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Raymond, Cornelia M. Diary, 1899

Short entries in a half page a day format. Raymond details her involvement in religious life, such as her attendance of prayer-meeting, the sermons of pastors such as [Phillip Stafford] Moxom, "Mr. Hahn's" religious lectures, theologian Lyman Abbot's address to a high school (Jun 28), and talks by missionaries. She analyzes the content of several sermons. Raymond writes of her continued support of temperance mission members (particularly "Joe" [the host of the meetings], "Smith" a "teamster," "W. Brown," "Baker," and "Stowe") in their struggles to abstain from alcohol and tobacco. Raymond references teaching in Springfield, giving music lessons, writing papers, attending a school picnic, and discussing examination results with her pupils. Raymond reports on Vassar College news and alumni activities, including VC president James Monroe Taylor's invitation to become president of Brown [which he refused] (Feb 9), and [Vassar] College Club elections (Nov 19). Raymond details a June visit to Vassar, including information on her election to Phi Beta Kappa before Vassar Commencement (Jun 14); a school tea (Jun 19); and closing ceremonies, Class Day, and daisy picking (Jun 20). Raymond mentions social news, including visits to her family in Western NY, to her friends in Western MA (near her Springfield job), and to Toronto and Lake Ontario. She expresses concerns over her mother's health, her friendships, and receiving two love confessions. Raymond references several historic events, such as the many people [including her "Cousin Anna"] who died in the burning of the Windsor Hotel in New York City (Mar 17). Raymond describes seeing President William McKinley (Jun 21) and hearing Governor [Theodore] Roosevelt speak at a military concert (Sep 16).
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: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899035

Name. Mrs. F.B.Sweet
Residence. 197 State St. Springfield, Mass.

Name. Walter Richardson
Residence. Huestis St. Ithaca. N.Y.

Name. Fred W. Reeve.
Residence 443 W. 22nd St.,
Mem. New York City.

Name. Susie B. Ortin
Residence. 2532 Broadway.
Mem. New Y.

Name. Wm. H. Francis
Residence. Box 561
Mem. Springfield, Mass.

Name. Cornelia Lloyd.
Residence. 705 E. Capitol St.
Mem. Washington, D.C.

Name. Susy Ortin
Residence. 2532 Broadway
Mem. N.Y.



: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899039
JANUARY, 1899.

SUN. 1. Ther. Weather,

Space is provided for recording the state of the Thermometer and Weather. The Moon's Changes, and Stated Church Days are also noticed as they occur.
Signs: New Moon; First Quarter: Full Moon: Last Quarter.

A.M. Mr. Dixon PS. 65:11.
P.M. " "
Felt blue about Reeve. Beautiful sermon in A.M. This yr. has double gems it its crown, prosperity & adversity, failure & success etc. I taught Miss Shannon's class. Little girls, rather dirty but quite interested. We talked about God & Christ. Juo. 1:1-14.

Very sleepy in evening service. Mother not able to go to church.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899040
JANUARY, 1899.

MON. 2. Ther. Weather,

Reeve writes that he has no tuberculosis. Letters from Mrs. Porter & Lena. By mistake, Miss Porter got Mrs. P's present.

Daisy came to dinner. Mother didn't come down.

Mrs. Palmer here sewing for Will. Mother pays her.

I wrote letters & studied "Scribs".

Evening Fudge party. Ernest Sedman, Gastin, Dobson, 3 Kinneys, Kittie Elliot, Frank Davis, Russell, Ralph, Daisy, our folks. We had wedding. Agnes married Win & Will was killing maid of honor. Gibson pictures, games, & fudge. Harold came to call on Mother.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899041
JANUARY, 1899.

TUES. 3. Ther. Weather,

Wrote letters. Made happy by letters from Joe, Smith, & Mrs. Sweet. Judge Lyford discussed Joe's case & called it a dirty trick.

