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Guttman, Ida (Frank). Diary, 1883

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This volume contains a very detailed account of Ida Frank's first semester at Vassar. She entered the college as a preparatory student in 1883 and became a member of the Exoteric Society, a social club for the "Preps". Frank was Jewish but does not discuss her experience with religion at Vassar, although she does clearly describe the daily routine of a Vassar student at that time.

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: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883002
343, 345 & 347 BROADWAY, NEW YORK


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883005
Inventory Sept. 14, 1883 5

6 towels.
6. Table Napkins.
11 -.
2 sets Flannel Underwear.
2 gauze wrappers.
7 pr. Drawers.
6 Under Waists.
5 night Gowns.
2 Aprons.
2 Flannel Skirts.
4 White Skirts.
2 pr. Corsets.
5 pr. Woolen Hose, 2 pr. Cotton.
2 Cloth Skirts.
3 pr. Shoes. 1 pr. Slippers.
1 Umbrella.
2 Hats, 1 felt, one Straw
1 velvet Hat
1 Black velvet Cap;
1 Gossamer
1 Fall Wrap.
1 Winter sacque
1 Beaver New Market.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883006
1 Black Cashmere
Brown Lady's Cloth,
Blue Velvet and Silk.
Blue Jersey Cloth dress.
Olive Brown Lady's Cloth.
Red Wrapper.
Green Silk.
Electric Blue Cloth dress.
Ecru Bunting Polonaise.
Blue Cambric.
White Muslin.
Blue Flannel Dress.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883009
Diary 1883. 9

Sept. 15 Left Ogdensburg at 9 o'clock by U. and B.L.R.R. Mrs. Fulton, Hattie and Allie, and Hattie and our boys went over to see us off. Had very pleasant journey and arrived at N. Y. at 10 P.M. Hattie, Henry, and Rozelle met us at the depot.
Sept. 16. Wrote a letter home. Trunk arrived at noon. Mr. Ed. Frank came to dinner and spent the rest of the day. In the afternoon made a very pleasant call at Cousin Hanna's.
Kate and her husband spent the evening, and later, we went to the Restaurant. Re-


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883010
tired about twelve.
Sept. 17..Cousin Hattie and I went down town, bought tickets for theatre, and did some shopping. Reached home in time for lunch. Received a Journal from home containing a notice of my departure, which I did not like. In the evening, Hattie, Henry, and I saw Lawrence Barrett at the Star Theatre (corner Broadway and 13th St.) in Francesca Da Rimini. It was grand and I enjoyed it immensely. It rained a little all evening, but not hard.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883011
Sept. 18. Hattie, Zell, and I spent the morning at Central Park. Met Aunt Bessie on the way. Hattie and I went to Kate's, 104 E. 90th St.,and stayed to dinner. In the evening Kate and Mr. K. took us three girls down to see the Brooklyn Bridge; and from there across on the Ferry to Hoboken to see some of his relatives who were to leave on a steamer for Europe next morning. Met a great many of his family. Stopped at an oyster restaurant coming back, and reached home very tired at 12.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883012
Sept. 19. First day at Vassar. Expected to leave N. Y. at 9 A. M. but on account of a change found we must wait until 10:30. Hattie left us and went down town. Papa and I went to Arnold Constable & Co., where a gentleman showed us all around. Can't think of his name. Returned to the depot in time for our train. A young lady sat with me part of the time, who was on her way from Brooklyn to "St. Agnes" Albany. Name, Miss Gill, very pleasant. Hope to meet her again.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883013
Reached Poughkeepsie about 12:40, and took lunch at the waiting room. Took the street car on Main St. which brought us directly to the College gates. Rang the bell at the front door, and were ushered into the parlor. First girl I spoke to was Miss Belle Ward. After waiting some time, was taken to be interviewed by Miss Finch. Regents preliminary Certificate accepted; but cards, n. g. Too bad. First examined in U. S. History, next in Rhetoric. Passed in both. Supper at six. After finishing exam, was assigned room 118, a


