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Short entries in a half page a day format. Raymond describes teaching at a [private] school in [Springfield], Massachusetts, giving music lessons, reading books and studying poetry, reflecting on sermons and religious lectures, and being involved with a list of courses (Feb 12). She refers to her correspondence with students, faculty, administrators (such as James Monroe Taylor) and the Miscellany newspaper at Vassar College. Her social circle also involves faculty and alumnae of other schools in the Massachusetts area, such as Smith College. Throughout the diary, Raymond describes her activities in the Salvation Army, particularly her work in proselytization and encouraging meeting attendees (particularly "Smith") in their efforts to abstain from alcohol. Raymond mentions the inauguration of President McKinley (Mar 4). At the back of the diary, Raymond includes a draft of a letter for Mr. Charles L. Brace, expressing her interest in social work among the poor of New York City.

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from Minnie



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Presents rec'd.
Mother Skirt
Minnie Name-marker
Harold Ink bottle Russian enamel
Ruth Ray Scissor case
Bertha & Ruth Diary
Winifred Calendar
Frank Handkerchief
Miss Porter Picture frame
Mip Porter Pumice stone silver
Mr. & Mrs. Porter Clock
Mrs. Packard & Webb "Missouri"
Miss Guyer [Muedan] bottle
Gertrude Burleigh [Stylings] pen case
Fannie Bates Photo
Esther Paleteen [Lemonade] spoon
Sallie Chapin Juo Adams
Marg. Carter Samuel Adams.
Ella Russell Abraham Lincoln I
Agnes Minford " " II
Sarah Monell Virginia
Ray Willman Kansas
Ethel Van Duncan Clippings
Edw. Porter Candle stick
Will Todd Tenyson
Stella Heath Glass picture
Rob Bliss Julius Caesar
Elisa Buffington Calendar
Clara Russell Benj. Franklin
Mrs. Griffin Chinese calendar


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897043
Ther. Friday, Jan. 1, 1897 Wea.

Rec'd confits from Harold. Oh! what a day! While Mrs. O. & Albert were calling, Fread appeared. He staid about 3 hrs. & we are not to write any more. "It will be better for both of us".

Eve. Fudge party. I managed to be jolly.

Ther. Saturday 2 Wea.

Blue all day. I went over to S.A., took lunch with Susan. Met Mrs. Booth-Tucker, & we prayed. Arrived Dr. Judson's too late. His office hour is at 2. Saw Mr. Hubbell on the street & we had a most helpful talk. Came home dead. Call from Mrs. Bostwick & Katie Allen. Ended the day with a sick headache & worse heartache.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897044
Ther. Sunday, Jan. 3, 1897 Wea.

A.M. & P.M. Mr. Dixon Phil. 4:19.
Communion. The day was quite unbearable. Agnes Jones came to dinner. I taught Daisy's S.S. class of little cut-up boys. Went into Mrs. Dixon's with Grace. Then Grace & Phaisen came in here & I read "Lonesome Charlie".

Ther. Monday 4 Wea.

Went over to N.Y. Went to Cooper Union to Mr. Dixon's room meeting. Then took lunch at the "Judson" where I saw Dr. Judson. I went in to his study & he encouraged me some about Reeve, though he did not understand. Long call on Miss Porter & Lena at St. [Devins]. Studied with Frank this evening. Will & Frank went to Cornell this A.M. Miss P. wants me to go to Vassar & see about Ruth Chapin.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897045
Ther. Tuesday, Jan. 5, 1897 Wea.

Marg. came for lunch & told everything about [Cinti] & N.Y. Poor poor child. Letters from Will & Marnie Todd came today. Miss Porter & Lena called & saw Mother, Minnie, Bertha, Winnie, & Frank. I went with them to call on Lucy but by mistake we rode to the bridge. Studied with Frank this eve. Frank & Marg Sharpe called & Daisy [Trappis] is here for the night.

Ther. Wednesday 6 Wea.

Mother lost my new dress-skirt & I hunted for it. The girls went back to Vassar. Lily Bellinger & Mosely Faisen called. Mother & I took dinner with Cousin Hattie. The Tanner's adopted mother is dead.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897046
Ther. Thursday, Jan. 7, 1897 Wea.

Wrote to Jessie & Will Todd. Ruth's sister came & she went out. Mrs. Morse finished my new dress & tried on several. Called on Mrs. De Saussure & talked about Nannie & saw Mrs. Halliday. Ruth stayed away till after dinner. Harold doesn't return.

Ther. Friday 8 Wea.

Went to V.C. Lost purse on L. Road, but agent picked it up. Talked with Mrs. K. & Prof. Leach about Ruth Chapin & saw Ruth, Pauline etc. Left N.Y. 9.30. Arrived Po'k 11.16. Left Pok. 9.11. Arrived N.Y. 11.35. (later than that, train late). Called on Mrs. Tayler, took dinner there saw new house. Attended Hammond concert in P.M. & beginning of " & Milf Fries in evening. Met Sallie Henry. Heard nice things about our 3 girls. Took lunch at faculty table. Read Outlook on train. Slept coming home.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897047
Ther. Saturday, Jan. 9, 1897 Wea.