Went shopping & to dinner with Harold, Ruth & Mrs. Hudson. Worked on "Scribs". Will & Ralph returned this A.M. Mrs. Palmer here.

Eve. Read "The Worker" to Mother.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899042
JANUARY, 1899.

WED. 4. Ther. Weather,

Worked on the "Scribs". Aunt Kate spent the day. Winnie "fixed up" best hat. She took supper at the Kinneys.

Eve. Ruth & Harold called.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899043
JANUARY, 1899.

THUR. 5. Ther. Weather, Rainy.

Wrote all day on my "Scribs". In afternoon went to Union prayer-meeting in our church led by Mr. Stoddard of Strong Place.

Mother is better.

Telephoned to Jennie. She wants me to go with Miss P. & Lena to Hope Hall tomorrow night, but I refused.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899044
JANUARY, 1899.

FRI. 6. Ther. Weather, Rainy.

Mrs. Palmer here. Marg. Benedict came over & staid to lunch. Talked about Will Todd & Ray. In the afternoon Winnie returned my toque. I went to prayer-meeting. Subject: What hinders prayer?

Then we went to the Jacobs. It was their 14th anniversary. Met Dr. King Pres. of Cornell Iowa, Dr. [Famiglio], Emma Taylor.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899045
JANUARY, 1899.

SAT. 7. Ther. Weather,

Finished my paper on the Scribs. Agnes went with me to try my Alpine hat corset waist etc. Mrs. Palmer here.

Mrs. Hudson brought me cookies.

Russell had the blues tonight. I went for Minnie to the Dixons & Jacobs.

Reeve wrote that prob. he would not come to church as he ought to go to his own.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899046
JANUARY, 1899.

SUN. 8. Ther. Weather,

A.M. Mr. Dixon Luke 15:1-7.
Reeve did not come. I taught Miss Howard's class. 5 little boys. Mr. Dixon wants everyone to come every night to church either this or next week.

Eve. Harrie & Ruth called & H. brought candy. Minnie stayed home with Daisy, Russell & Frank. Minnie thought Daisy was selfish.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899047
JANUARY, 1899.

MON. 9. Ther. Weather,

Went down town. Changed corset waist & got Minnie's horrid pictures from Dana's. Mother shampooed head. Came to Springfield on 4 o'clock train with Col. Buffington & Eliza, Abbie Tillingharte, Percy Minich & Florence Barker. Ray Wellman got on at New Haven. I stopped at 34 Union Square & saw Jennie Hughes & Gen. Booth.

Told Corie's father has lost his position.

Ethel Van Deusen's mother is very ill.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899048
JANUARY, 1899.

TUES. 10. Ther. Weather, Cold.

Began school. Mr. Reed invited Miss Gruyer & me to go sleighing. We declined.

I went out. Called on Mrs. Sweet. Her father is dead. So is Mrs. Dr. Pomering. Took Joe soup. He was out. Then called on Mrs. Barnard & she had in Police Captain Berkely. We talked of Joe. Missed call from Mrs. Briggs.

Miss Hubbard. 13. Agnes came back tonight. She has had her [...] [heated].

Gertrude White has gone home.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899049
JANUARY, 1899.

WED. 11. Ther. Weather, Bitter cold.

Miss Gruyer & Bina have gone to Mrs. [Irwins] lecture.

Mr. Story. 14


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899050
JANUARY, 1899.

THUR. 12. Ther. Weather,

Went to prayer-meeting. Told Mr. Hahn about Reeve.

Miss King, 13?
Letter from Dr. Mosher.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899051
JANUARY, 1899.

FRI. 13, Ther. Weather,

Gymnastics (2).

Family except Lena, Ray & Percy have gone to [...] in [May Stuart]. I did not go.

Letter from Russell Richardson.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899052
JANUARY, 1899.

SAT. 14. Ther. Weather,

Read Atlantic most all day. No walking. Rainy & glare of ice.

