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Short entries in a page a day format. Raymond discusses her work for Joe's temperance mission, mentioning collecting donations, finding relapsed mission members (Mar 30), and attempting to involve members of the Springfield YWCA.\nShe describes attending Hahn's prayer meetings and various pastors' sermons. Raymond reports witnessing several conversion experiences, including one of a "back sliding" [relapsed] Salvation Army captain" (Jan 24). In regards to other organizations, Raymond mentions being elected to the membership committee of the Western Massachusetts branch ACA (Mar 1) and attending a Meeting of College Alumnae. Related to teaching, Raymond describes her anxiety for her students' examinations, her colleagues' dissatisfaction with their salaries, taking students on field trips, and attending their graduation day (Jun 15). Raymond reports keeping in contact with her friends from Vassar, attending Vassar's field day and play (May 7), and encouraging a student to have an "earnest talk" about her failure with her professor (May 8). Raymond describes developing a friendship with Malcolm Hughes, visiting the Northampton Hotel (May 27), attending concerts, reading, and caring for her mother and for Mrs. MacGregor. Historical events mentioned by Raymond include the US "taking" the Philippines (Jul 3), the opening of the Rosebud [Sioux] reservation (Aug 8), the fire in Cleveland House (Aug 14), [Theodore] Roosevelt's election by a "perfect landslide" (Nov 9), the illness of Springfield pastor [Phillip Stafford] Moxom, and "Mrs. Winston's" call at the White House (Nov 19).

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: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904003
Vol XX


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904004
"There are some people who try to show their superiority by mere inactive criticism without showing what they would do under the given circumstances" Dr. J. Taylor. Colgate


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904005
Friday, January 1, 1904

"Lest We Forget"

Effie Sullivan & Willie Brown appeared for New Years dinner. I went over to Dudley Lewis New Years dinner at 239 Spring St. I met Mrs. Fox's niece, Miss Stebbries.

Found Ruth here when I returned.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904006
Saturday, January 2, 1904

"Lest We Forget".

Jennie Totman and Will Brown went home.

We had a jolly time this evening, playing games, writing poetry, etc.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904007
Sunday, January 3, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Millin Negres preached. Communion.

Ruth & Ralph came to dinner. I called on Aunt Susan & remained to tea with Ed, Clara, & Kittie. Lucy Bliss came in later. Alma Jones had been in R.R. disaster at [Connellsville]. Relatives of Dudley Van Ingen, Mrs. Hillis & Maggie Crozix Fox buried in Iroquois Theatre.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904008
Monday, January 4, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

This afternoon went to see Mrs. Gibson at 1735 46th St. Went way to 84th St. & nearly froze.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904009
Tuesday, January 5, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

A.M. Went to try on dress at Ruth's.

P.M. Winifred & I called on Marion Iszard. She was ill, but we saw little Clara & 3 wks old Charlie Raymond Iszard. Called to say goodbye to Marion Healy [Leum] & saw her two children. I called on Lucy Skinner out.

Eve. Worked on shawl & played Flinch & Muggins.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904010
Wednesday, January 6, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Aunt Till came. I went shopping. Ruth Raymond brought home granadine dress of Marguerite's which she has made over for me.

Eve. Played Flinch & Muggins. The Walters came to see the Dobsons & Albert Eastwood to see Bertha.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904011
Thursday, January 7, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Rec'd and lost a check of 100 from Will for Joe's M. Lent trunk by express.

Ruth came to luncheon. I meant to take 4 oclock train, leaving at 3 & going by trolley, but lost it. Came by 5.01 train. Got luncheon at Child's. I discovered Bertha Smith on train. Changed at N.Haven. Mrs. Webb is here as her mother is worse.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904012
Friday, January 8, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

School began. Afternoon I rec'd & unpacked trunk. Played Flinch this evening.

Miss King 27.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904013
Saturday, January 9, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Snowy day. Miss Berensen ill so did not come.

Read & studied.

Afternoon called to see Mrs. Sweet - out. Shopped.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904014
Sunday, January 10, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Dr. Moxom. Light in Darkness. So helpful.

Ralph Moxom was there. I went to Mission. Ruth & Bruce agreed with me that we could not keep up without Joe. Then Everett appeared & promised great help, coal $2.50 a month etc.