Mrs. Morse sewed all day & evening. Mrs. Denny washed heads, Minnie's, Mother's & mine. Called on Healys (out) & Sharpes Dr. Ceyler by reception. We were not invited. Louise Cadmus came to tea.

Ther. Sunday 10 Wea.

Luke 14:26. How to compel Sinners. Wrote to Capt. Carrigan. Went with Mother to call on Sallie & to prayers. Lillie said "Alfred are you going to [ohy] me?" No, Mother, not in that tone of voice". A yr. ago he named his rabbit "Bunny Dundie". He & Dorothy sang kindergarten songs.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897048
Ther. Monday, Jan. 11, 1897 Wea.

I knocked on Ruth's door & as she opened it I smelled something like ether & saw H. on the bed. I told Minnie not Mother. He must be sick. Mary Palmer & Susy Raymond came to lunch. Susy brought $15.00 for V.C. fund. Warren France's wife called. I had never met her. Mother came to the Grand Central. Miss Crutchley & I came up together. She may be married in July. Mother & I are invited to Russells. Frank not there.

Ther. Tuesday 12 Wea.

Began school. Wrote to Edith Ball & Cousin L. & sent Reeve's bank-book to him. Is this the end of my helping him? I stayed in to unpack.

Carrie King entered school.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897049
Ther. Wednesday, Jan. 13, 1897 Wea. Cold.

Mother's letter relieves me. She found Harold at home with only a sore finger. I wish I knew what did happen. Wrote Mother, Ray & Katharine Rathbun. Guitar lesson (15). Amy Gillette returned. We fear that Jennie steals fruit.

Ther. Thursday 14 Wea.

Jessie Bostwick Hume writes of her 4 wks old baby & her "drink" trouble. Mrs. Kendrick writes about Eleanor. Horates sent soup. Rec'd David Webster. Good prayer meeting. I walked to School St. with Mr. Hahn.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897050
Ther. Friday, Jan. 15, 1897 Wea.

Miss Porter & I took girls to Pinafore. My excuse was that it was amateur; but I am not sure that that made it right. Mr. Pease (Red) was there. Mr. Hardie writes that he hears nothing good of Mary. Package came with 3 dress waists. Cathy Watkins Lindsay is to spend Tuesday night here. Horates Knight entered school.

Ther. Saturday 16 Wea.

Mattie Fiske & Edith Rising passed their Geom. & Mattie her history Dr. Poole (6). Read Periodical. P.M. Called on Mrs. Porter seeing Miss Toles. Eve. Went to library.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897051
Ther. Not cold. Sunday, Jan. 17, 1897 Wea. Snow & Rain.

Dr. Moxom. Eloquent sermon on Missionaries & their critics. Went to State St. for S.S. papers. Pleasant talk with Deac. Russull about A.C. Dixon etc. At S.A. talked with Bruce, Mr. Francis (about writing to his sister), Thayer (smoking) a count of 2 runs (who asked about chewing) & Page who wants to be an evangelist (!). May was there & his wife & baby are alive! Came home awfully depressed.

Ther. Monday 18 Wea.

Letters from Mother & Mrs. Griffin. None from Reeve. I guess he won't acknowledge the bank-book. Thy day out. Called on Mrs. Shipley. Marg. Irwin & her mother were there. Met a Mrs. Johnson. Called on Mrs. Bsldwin. Delia Meriam was out. Mr. Warner died in his chair in Mr. Porter's office. Jennie acknowledged that she took candy & we prayed.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897052
Ther. Cold!! Tuesday, Jan. 19, 1897 Wea.

Very cold. Dr. Poole (7). Periodical class. Still blue. Letter from Esther.

Ther. Wednesday 20 Wea.

Went to library. Miss Ashley has made a mistake in our card. Guitar lesson (16). While chaperoning I wrote to Edith Holmes. Also to Reeve about Mr. Hahn, May, my own regrets, & advice against a hasty marriage. Perhaps this last was unwise.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897053
Ther. Thursday, Jan. 21, 1897 Wea.

Bertha tells me that her Stanley cousins have twin boys. 9 children under about 12. Rainy, slippery day, so girls practised fencing. Very interesting Union prayer-meeting in our church. Mr. Baldwin came home with me.

Ther. Friday 22 Wea.

Girls had a candy pull this evening. Kate Clarke was poisoned when her cancer was received at Presbyterian Hospital & will prob. die. Mrs. Ray has prob. lost most of her money in the bank failure. James is to study architecture.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897054
Ther. Saturday, Jan. 23, 1897 Wea.

Drawing class today. Dr. Poole (8). Wrote lots of letters, seven in all. Read Periodical. Miss Porter went to Mrs. Nathan Bill's whist party to meet Howard Beach's fiancee. Mr. Reed came to talk about Gladys. Mattie Fiske has a little sister.