Miss Hill did not come.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899053
JANUARY, 1899.

SUN. 15. Ther. Weather,

Dr. Moxom. Disadvantages & Advantages. of Miss. Organ. Expected to read paper. At Joe's I told Prodigal Son to [try] who had never heard it.

We did not walk tonight. Wrote to Harold & Mr. Dixon. Jennie Aiken came to dinner. I called on the Hastings.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899054
JANUARY, 1899.

MON. 16. Ther. Weather,

Ethel Van D. writes that her mother may have pneumonia. I called on Mrs. Driscoll to tell [Mother] about change in drawing class.


Miss Hubbard. 14

Jennie Aiken came to Outlook.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899055
JANUARY, 1899.

TUES. 17. Ther. Weather,

Called on Eunice Avery.

Read periodical.

Outlook class.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899056
JANUARY, 1899.

WED. 18. Ther. Weather,

Wore my dress with red silk & my toque. Admired. Lena & I took dinner at Mip Buckingham's. Saw Jennie Aiken, [Str...], Henry, & 2 sisters boarding there.

Nice letter from Fred Reeve.

Mr. Story 15.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899057
JANUARY, 1899.

THUR. 19. Ther. Weather,

Miss. meeting led by Mrs. Cone. Mrs. Bill gave a beautiful address.

Sent my letter to Harold.

Mip King 14.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899058
JANUARY, 1899.

FRI. 20. Ther. Weather,

I wrote to Fred Reeve. Girls gave "Charity Ball". Day scholars came.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899059
JANUARY, 1899.

SAT. 21. Ther. Weather,

Dr. Moxom. John 21:
Recognition after death. Did not stay to S.S. Went home & had good sleep. Beautiful Mission. 21 there. Gave young man testament & he read.

Man converted who had lost [horse].

Took Smith to church to get paper. He seems blue.

Finished The Workers. East.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899060
JANUARY, 1899.

SUN. 22. Ther. Wheather,

Letter from Smith to say he [hated] drink.

We went over the Thompson house.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899061
JANUARY, 1899.

MON. 23. Ther. Weather,

Gertrude Besse seems miserable.

Wrote to Russell. Smith wrote rather blue letter & I replied.

Clarke [Bryan] committed suicide.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899062
JANUARY, 1899.

TUES. 24. Ther. 32 Weather,

Mip Hubbard 15.

Poured. I called on Jennie Barrows & little Emmie & went down town.

Gave Ed. his lesson.

Fell down twice. Bought [Dooley] Papers.

Ethel Van Deusen returned.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899063
JANUARY, 1899.

WED. 25. Ther.28 Weather,

Miss P. does not like my different waists.

Mr. Reed telephone an aff. message to Eliz.

Mrs. Reed called.

Went to library this eve.

Mr. Story 16.

Miss Lucinda Howard died.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899064
JANUARY, 1899.

THUR. 26. Ther. Weather,

Eliz. Gruyer & I went to hear Mr. [Pent...] at South Church.

Mip King 15.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899065
JANUARY, 1899.

FRI. 27. Ther. Weather,

Dr. Gulick (3).

Girls made candy.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899066
JANUARY, 1899.

SAT. 28. Ther. Weather,

I went up to South Hadley to see about Abbie [Tillingharte].

Miss Hill did not come.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899067
JANUARY, 1899.

SUN. 29. Ther. Weather,
Septuagesima Sunday.

The teamster wanted to walk home with from me from Joe's!

At S.S. Dr. Moxom said there was no tabernacle. I did not read paper.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899068
JANUARY, 1899.

MON. 30. Ther. Weather,

Had stiff neck a little.
Outlook class.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899069
JANUARY, 1899.

TUES. 31. Ther. Weather,

Outlook discussed "The Workers".

Miss Hastings came.

Dr. Gulick (4).