We went to hear Pres. Woolley in 1st church on [Ed...] Woman in Church.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904015
Monday, January 11, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 25.

Outlook class.

Man is scaring girls in the streets & I must not go out. Mary [Moriarty] came for Latin tonight so Louise & I saw her to the corner.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904016
Tuesday, January 12, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 28
Mrs. Starr 24

Outlook class. A good many came. I telephoned Joe. Mrs. Price may join Outlook class.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904017
Wednesday, January 13, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mrs. Starr 25

I was invited by Mrs. Schenck to Longmeadow Women's Club. Miss Mary [Midlicott] spoke on English Cathedral. Miss Meriam said [Jon. Hurad] engaged.

Took tea at Schencks.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904018
Thursday, January 14, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 26.

Union prayer-meeting. Mr. [Maplerden] on Mark 16:20.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904019
Friday, January 15, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King. 29.

The entertainment is to be tomorrow night, so we read & studied this evening.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904020
Saturday, January 16, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss Berensen did not come. Helen Keyser came. We went on a sleigh ride.

Miss Bartlett very sick all day. Ida & I took card of her. She vomited & vomited. In the evening we gave stunt party for Mrs. Seaman. Scenes from Murders Moving. Lena Lena Jabberwak, my bumble-bee. Elsie & Alice gave [...] of violin, banjo, mandolin & phonograph.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904021
Sunday, January 17, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Dr. Moxom.

Mrs. Buffington came to dinner. Her first visit since she left S.

3 [unconverted] men at mission. Joe still away. Matt. 8:14-27.

Invited to supper with Mrs. Bartlett & Josie. Met Mr. Edwin Bartlett.

Walked, sang hymns.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904022
Monday, January 18, 1904.

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 27.

Analysis class. Miss King sang Prayer & Avia from De [...] & from [Russian's] [Barbrei].

Ida Seymour, Julie [Haunan] & I went in 2nd gallery to Boston symphony. [Bucain] played [H...] [Concerto]. They had [Beethoven] 2nd Symphony & [Grieg] [Peer] [Gynt] selections.

My name is to be proposed as director of Beth Haven.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904023
Tuesday, January 19, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 30.
Mrs. Starr 26.

Dr. Kim arrived & is charming.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904024
Wednesday, January 20, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Dr. Kim's lecture on Chinese Folk Literature. Mrs. Todd of Amherst, Florence Barker & Florence Howland are here.

Mr. Chandler writes that his mother is failing.

Joe is home.

Marion fell down-stairs today on her head.

Mrs. Starr 27.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904025
Thursday, January 21, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 28.

Mrs. Packard & Mrs. Webb left here on their way to [Wernersville}.

I called on Mr. Chandler & found that his mother died at 6 last night. At church Mr. Maplerden, Hahn & Hubbell told of their conversions. Joe was there, back from Boston. Mr. Francis had brought an ex Salvation A. captain.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904026
Friday, January 22, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 31.

This evening I played for the children to dance, then I studied.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904027
Saturday, January 23, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss Berensen 7.

Mother writes that she is to go to Cousin Sallie's today for Aid meeting & to spend Sunday.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904028
Sunday, January 24, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Dr. Harres of Amherst. Newness of Life.

He was poor in the Bible class.

A back sliding S.A. captain converted. I read Luke 15:1-7, 11-24.

While waiting for the Seaman's train I went down Bridge St. till I actually found Mrs. Chandler in a colored woman's house!!


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904029
Monday, January 25, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 29.

Outlook class.

Ida Seymour mad at Miss Porter for not letting her take Social Unrest.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904030
Tuesday, January 26, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 32.
Mrs. Starr 28.

In Outlook we discussed Social Unrest.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904031
Wednesday, January 27, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mrs. Starr 29.

I hunted up Mrs. Chandler and took her to Joes. I think she had been drinking.

Ida Seymour & I went to Mary Horn Concert. She was one hour late.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904032
Thursday, January 28, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 30

Mr. Maplerden led union prayer-meeting. I hear that Mr. Chandler has pneumonia in Westfield hospital.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904033
Friday, January 29, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 33.

Edward, the children, Elsie, Marie & I played Flinch.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904034
Saturday, January 30, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

I called on Mrs. Thayer. Bessie is getting much better. On the Underhills to make peace. Saw Mr. U. & the two children. On Mrs. Reed.