Ther. Sunday 24 Wea.

Dr. Moxom Preamble. Arbitration. Sermon Religious Insincerity. I do not like the new Capt. Took man to penitent form an ex-Baptist who came in to get saved. Talked with 2 Catholics. Smith drank last night then went to Volunteers. Mr. Porter went to N. Haven to see about $2000.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897055
Ther. 6+ Monday, Jan. 25, 1897 Wea.

No word from Reeve. He evidently doesn't intend to write. Miss Thayer appeared & staid to lunch. I went to the Fowlers & to the depot. Called on Mrs. Groves, Miss Barnard, & Miss Derby. Harlan writes that my $500 is gone!

Ther. Tuesday 26 Wea.

Interesting account of Mr. Hahn's address on Burres. Oh has he seen Reeve? Dr. Poole (9).


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897056
Ther. Wednesday, Jan. 27, 1897 Wea.

I went down town today, tried music, etc. Amy Gillette has been writing to a young man at Yale & Ruth Chapin has sent the letters. Guitar lesson (17).

Ther. Thursday 28 Wea. [Stinging].

Comforting letter from Lucy Skinner. It snowed so hard that few came to school. Mrs. Gillette comes tomorrow. Miss King was from 9 to 5 coming from N.Y. Didn't go to meeting.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897057
Ther. Friday, Jan. 29, 1897 Wea.

Mr. Richard Hawkins has failed. Mrs. Gillette has come & I think she takes the matter very wisely. Girls played whist & I read & marked original Germ.

Finished "Rose of Yesterday". Lena went to Mind Healing lecture.

Ther. Saturday 30 Wea.

Dr. Poole did not come. Long letter from Ruth about Mrs. Booth. Miss Porter went to Mrs. [Quincy] Porters funeral, Unionville. I took tea with Susy Howard at Celias. Talked about Mind Cure, [Palmistry], Cuban, Ned Merriam, Aunt Mary Ann.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897058
Ther. Sunday, Jan. 31, 1897 Wea.

Dr. Moxom. Sabbath Observance. Fine. All the girls went. Read Voices of Imagination & I felt connected. Mr. Francis has not written to his sister. Smith & I had a long talk. He was drunk last night. Being good is like a high mountain. Miss Porter is trying to cure girls of slang. Marion gigled through prayers.

Ther. Monday, Feb. 1 Wea.

Marion is coming back to school. Thy day out. Met Joe down town. Called on Rose Dutton. Drank chocolate upstairs. Tried to find the Chamberlains but they have gone to [Lending] Hills.

Isabella (Hessier) Moore entered school.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897059
Ther. Tuesday, Feb. 2, 1897 Wea.

Marion Tice has returned to school. Outlook class. Dr. Poole (10). 1st letter from Ernest Sedman.

Ther. Wednesday 3 Wea.

Rec'd photo from Fanny Roney of herself & baby. Chas. drove me to [Agawam] to call on Mrs. Reed. Think the children will stay in school. Saw two baby boys. Chas. talked of his past life & being a Christian. Guitar lesson (18).


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897060
Ther. Thursday, Feb. 4, 1897 Wea.

Letter from Will Todd answering my wordy letter. Queer covenant meeting. Much business broke it up & it dragged. Young men from S.S. examined. Frances & Carmen were there.

Ther. Friday 5 Wea.

Evening. Girls played whist, & I made out a list of school-books to be sold.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897061
Ther. Saturday, Feb. 6, 1897 Wea.

Read Outlook most all day. No gyms. as girl took a sleigh ride. Lena took Marion. I did not go. Evening. [C...] cut. Attended my first volunteer meeting. Not much interested. Spoke to Lena about giving to my own communion. She said: "Of course".

Ther. 1 Sunday 7 Wea. Rainy.

A.M. Dr. Moxom. Jesus at Nazareth unappreciated etc. Mark 5:6. Rainy & few there. P.M. S.A. Frank Morse thinks that Ida won't get well. Eve. S.S. class. We did not walk.

Marion Duncan sick with a cold.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897062
Ther. Monday, Feb. 8, 1897 Wea.

1 of my 2nd Geom. passed. 5 failed. Called on Jennie Barrow. She, May, & I went to hear Gen. Hadley on Church Army. Mabel Maltice is sick (?) & Marion is up here.

Ther. Tuesday 9 Wea.

Mrs. Gibson wrote about the 3rd Gibson boy born Jan. 29, Kenneth. Dr. Poole. (11).


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897063
Ther. Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1897 Wea.

Last regular day of term. Dr. & Mrs. Duncan came so the 9th Guitar lesson omitted. Called on Mrs. Layell. Saw Ida Morse. Got my Bible. Volunteer Capt. is boarding with Howard May. Dr. Tagler writes about Ruth Chapins failure.