Mip Hubbard did not come.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899070

WED. 1. Ther. Weather,

Went to hear Marg. Hall sing in the High School.

Mrs. Story (17)


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899071

THUR. 2. Ther. Weather,

Rec'd $25 from Anna Goodsell.

Teamster & Joe came to meeting. I played.

Miss King. 16.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899072

FRI. 3. Ther. Weather,

Millie Stevens wants me to go to Rome & Athens with her.

Stormy. No Gyms.

Read & played to girls.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899073

SAT. 4. Ther. Weather,

Mr. Reed & Mad. took Mip Gruyer & me sleighing in the park. Ice scenery beautiful. Miss Gruyer took girls walking & then went to tea at Underhills.

Miss P. thinks she ought to walk more.

Bina has gone to her [boarding] place.

Miss Hill did not come.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899074

SUN. 5. Ther. Weather,
Sexagesima Sunday.

A.M. Mr. Hahn. Grace of God that brought Salvation etc.


Went to South Ch. S.S. Read "Origin of the Scribs" & it seemed to take Dr. Moxom.

P.M. 25 at Mission. Rough fellows but I quieted them & read about Jesus [regreted] at Naz. Luke 4. Joe has curtained off the rim again. Mr. Tapley may stop paying rent. Smith came after meeting.

Did not walk. Eliz. took supper with Bina.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899075

MON. 6. Ther. Weather,

Mr. Reed wrote asking Mip Gruyer on a sleigh ride.

Gt. battle with resurgents at Manila last night. 40 of our men killed. Treaty ratified with a majority of one.

Miss Hubbard very ill with erysipelas.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899076

TUES. 7. Ther. Weather,

My day out. Called on Mrs. Bowman & Mrs. Holbrook. Saw Mrs. Baldwin & Mrs. Prof. Terry. Talked of Lottie Russell.

Sat up till midnight on reports.

Miss Hubbard very ill.

Went in to see Joe & Mr. Barker told about sleigh ride.

Smith writes Joe that he must keep away from mission.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899077

WED. 8. Ther. Weather,

Worked all spare time on my reports & the Prof.

Mr. Story 17.

Letter to Miss Ola Raymond. Invitation to sleigh ride.

Exciting letter from Morsie about Saugerties, Ballston Spa, & N.Y. W.M.C.A.

Wore Eliz. shirt dress & had fun sliding in cemetery.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899078

THUR. 9. Ther. Weather,

Closing exercise.

In afternoon I played Concerto & played on piano.

Mr. Hahn gave a fine talk on the missionaries.

Pres. Taylor has been called to Brown!!!

Miss King (17).


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899079

FRI. 10. Ther. Weather, Bitter cold.

Mary Cutler & Marg. Carter have gone to Boston. I took them to the train.

Mip Hubbard much better.

Dr. Gulick (5).

Percy Minich is 15. She & Eliza gave party. Fortunes & Pillow. Dix.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899080

SAT. 11. Ther. Weather,

Bitter cold. Mip Hill did not come.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899081

SUN. 12. Ther. Weather,
Quinquagesima Sunday.

Hard snow storm. Eliz. & I went to church. Went to mission. Beautiful meeting. Mr. Daniels has been sick. Talked about his sin & prayed.

Joe tells me of Smiths horrid drunk. He just cries about his trouble. Called on Mip Hastings. Then went to meet Marg. & Marg. not there.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899082

MON. 13. Ther. Weather,

Blizzard. Mary & Marg. all day coming. Sleigh tipped over after they got out.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899083

TUES. 14. Ther. Weather,
Shrove Tuesday.

Both Outlook Classes came today & tonight. I spent most of my day out in parlor working Alg. for Mip P. I also called on Miss Emerson but she was in bath room.

Miserable with a cold.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899084

WED. 15. Ther. Weather,
Ash Wednesday.

Mr. Story (18).

We walked to Crescent Hill.