The family went to see Mausfield in Heidelburg. Came home in tears.

Miss Berensen 8.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904035
Sunday, January 31, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Dr. Saunders of Hartford Matt 17:1,2.

At mission I spoke on Excuses. Luke 14:12-24.

Found Mrs. Chandler again. Policeman says it is not a nice house.

Called on Mrs. Sweet. She has had operation.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904036
Monday, February 1, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mrs. Story 31

Mrs. Reed hears that Gladys has failed in French, Latin and Germ. She has gone on to her & I may go.

Very [tired].

Dorothy Hooker has german measles.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904037
Tuesday, February 2, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 34
Mrs. Starr 30

Gladys Reed has passed in French. I need not go. Louise Rodman failed in Math & French.

Blue over exams.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904038
Wednesday, February 3, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mrs. Starr 31.

Last day before term day. No study hr. Spent afternoon & evening averaging reports. Retired at 2.30.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904039
Thursday, February 4, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 32.

Cold bad. Did not go to prayer meeting.

Term day. Children gave 2 French plays.

Sleigh riding. I was only teacher. Shopping. Supper at Beth haven.

Girls popped corn.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904040
Friday, February 5, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King did not come, as her mother was ill.

Baby party.

[Asmath] Borden came.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904041
Saturday, February 6, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss Berensen 9

Sewed. Straightened room etc.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904042
Sunday, February 7, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Hahn Jon. 5:14.

Mission Jon. 14:1-12.

Fought with Joe. He says he will leave Mission on Thursday.

Asmath Borden left.

Ida Seymour in bed all day.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904043
Monday, February 8, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 33.

I spent the afternoon after entertaining Mrs. Buffington getting petitions signed to allow [crasting]. In the evening Miss Bartlett & I took it to City Hall. The meeting of alderman adjourned for two weeks so we went to see Marshall.

Terrible fire raging in Baltimore.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904044
Tuesday, February 9, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 35
Mrs. Starr 32.

Miss Reed came again to talk over Gladys. Wrote to Miss [McCulet] asking that Gladys might tutor in Germ.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904045
Wednesday, February 10, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mrs. Starr 33.

Mother writes that Harriet has tonsilitis & bronchitis. Roberta Scott engaged to a [...] of 35.

I shopped, had hair shampooed & took dinner at [Celia] Merriam's.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904046
Thursday, February 11, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 34.

We had an extra Analysis class to prepare us for the Parsifal concert.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904047
Friday, February 12, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 36.

Helen Scheirer wrote a lot of valentines & Louise Bartlett & Ida Seymour wrote them on red hearts & we had them at dinner. I gave my party in the evening. Music guessing & an Art gallery with gifts, candy, [...], & nabiscos.

Miss [McCulet] will not let Gladys be examined.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904048
Saturday, February 13, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss Berensen 10.

Today I talked with Miss Porter about my trials with Geometry. I went to the High School & found the Association of Mathematical Teachers Paper by & discussion on Correlation of Mathematics & Physics. In the evening I called on Mabel [Balesira]. She gives sad account of Mrs. McGregory.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904049
Sunday, February 14, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Dr. Moxom on [University] & Church.

There were 11 at mission. Chandler was there. I tried to find Mrs. C. but she has disappeared. Lewis of [Thompsonville] asked for prayer. Ida Seymour walked. I talked on Juo 18:38 - 19:18.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904050
Monday, February 15, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 35.

Wagner Parsifal Concert. Dam rosele led. Mme [Nordica] & Mr. [Archer] [Tault] sang.

David Mannes Violin Solo. Selections from Tannhauser [Meister] singer. Parsifal [Tristan] & Isolde & [...]. [Martha] has accepted [Will]!


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904051
Tuesday, February 16, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 37.
Mts. Starr 34.

Analysis class.

I was very chilly.

Helped Marion Lincoln & Freda Powers in Germ.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904052
Wednesday, February 17, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mrs. Starr 35.

Helped Marion & Freda in Germ.

Called on Mrs. Sweet. Saw Harmon about room rent. We can rent for 12 1/2.

Took tea at Beth-haven. Miss Rock is away. Met Miss Acres & got points for my speech in [Wesleyan] [chapel].