Ther. Thursday 11 Wea.

Exhibition day. Dr. & Mrs. Duncan came & were very nice. We are not to talk college to Marion. Call from dear Prof. Podgorski. Girls had sugaring off, but I went to prayer-meeting. Mr. Parson lead & talked about Why Thomas wasn't in meeting.

Miss King's mother sick, so she didn't come.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897064
Ther. Friday, Feb. 12, 1897 Wea.

Began 2nd term. My classes are Gate to Caes. Caes. Caes. Prose, Virgil 1st Germ. 2nd Germ. Anth. Chem. & Bertha Robbins, Mary Marsh & the Risings. Music. Eve. I played Parchesi with Marg. Carter. Ther others played whist & read.

Ther. Saturday 13 Wea.

Dr. Poole (12). Miss Porter & I went to Hotel. Worthy for the Smith Alumnae meeting. Nathan Haskell Dole on Inspiration of Books. Very insane. The lecture was nine then and hour late. Mr. Rising has sent us four teachers each 1 1/2 reams of note paper.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897065
Ther. Sunday, Feb. 14, 1897 Wea.

A.M. Dr. M. Whiton in Smith Church. Ps. 62:12. Mercy & Justice = Rightousness. God must furnish. Forgiveness of sins doesn't do away with consequences. At S.A. I felt useless & depressed but I met Mr. Francis on st. & he promised to speak in Bapt. prayer-meeting. Then I went back & talked with the brother of Salvation & he was nicer than usual.

Ther. Monday 15 Wea.

Took Edith Tourtlelotte to train. Her aunt is dead. Met Mrs. Faunee, Harold & Mrs. Griffith. Called on Mrs. Sweet (out).


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897066
Ther. Tuesday, Feb. 16, 1897 wea.

Outlook class. Quite a nice letter from Ruth Chapin about Miss Wiley. Dr. Poole (13). Mattie Fisk returned.

Ther. Wednesday 17 Wea.

Letter from Dr. Taylor to Miss P about Ruth. Guitar (10). Edith Tourtlelotte returned. Went down town. Amy Gillette went to hear Lieut. Col. Blackhurst. Volunteer at South Church. No notice had been given, so sexton hadn't opened church.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897067
Ther. Thursday, Feb. 18, 1897 Wea.

Sallie Chapin's father was here today. Marg. Carter [...] in school. Mrs. Reed called. Mr. Hahn still sick. Dea. Russell led meeting. Miss Hastings & I came home. Bertha is on Self-Gov. Committee.

Miss Kings Mother sick so she didn't come.

Ther. Friday 19 Wea.

I took Margaret Carter down to see her sister at the train. Mrs. Webb came. Lucy Skinner came this eve. Mrs. Burleigh, Gertrude, Edith Brooks & Clara Reed came to dinner & the girls had tableaux illustrating books. Miss King came to give lessons tomorrow.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897068
Ther. Saturday, Feb. 20, 1897 Wea.

Lucy & I went down to ask Mr. [Coenen] to come & practise with Miss King. 2 music lessons. Dr. Poole (14). From 11 to 1 I cleaned lab closet. Lucy & I went on 3.20 train to Northampton to see Mr. Strong about Schubert concert. Then we met the Prof. & went to his room. Came home at 5.48. In Evening I went down to see Mr. [Coenen] about Fantasia & wrote Mr. Strong it was too long! Bertha Robbins went home with Mother.

Ther. Sunday 21 Wea.

Dr. Moxom on Evolution. Lucy & I took dinner at the Porters. Discouraged at S.A. Went to City Mission & talked to man outside. Saw no result. Met Cameron & he told about joining the church of Disciples. Fell hard on Mrs. Porters steps. Miss Crutchley told about her ability to tell when people have bad habits. Mr. Horne & Miss Billings are engaged.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897069
Ther. Monday, Feb. 22, 1897 Wea.

Call from Dudley Lewis. Lucy & I went to Rose Dutton's tea to meet Mrs. Woods on her way to Japan. Miss [Emma] here all the afternoon.

Ther. Tuesday 23 Wea.

Mother writes that Reeve called Sunday. She & Minnie talked very seriously & he finally promised to go yesterday to hear Mr. Dixon. Dr. Poole (15). Letter from Frank Rich. enclosing his picture on a button. Lucy & I took the girls to Gill's exhibition.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897070
Ther. Wednesday, Feb. 24, 1897 Wea.

Miss Crutchley got mad because Miss P. refriend her. I helped look over acceptances & regrets. Went up to Miss Emerson but failed to find her & got Violet's picture. Guitar (11). Schubert Centennial. Miss King, Mr. STrong & Mr. Coenen. Dr. Moxom was very nice, started our clock etc.

Ther. Thursday 25 Wea.