Wrote Fred Reeve.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899085

THUR. 16. Ther. Weather,

Called on Mip Emerson. She has terrible swelling. Told of Dr. [Po...] grief & her call from Mr. Hahn.

The family went to the McDowell concert. Mr. Hahn seems blue. May leave church.

Mip King 18(?)


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899086

FRI. 17. Ther. Weather,

This eve. girls played & I called on the Porters.

No gyms. I am to take Mip Gruyer's history.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899087

SAT. 18. Ther. Weather,

Read Alyn. this A.M.
P.M. Went to library, Mip Masons, Mr. Hahns, Mrs. Brooks & Cousin Helens.

Edith B. home. Mip Pendleton told me about Mr. H. salary reduced to [2500].

Eve. Read in Mip Gruyers.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899088

SUN. 19. Ther. Weather,
Quadragesima Sunday.

A.M. Dr. Moxom Jer. 2:19.
Punishment of Sin.
Slept instead of S.S. Large meeting at mission. Smith brought his [tooth].
Walked to corner.

Stowe converted.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899089

MON. 20. Ther. Weather,

Very tired tonight. V.C. Alumnae voted to raise $2000000 for V.C.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899090

TUES. 21. Ther. Weather,

Felt wretchedly tired. I called on Carrie King in the new house. Edith Moxom has pneumonia. Came home & slept. Retired early.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899091

WED. 22. Ther. Weather,

Bertha has an honor! Eliz. & I went sleighing with Mr. Reed. Then to his house. Mrs. R. disagreeable. Then the girls, Mr. R, Eliz. & I went to Y.M.C.A. fair supper & basket ball. Eliz. talked to him coming home.

Lena's mother has falled down stairs.

Mr. Story (19).


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899092

THUR. 23. Ther. Weather,

Beautiful prayer-meeting. Little Englishman there.

Lena went to her mother today.

Miss King 19.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899093

FRI. 24. Ther. Weather,

I am to have Greek in the A.M. on Friday.

Dr. Grulick (6). Mrs. Grulick came. I had call from Volunteers which kept me from dressing. Children gave a play at Mrs. Porter's. Girls had games at home.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899094

SAT. 25. Ther. Weather,

Wrote to Mollie Stevens, Pres. Taylor & Mrs. Barker.

Studied hard today. Went down town with silk waist. Mr. Reed met me & asked about going to the club.

Lena came back tonight.



: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899095

SUN. 26. Ther. Weather,

Dr. Moxom Gal. 5:2,5. The Individualness of Christian Life. Staid to S.S.

At Joe's we had about 40. Warren Barney once of [Ilion] was in drunk. My little man gave good testamony. Smith came. Eve. Rained so did not go out. Began [Drummonds]. Mr. R. called on Eliz. at Bina's with chafing dish.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899096

MON. 27. Ther. Weather,

Outlook Class.

I have been reading Alwyn almost all the afternoon.

Lovely letter from Fred Reeve.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899097

TUES. 28. Ther. Weather,

Day out but I stayed in & read Outlook. We discussed Alynn tonight. Bina came to dinner. Letters from Mip [McCaleb] & Gertrude Burleigh.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899098
MARCH, 1899.

WED. 1. Ther. Weather,

Mr. Story (20).

Marg. Benedict engaged to Rupis Cowing.

Eliz. Gryer went off & visited with Bina.

Dr. Taylor is to stay at Vassar.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899099
MARCH, 1899.

THUR. 2. Ther. Weather,

At prayer-meeting Mr. Storm gave a testimony to Joe's Mission.

I met Mr. Francis & he walked down with me.

Marion went Charlie Wood's birthday party. He is 11.

Mip King 20.


: VCLDiariesRaymondCorneliaM1899100
MARCH, 1899.

FRI. 3. Ther. Weather,

Lena & I went down to Mr. Barnard's at the [Marsasit] & I bought red waist.

Dr. Gulick did not appear.