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904053
Thursday, February 18, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 36.

I have telephoned to Mayor & to Marshall Stebbries & if the girls crast they will not be arrested!

Louise Bartlett went to church with me. They talk of having an evening evangelistic service. Church sent greetings to Mr. & Mrs. Russell.

Edith Ball writes about another baby.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904054
Friday, February 19, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 38. 1 1/2 hr. exam. in Geometry Books I II. Have not had time or courage to examine papers. Helen Sheperd, Elsie Miller & Hazel Brigham went home also Ida Seymour. Lena & I went to hear Mrs. [Sirckostch].

Will writes me of his engagement. Lena is very anxious about Miss Porter. Helen Keyser's 20th birthday. Bonnet party, poetry, etc. Finished Gt. Expectations at table.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904055
Saturday, February 20, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss Berensen 11.

I helped her. Spent a great deal of the day on my Geometry papers. I think I shall pass Dunham, Eastman, White & Harris.

Took girls to Dr. Moxom's talk on Christian Life.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904056
Sunday, February 21, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Dr. Moxom Juo 6:68.

Joe's Mission Luke 7:36-50.

I took Mr. Chandler to Bridge St. Couldn't find Mrs. C. We went to police station & saw Ass. Marshall [Wright].


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904057
Monday, February 22, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 37.

This evening going out to mail letters I fell, hit my head on the ice raising a bump. A young man brought me in!

Mr. [Carnana] died today.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904058
Tuesday, February 23, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 39.
Mrs. Starr 36.

Miss Bartlett of Poughkeepsie visited classes.

Wrote congratulations to Martha & Will.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904059
Wednesday, February 24, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mrs. Starr 37.

Horrid walking. I went to library and came home. Then I took tea with Edith Ely. I hope Aunt Hettie will try my cataract cure. Mrs. Pattison expects a baby. Went to McAll reception to [D'Aubigue].


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904060
Thursday, February 25, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Prayer meeting tonight. Elizabeth [Gardner] very ill with pneumonia.

Mr. Story 37.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904061
Friday, February 26, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 40.

Clara Dunham [gave] to visit Jennie.

Gertrude Dodge and Aleen Seaman gave a threading needle party. Ida Seymour went to bed exhausted. It seems she has been to theatre last night & the night before to glee club concert instead of to rehearsal!

Elinor Southworth has diptheria.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904062
Saturday, February 27, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss Berensen 12.

Louise Bartlett went to consult doctor at [Providence]. I took Clara & Jennie Dunham to Northampton train.

P.M. Took girls to Dr. Moxom talk on Doubt's & Temptations.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904063
Sunday, February 28, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Dr. Moxom Jon. 6:35. The satisfying Christ.

We had one first meeting in 72 Worthington St. The man from Boston was converted. A woman, & Mr. [Rentin] & boy were there. Ps. 27.

Louise Bartlett returned. She is not to have operation.

Marion Lincoln has German measles.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904064
Monday, February 29, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 39.

Mrs. Paul Blaldeford came. Sleeps in my room. Bertha Smith left tonight for Watertown wedding.

Outlook class.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904065

Tuesday, March 1, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 41
Mrs. Starr 28.

Outlook. Discussed Helen Keller.

Letter from Martha Harmon & Clara Russell.

I am to serve on the membership committee of West. Mass. Branch of A.C.A.

Bring home Harriets photo


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904066
Wednesday, March 2, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mrs. Starr 39

I called on Bessie Thayer and she came down to parlor. The cars were so slow that I waited one hour for them & could not call at French College. Went to Beth haven for supper. Miss Acres & another nurse were there.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904067
Thursday, March 3, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 40.

So rainy that I did not go to prayer-meeting.

Helen Keyser and Eliz. Clark took & passed Germ I II.

Ida Seymour not well.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904068
Friday, March 4, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 42.

Louise Bartlett & I took the girls to Mrs. Brogas. We played Pit, visited Andrew's den etc.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904069
Saturday, March 5, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss Berensen did not come. Took some girls to Gills Art Gallery.

P.M. Meeting of Coll. Alumnae. Address by Dean Gill of Barnard.

Bertha Smith returned from the wedding.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904070
Sunday, March 6, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Dr. Hahn Mark 6:46. Communion.