Lucy went home. Miss Porter went to funeral at Lee. Letter from Daisy Trapp about her Vassar went & the lawlessness on Washington's birthday. Letter from Cameron enclosing Disciples' tracts. At Prayer-meeting Miss took part. Francis said he almost did. Had a nice long talk with him. Mr. Hahn led; he is bitter Eleanor Whipple has German measles.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897071
Ther. Friday, Feb. 26, 1897 Wea.

Called on Rachel Rising & found her better. Nice talk with Mr. Rising about State St. Church, Mr. Tapley etc. Inquired at Whipples about measles.

G. Stanley Hall on [Spiritualism], Mind Cure, Hypnotism etc.

Ther. Saturday 27 Wea.

Dr. Poole (16). Emma Dresser came & spent part of afternoon. Read this afternoon. Eve. Library. Catharine has gone home.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897072
Ther. Sunday, Feb. 28, 1897 Wea.

Mary Lyon Centennial. Dr. Moxom in the A.M. & Dr. Arthur Little at North Ch. in evening. Dr. Moxom met me in the street & asked for Father's Life. Called on Blanche Cox at Dillinghams. Grand Volunteer meeting, saw two women officers. Eva & Joe spoke of my help. Talked with Smith & he promised to think. Jennie [...] [confers].

Ther. Monday, Mar. 1 Wea.

Called on Mrs. Bill (out). Carried Father's Life to Dr. Moxom & saw Mrs. M. Called on Jacobs & they gave me roses & candy.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897073
Ther. Tuesday, Mar. 2, 1897 Wea.

Call from Mrs. Callender. Dr. Poole (17). Outlook class. Edith Tourtlelotte & Adele Buffington have found Gladys Reed has German measles.

Minnie Tayler has sued Miss Folsom for slander.

Kate Clark died.

Ther. Wednesday 3 Wea. Rain.
Ash Wednesday.

Kate Clark died yesterday. Disagreeable rainy day, so we did no go out. Girls fenced & played prosoner's base. Guitar (12). Mrs. Webb went to Pittsfield to see her cousin who has lost a little girl.

Rose Howard Norton born.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897074
Ther. Thursday, Mar. 4, 1897 Wea.

McKinley inaugurated. At prayer-meeting Mr. Francis spoke for the first time. I was so happy. Miss Billings came with Mr. Horne. Talked about getting an evangelist & paying Horne Miss. debt.

Ther. Friday 5 Wea.

Miss Porter to Kate Clark's funeral at Conway. Rainy day. Girls played Geography puzzle & whist.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897075
Ther. Saturday, Mar. 6, 1897 Wea.

Dr. Poole (18). Devoted the day to letters about V.C. Feb. 22. Wrote to [Tassie] James, Miscellany, Pres. Taylor, Mrs. Backus, Mrs. Wood, Miss Cushing. Letter from [Bina Wh.] Miss P. read through. Mrs. Webb returned from Pittsfield. Miss Crutchley went to Volunteer meeting at Evangelist Hall. Lieut. Col. Blackhurst compared Volunteers & S.A.

Ther. Sunday 7 Wea.

Mabel has told Marion that she is Lena's little niece only, not her little girl. Dr. Moxom Luke 9:39.40. Religious Intolerance. Wonderful sermon & let me Communion. Bertha Robbins & I went. Beautiful. I did not take mine. Dr. M. spoke of doing duty when enthusiasm was gone. S.A. I did not attend. My S.S. class postponed till tomorrow. Miss Crutchley announced her engagement.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897076
Ther. Monday, Mar. 8, 1897 Wea.

Geo. Merriam engaged to Miss Clapp. Letter from Lucy. Allen has written to Ed. Went down town. Called on Miss Barnard & Mrs. Hahn. I fear Joe is pretty poor. Had Jennie this eve. in Bible.

Ther. Tuesday 9 Wea.

Mr. Porter's birthday. Dr. Poole (19). The report that Ballington B. brought out last yr's letter [in] time. Who did?


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897077
Ther. Wednesday, Mar. 10, 1897 Wea.

Chas. drove me in rain to invite the Moxoms to dinner. We had at dinner Dr. & Mrs. M, Miss Winter, Mr. & Mrs. Porter, Mrs. Duncan & Mrs. Houghton. Dr. M. read Dunbar's poems ([colonel] man) & he & Mrs. P. sang. Mother writes that H. has come home sick. Letters from Pres. Taylor & Tassie James. Guitar (13).

Ther. Thursday 11 Wea.

Letter from Grace Gallaher. At prayer-meeting we talked of Mr. Luther's coming. Talked with Joe & Mr. Hahn. Mr. H. spoke of Mr. Newhall. Mr. H. & Mr. Newhall walked with me to School St. Mrs. Webb went home.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897078
Ther. Friday, Mar. 12, 1897 Wea.

Letter from Mother. Harold is miserable. She encloses letter from Jessica to Morsie. J. has gone to Albany. We went to hear Eugene Todd's daughter Mary recite his poems. Not much.
Marion Duncan went to N. Haven.

Ther. Saturday 13 Wea.

