes is footage of the Vassar campus from approximately 1931-1933, including a trolley running on Raymond Avenue, Vassar Lake, and views of the exteriors of various college buildings. The following 30 seconds are likely Brooks' parents Edith Mable Salisbury Brooks and John Wendell Brooks and their dogs at home in Geddes, NY. The next 2 minutes feature Brooks and her friends clowning for the camera on the Vassar's residential quad. The French tank can be seen in the background. Documentation with the original reels named the friends as "Elizabeth, Tony, Peggy, Hatchy, and Peter." Margaret Bacon is "Peggy" and Nancy V. Sheppard may have been "Hatchy". Around the 5 minute mark, Peggy Bacon can be seen smoking in her Daisy Chain dress on Class Day 1933. The rest of the footage is of Brooks and Bacon and Brooks' mother at the family home in Geddes.
Subject (Corporate Body)
8 minutes
Format - AV

film reel