2nd meeting in new place. Good one. 16 there. Peace was the subject. I went to bed very early. Called on Mrs. Sweet. Met a Wm. Smith Colgate 92 new on the Republican. Mrs. Smith knows Juemp.

Mary Merrick is dead.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904071
Monday, March 7, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 41.

[Helgan] Hangan came. I went with Alice to meet her.

This is Father's 90th birthday.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904072
Tuesday, March 8, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 43.
Mrs. Starr 40.

I am telling [Moonstone] to Helen Scheirer.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904073
Wednesday, March 9, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss Berensen 13.
Mrs. Starr 41.

Mr. Porter is 60.

I called on Mrs. Rood and at French College on Miss Auger & Miss Carter. Mrs. Tillinghard has lost all her money. Then I took tea at the Cones. Then Lena & I went over to greet Mr. Porter. Their home was entered while they were gone, a jewel-box opened & left. Was it Charlie [Lampson]?

Deacons sent me 5.00 for Joes food & fuel.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904074
Thursday, March 10, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 42.

I took Aline Seaman to Dr. Hurlburt.

Prayer-meeting. Told Joe about the 5.00.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904075
Friday, March 11, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 44.

We went to Dr. Moxom's Lenten talk. Helps & Hindrances. Louise Bartlett & Ida Seymour gave a party. Whistle tied on back. Stock market etc.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904076
Saturday, March 12, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss Berensen 14.

A.M. Jennie Dunham went home to rest. I read. Ida Seymour is 27. She rec'd
Violets fromm Ida Eastman & H. Schreirer
"Ambassadors" from girls
Candy - Louise Bartlett
Olives etc. from me.
Plant - Lena
Flowers. Marion & Dorothy.

I went to Dr. [Prefentcirne]. He says I will need reading glasses in less than a year.

Cineraria will do no harm or good.

Jennie Dunham gone home to rest.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904077
Sunday, March 13, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Read Helen Keller's Optimism. Dr. Hillis preached on the text "And the multitude heard Him gladly. Jesus has fascinated the great because He treated of great themes, the common people because He lived their life and had sympathy." Church was packed & many were delighted. Miss Porter was not. Mr. Wood had another stroke this morning. Paralyzed on neck & left arm. Writes but can't speak. Perfectly conscious. At Mission [Joe] speaks as if he might soon die. I [met] to ask [Miss] [Leonard] to be [...].


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904078
Monday, March 14, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 43.

Outlook class.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904079
Tuesday, March 15, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mrs. Starr 42.
Miss King 45.

Mr. Woods is hiccoughing - a bad sign.

Outlook class. We had Helen Keller's Optimism.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904080
Wednesday, March 16, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mrs. Starr 43.

Travel Club at Mrs. Sweets. Miss Averill spoke for 1 3/4 hrs. on Greece. Tea later.

Dr. Moxom came to dinner. Read Saul, [Last Rule], [Abt Vogler], [Confessional].


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904081
Thursday, March 17, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 44.

At prayer-meeting Joe said he was like Elijah under the "Jupiter" tree when he woke up & found a cake baked; he waked after his growling and found the deacons had been working on him.

Called on Miss de Richmond about tickets for College Club play.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904082
Friday, March 18, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 46.

Mr. George Wood died at 11 A.M. He was unconscious till about an hour before his death. He wrote constantly.

This evening I played Flinch with Dorothy & Helen. The girls made their fencing pads.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904083
Saturday, March 19, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss Berensen 15.

My music lessons were all given yesterday. I cleared out drawers, went to Miss de Richmond & down town. In P.M. Slept, read & attended Dr. Moxoms class. Self [Mastering] by Self [Effacement].

Eve. Called to take Marion poetry on Mr. Wood. The last word Mr. Woods wrote was "Heaven".

Eleanor & Sallie spent day here.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904084
Sunday, March 20, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Dr. Moxom The Problem of Evil. Juo. 9:3. I remained to hear Dr. Moxom read to his Bible class. Jesus idea of himself in Mark. He does not think Him God. Does not believe in His liberal resurrection.

Splendid Mission. From 35 to 40 present. 3 were converted. Mr. Hahn led. Went to Beth haven for supper. Retired early.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904085
Monday, March 21, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 45.