Wrote to Mrs. Ray & Capt. Emily. Mother writes that H. is penitent. Read periodicals all day. Marg. Irwins brother funeral today. Timothy Brown died. Miss Crutchley & I went to Volunteers with Joe. He says he likes plain old women. Mrs. R. & Miss R. are plainly dressed & I plainer than any of them. I am not old but old-fashioned. Talked with Waterman. Saw [Keef] & old man of 72 [just] [saved].


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897079
Ther. Sunday, Mar. 14, 1897 Wea. Snow.

A.M. I asked to go to my own church & Miss Porter told Miss Crutchley afterwared she did not wish me to go there. Mr. Hahn preached on Rom 8:5. Afternoon: Prayer-meeting at church. Mrs. Cone & Church went with me to S.A. & Volunteers. Latter nice. Frank Morse has a daughter.

Ther. Monday 15 Wea.

Sad & anxious day. Mother fears that Harold may have heart failure. Lottie Richardson's case hopeless. Cousin Hattie must lose her home. Went down to P.O. & music store. May [Coan] came tonight too late for Mr. Browns funeral. We called at the Porter's.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897080
Ther. Tuesday, Mar. 16, 1897 Wea.

Outlook Class. Emily Mayo & Gertrude Besse were here to read Caesar. Dr. Poole (20). Grace Ladfield has [honor].

Ther. Wednesday 17 Wea.

Bina writes that our Richardson girls are girls to be defended on. Guitar (14). Wrote to Bina & Mother. Eve. White the Porter's went to Smith Church play I read over at their house. Finished Mary Anderson.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897081
Ther. Thursday, Mar. 18, 1897 Wea.

Mr. Luther began his evengelistic meetings tonight. 1 Kings 18:3.3.45. Nice talk with Mr. Frances. Joe was not there. Gave in a prayer card for H. Madeleine Reed has measles.

Ther. Friday 19 Wea.

Sallie Chapin went to Westfield & Edith Tourtlelotte to Holyoke. Miss Schenk has come to visit. Took girls to Dr. Moxom's 1st young people's talks.
Eve. Pillow Dix & Parchesi.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897082
Ther. Saturday, Mar. 20, 1897 Wea. Rain.

Rachel Rising is to be taken from School because she does not like Miss Porter. Played Pillow Dix instead of walking.

Ther. Sunday 21 Wea.

Dr. Moxom. Luke 6:38. Giving. Mostly introduction on interpreting Scripture. Taught S.S. class of little boys. Dumbleton Sc. Greek games & Paul. Mr. Newhall asked me to help in inquiry meetings. Girls went to Vespers to hear about Drummond. Good S.A. I had long hopeful talk with [Stone]. Walked with girls. Read Lonesome Charley. Sang. No S.S.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897083
Ther. Monday, Mar. 22, 1897 Wea.

Miss Schenk went home. I walked with girls then went to Evang. meeting & came home. Read Capt. C's letter to Joe.

1st Mother & teacher meeting. Miss Porter read paper. Letter from Mrs. Wood about V.C.

Fan [Beaman] has a baby.

Ther. Tuesday 23 Wea.

Dr. Poole forgot to come. Edward is 6 yrs. old. He had a birthday party.
S.S. class. Stella has joined. I asked what should be on top of the body. "Clothes" said Stella.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897084
Ther. Wednesday, Mar. 24, 1897 Wea. Rain.

Miss Porter went to N.Y. to the Mothers meeting at Columbia. Guitar (15). Short lesson again. I went to Bible Reading. Miss Crutchley & Mrs. Packard have gone to Mr. Grant's lecture. Chas. cut his head.

Ther. Thursday 25 Wea.

I took Clara Russell down to be measured for a bicycle. Miss Porter came home at night. I went to Mr. Luther's meeting. He talked about Rev. 3. Behold I stand at the door. No one rose in the after meeting. We voted to rec. a French Cath. whose baby was burned to death. Miss King who spent the night, came in & talked till eleven.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897085
Ther. Friday, Mar. 26, 1897 Wea.

Mr. Wilcox died of Angina Pectoris at 12.30 this A.M. We find that our girls Jennie & Lizzie have been listing. Miss Crutchley copied Miss P's speech all the afternoon then started for N.Y. about her house. Took girls to hear Dr. Moxom. Helps to the Christian Life: Prayer, Thought, Bible work, Amusement.
Girls are playing whist.

Ther. Saturday 27 Wea.

Violet Coen appeared this A.M. with Clara Reed. Dr. Poole (21). P.M. I took the girls to Forest Park. Man in the monkey house was agreeable. Eve. Gt. time taking Lizzie, Jennie & Stella to Volunteers. L. Had other plans. Cameron was there with a girl(?). Capt. spoke to Lizzie. We think she is laying her plans for today. Mother writes that Will surprised them.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1897086
Ther. Sunday, Mar. 28, 1897 Wea.