Mr. Woods funeral. I rode in carriage with Mrs. Dr. Weston. Dr. Moxom read beautiful prayer & remarks.

Analysis Mr. Clayton sang.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904086
Tuesday, March 22, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 47.
Mrs. Starr 44.

Miss Porter has a swelling in face that looks like erysipelas.

I went to hear Prof. Dubois on Negro Problem. I liked him. [Led] with Dr. Lee & Miss Carter. Dr. Moxom introduced me.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904087
Wednesday, March 23, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mrs. Starr 45.

Miss Porter still miserable.

Went to Library, [...] & Beth haven for supper. Philip Moxom aged 3 days is there.



: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904088
Thursday, March 24, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 46.

I went to hear Rev. Anna Shaw on Woman Suffrage. She was good I thought. I went with Mrs. Porter & Miss Abby Fuller.

Heard at Church that Mrs. Parson's has Brights Disease & Mrs. Stacy seems to be losing her mind. Ida & Julia Harmon went to [Marsassit] with Mr. Kirby & Dr. Martin & to Dr. M's office.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904089
Friday, March 25, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 48.

I took the girls to Dr. Moxom's talk on Patience & Hope. Miss [Dean] asked me to call.

Elsie & Alice gave an Easter egg party.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904090
Saturday, March 26, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss Berensen did not come. I did not go to Mrs. Porter's women's lecture on Breathing. College Club Play Ralph [R...] [D...]. We had boxes. Bessie Niles & I [pr...] Ophelia.

I read in Louise room.

This A.M. Helped Helen Harmon in Prose.


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Sunday, March 27, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Dr. Moxom Palm Sunday. I slept before dinner. At Mission two of last weeks converts came. Interesting talk with man who hates his brother. He will think it over. Called on Mrs. Robertson leaving Cineraria on Mrs. Sweet & Mr. Wood. I have lost [fur].

Ida asked for $50 more Salary.


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Monday, March 28, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mr. Story 47.

Went to bank before Outlook class. Marion Lincoln failed in Germ. Book III.

Sat up till 1.25.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904093
Tuesday, March 29, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Miss King 49.
Mrs. Starr 46.

Miss Porter has told Ida Seymour she may accept another place. I took tea with Cousin Helen & Susy Howard. Gertrude [] called.

Outlook class.

Did not get to Japan.

Mrs. Packard & Webb came.

Marion Lincoln failed again.


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Wednesday, March 30, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Mrs. Starr 47.
Mr. Story 48.

Went shopping. Paid bills. Called on Joe. Found that Mrs. Chandler is keeping a house for men.


Marions party.


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Thursday, March 31, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Last day of school. Ida Seymour, Helen Scheirer, Bertha Smith, Helen Shepherd, Hazel Brigham, Elsie Miller & I came on the 2.22 train. Ida is mad at me because I told Miss Porter that Helen was going to take her to the theatre 3 times. Bertha says Hazel has promised to break her engagement tonight. I find Mother & baby with Minnie & Ruth are at Ithaca & Will at Cornell.


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Friday, April 1, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

I went down to see Ruth Raymond. She is making my black silk dress. I went to [...] a black broad-cloth of Kom.

Went alone to prayer-meeting.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904097
Saturday, April 2, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

I spent the day with Bertha Smith. We went to her [...] to buy theatre tickets. Luncheon at St. [Denis]. Then visited Dudley's settlement, College S. at [Revington] St. & University Settlement.

Will returned from Hamilton & Minnie, Ruth & Frank from Ithaca.


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Sunday, April 3, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

I took Mother across the street to hear Chas. Cuthbert Hall. The Thurstons brought us home.

Afternoon. Slept. Went to Cousin Sallies. Saw Hattie Bliss & Mrs. Dunham. A good many at prayers. Two of Emmas children & two of Susie's. Supper and evening at the Raymonds.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904099
Monday, April 4, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

Went with Minnie & Frank to Dr. [Stuart's] class.

Afternoon Mother & I walked to Mrs. Richardsons & Frank Sharpes.

Tried on dress at Kom's. Called on Mrs. Van Iderstine. Played Flinch.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1904100
Tuesday, April 5, 1904

"Lest We Forget."

I took Mother shopping. She walked from [Journeys] to [Loesers] & [Abrau] & [Strass]. Then I went to Ruths.

Played Flinch this eve.