Dr. Moxom Juo 15:14. Friends of Christ. [Quest] day. Dressed as a [widow] and followed Lizzie. Walked up & down [Lidenel] St. from 4.15 (?) to 5.45. Then rode on Worthington cars & saw flirting. Miss Crutchley has come back from N.Y. Rented her house.

Stella little niece died.

Ther. Monday 29 Wea.

Felt tired all day. Last Monday periodicals class. I went out for an hour, then came back to take names for Mother's League. Went down to Chalk Talk but spent time talking with Mr. Hahn about Dr. M's character, theology, etc. Miss P. & Lena have gone to Mother's meeting.


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Ther. Tuesday, Mar. 30, 1897 Wea.

We had a lunch party. Violet, Marion Bagg, Burleighs, Prof. Guillet. Evelyn & Frances Blunt came to school to visit.

Last Outlook class.

Dr. Poole (22).

Ther. Wednesday 31 Wea.

I am working ahead with Edith Rising, so she can go away. Called on Mrs. Morse (323 St. James) & Mrs. Barrons, to watch for Lizzie, flirting. Did not see it. Miss P. talked with Miss Crutchley about Marion Duncan. Guitar (16).


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Ther. Thursday, April 1, 1897 Wea.

Call from Gertrude Hegmond. Dr. Luther led prayer-meeting. Subject from Exodus [Lirehip]. A physician almost in delirium tremors professed conversion. No sinners came to inquiry meeting.

Ther. Friday 2 Wea.

I had a lovely time taking tea with Burleighs. I looked at Mr. Burleigh's picture. They have written to the Duncans that Marion must not return.

Wrote to Fred Reeve.


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Ther. Saturday, April 3, 1897 Wea.

Dr. Poole's last lesson (23). P.M. The girls went into the woods with Lena. I called on Mrs. Coats & Margery. Attended Mr. Luther's talk on Delayed Blessings. He & Mr. Hahn are evidently discouraged. Then I went to Dr. Moxom's talk on Doubts.

Eve. Miss Crutchley & I went to hear Mr. Luther (small [no.]). Walked up with Hahn's then to Volunteers. Smith sent word to me by Joe he had stopped drinking.

Ther. Sunday 4 Wea.

Dr. Moxom finished sermon "Friends of Christ" Juo 15:14. Nothing was said of my attending communion. Went to S.A. Talked with Smith & Frances. Smith says he won't drink or smoke. Talked with [Waite's] about the Marshalls etc.

Sat up in Miss Crutchleys school-room & watched Lizzie come in.


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Ther. Monday, April 5, 1897 Wea.

Dr. Poole (24). Did not take my day out.

Had the girls S.S. lesson. At 12 P.M. Mrs. Packard & I went down to the Opera House fire.

Ther. Tuesday 6 Wea.

Gym. exhibition. Ruth Chapin called. Went to bank. Deposited $120 in 5 ct Bank. Called on Dr. Moxom about Edith Tourtlelotte & Volunteers. Long nice talk.

Eve. Went to Volunteers for Dr. Moxom.

Lottie Richardson died yesterday.


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Ther. Wednesday, April 7, 1897 Wea.

Susie Swift has become a Roman Catholic! Dr. Moxom called to see about Volunteers. Guitar (17).

Went to library, then to Mrs. Burleigh's to get Edith Tourtlelotte & Adele Buffington.

Ther. Thursday 8 Wea. Rain.

Went to get signers for City Hall meeting. Mr. Lee refused. Geo. Haile, Rogers, Toby out. Mr. Hahn & Brigham signed. Mr. Gilman did reluctantly. Dr. Stebbons was nice.

Discouraging meeting. Something evidently has happened in S.A.


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Ther. Friday, April 9, 1897 Wea.

Last day. Marion Duncan is not to return. Bertha Robbins went to Hartford & Mip Crutchley & I the rest of the way. Her friend Lester met us. The girls still here. Slept this evening. Then went over to the Dixons to see a wedding but didn't see it.

Ther. Saturday 10 Wea.

Mrs. Palmer. Went with Win to get hat & she trimmed it, black with pink roses. Went to Mrs. Stevens. Then to Lucy's to lunch. The Skinners are going to Bay Ridge to live. Talked to about everything. Eve. Helped Frank with his Caesar.

Letter from Reeve which saddened me, no "dear" or "true friend" in it.


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Ther. Sunday, April 11, 1897 Wea.

A.M. Mr. Dixon. "Judges".
P.M. Mr. Beckley Mark 14:3,9.
Albert & Mrs. Orton came to dinner. Grace Dixon came in & slept in my lap. Told storie to Frank & Faison.

Coming from Church, we saw a light in Richardsons. They were bringing home Louisa sick from Washington.

A.M. Called on Mrs. Lyon, Lottie's sister.

Ther. Monday 12 Wea.

They don't know about Louie. She is all broken down. Minnie & I went to Geo. Needham's Bible class. 1 cor. 15 & Ruth 1.
P.M. Mrs. Stephens (2). Mrs. Morse is here.

Eve. Took tea with Mrs. DeSaussure. Mrs. Haskill Porter there. Mr. Schenck agreeable & Dorothy liked Aunt Nellie. Came home & read "Mrs. Lecks" to Frank.


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Ther. Tuesday, April 13, 1897 Wea.

A.M. Went to meet Fannie McFarlane at Mrs. Stephens. Went with her to do shopping. Came back to be fitted (3). P.M. Made cake, slept. Called on Mrs. Richardson. They have a second nurse for Louie. Eve. Russell & Isabelle Lyon came over & I told & read stories.

Ther. Wednesday 14 Wea.

A.M. Got up early to help Frank with his Latin. Called on Mary Sharpe. Louie a little better perhaps. Mrs. Morse is here.

P.M. Went to Estelle Worcesters. She filled three cavities with amalgam. Friday whe will put in a gold filling & clean teeth. Called on Mrs. Gibson (out) Mary & Carrie Ward. Ernest called & stayed to dinner. Stoney called in the evening. Lost off my dr-s. in the street.


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Ther. Thursday, April 15, 1897 Wea.

Louie much worse today. They fear meningitis. Winnie has written to Charlie. P.M. Ernest came. Mother & I went called on the Raymonds (out),the Skinners & Aunt Susan.

Eve. Read "Mrs. Lecks" etc.

Mary didn't come & sent no word.

Ther. Friday 16 Wea.

A.M. Susy Raymond called. I went to see Mrs. Richardson.

P.M. Finished at dentists. She filled 1 gold & 1 cement & cleaned teeth. Bill. 3 amalgam = $3.00, 1 cement = $1.00, 1 gold = $3.00, Cleaning = $1.00, Tooth mend = $1.00 Total $9.00.

Mrs. Stevens. (4). Dr. Payne gives encouragement about Louie.

Eve. Prayer-meeting. Dea. Nichold led. Letter from Lill Brengle.


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Ther. Saturday, April 17, 1897 Wea.

Mrs. Morse worked half a day. Russell here. I went over to meet Lottie Caldwell but she didn't come. Frank has bought camera & he & Russell were working with that. My picture not a success. I finished Mrs. Lecks to the grown-folks. Daisy came in. I went over to see Mrs. Rich. She has had toothache. Wrote Win, Will Todd & Emily Carrigan.

Ther. Sunday 18 Wea.

Mr. Dixon 3-fold Resurrection. Hattie Bliss came before dinner. We went to prayers. Staid at Aunt Susan's to tea. Talked till 12.


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Ther. Monday, April 19, 1897 Wea.

Hattie Bliss went away. Mary Sharpe fixed my hat. Mary Palmer is here. We went to lunch with Sallie & Susy. Marg. was there. Last trying on of black dress trimmed with green silk. Russell & Faison came in & heard stories.

Ther. Tuesday 20 Wea.

Called on Mrs. R. They call Louie better. Mrs. Lyon, Dr. Juo & Russell went away. Told stories to Russell, then to Faison. Faison took my picture then took me over to see 4 new-born rabbits.

P.M. Came to Springfield with Amy Gillette & Miss Crutchley. Mother came to station & Miss Goodwin met us. My trunk did not come. I have written to Dodds. Marion Duncan doesn't return. All the rest are back.


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Ther. Wednesday, April 21, 1897 Wea.

Began school. Frank came. Beautiful day.

Ther. Thursday 22 Wea.

Miss Bostwick has the grippe. My black & green waist came. Mrs. Luther's last meeting. Miss Hastings & I walked to drug store.

Mrs. Webb came.


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Ther. Friday, April 23, 1897 Wea.

Very warm. I wore my buff silk waist.

Girls played Consequences, Crambo etc.

Call from Mrs. David Allen Reed.

Keefer has been drinking. Mr. Damen is to marry Sarah(?). Smith sent me his mother's address.

Ther. Saturday 24 Wea. Hot.

Arranged papers & letters. We took st. cars to Long meadow. Miss Crutchley, Miss Hastings & I went to Volunteers. Keefer has been drinking, but said he was all right. Corey saw outside. He is under Mary's influence. Paige was there with a girl. Mr. Francis thinks of joining the Bapt. church. Letter from Sadie Jones. Stoney asked her & me to Glee Club!


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Ther. Sunday, April 25, 1897 Wea.

Dr. Moxom. Juo. 14:1. Simplicity of Faith. He is very tired. Slept.

P.M. Volunteers. S.A. closed because of the Rich baby's death. Mother writes that Louisa is worse. Volunteers saw Dr. M. & Miss P.

Eve. No S.S. Went to bed early.

Ther. Monday 26 Wea.

A.M. Edith Rising has on glasses. Gladys sick.

P.M. Went to library for Lena. Called on Waites, on Mrs. Hahn (out).

Eve. 2nd Mother's meeting. Training of children by Lena.