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883014
4th corridor. Papa then took leave for N. Y. Very good supper, apple sauce to be sure. After tea, Miss Hillyer, a sweet girl from Topeka, Kan. invited several of us "new girls" up to her room, and was very kind. As neither her room mates had arrived, she asked Miss Lyon and myself to stay with her, which we were glad to do. Was almost bitten up with mosquitoes and have not fully recovered yet.
Sept. 20. Arose at 7. Took breakfast at 7:45. Made my bed. Took long examination in Latin Gram. and Caesar, and in French.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883015
Passed in both. Dinner at one. Examined in Algebra, and had short interview with Miss Hinkel, German teacher. Decided to continue my French for a while yet. Supper at six. Miss Ward spent part of the evening in my room. Room mate, Miss Shields arrived about nine o'clock. Very sweet pleasant girl. Retired at ten.
Sept. 21. Arose at 7. Breakfasted at 7:45. Spent the morning on an examination in Geometry. Real hard, but passed. Went to the President's Office, where Miss Finch arranged my classes. Dinner at one. Did some un-


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883016
packing. Wrote a long letter home. Sent to Pokeepsie, by Miss Goldberg for a yard of calico, and partly made a wash bag. Supped at six. Chapel at 6:30. Made and received calls during evening. Retired at ten, as usual.
Sept. 22. Arose, breakfasted, and made my bed as usual. First gathering of clothes for the Laundry. Read quite a long prayer. Dined at one. Spent the afternoon in my room, reading and talking to Miss Shields. Supper at six. Chapel at 6:30. Evening, calls. Retire at 10.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883017
Sept. 23. Arose at 7:45, breakfast bell. Late, but descended at 8:30. Made my bed, wrote two letters, then dressed and went to Chapel at 11. Visited reading room, and had dinner at one. Took a walk with Miss Wheeler. Called on Miss Ward. Supper at 6. Chapel at half past. Commenced Lucile in the P. M. Know I will like it. Miss Sweet, of Albany, spent the evening with me. Had a very pleasant literary conversation. She left at nine. I then undressed, and commenced my diary. Conse-


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883018
quently all inaccuracy is from lack of memory. Lights out at ten.
Sept.24.Arose before seven. Went down to breakfast at 7:45. Then went to Chapel, when our classes were given out.
French, 2nd per. Room H, at 9:15
Lesson assigned and class excused. Purchased Lessons in Idiomatic French for 50 cts.
Lexicologie for .30.
Mathematics, 4th per. room 4. at 10:45. Lesson in Geometry assigned. Bought Chauvenet's for $1.00. Took lunch at 12:15. Finished my bag in the morning.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883019
Latin, 7th per. room B at 2:00.
Purchased Latin book for $1:00. Saved about $1.95 on books.
Studied a little this P. M. Had dinner at 5:15. Had just returned to my room, when I heard papa was in the parlor. Hurried down, too delighted for anything. He stayed only about 20 minutes. Miss Goodsell came down by request for a few moments. Chapel at 6:30. Meeting of our corridor girls in Lecture room. Study hour from 7 to 8. Too tired to study very long. Will retire before ten. Good night.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883020
Sept. 25. Arose about 7. Studied a little. Took breakfast at 7:45. Walked with Miss Mills for half an hour. Recited French from 9:15 until 10. Miss Johnson arrived. Like her very much. Went to Geom. at 10:45. Studied my Latin next period. Lunched at 12:15. Walked with Miss Van Zandt from one until
half past. Studied until two. Recited "Cicero" until 2:45. Studied and talked until 5:10. Went to Lecture room to have our places at table assigned. Dinner until six.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883021
Spent next half hour in my room with Misses Shields Johnson and Taggart. Chapel from 6:30 to 7. Studied until 8, and later. Lessons fair, first day. Room for improvement. Retired at ten, usual hour.
Sept 26. Arose at quarter of seven. Studied from 7 to 7:45. Took breakfast. Came up and made my bed. Studied until nine. Went to Office, and received a letter from Ray Fischel. French from 9:15 to 10. Studied next period. Recited Geom. 4th per. Walked half an hour with


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883022
Misses Ward and Bemis. Took lunch at 12:15. Studied until 2:00. Recited Cicero 4th period. Walked 1/2 hour with Miss Gilchrest. Studied until about 15 minutes to 5. Washed and prepared for dinner. Dined at 5:15. After dinner, went with Miss Tyler to her room, where I met Misses Poppenheim, Perrin, and Winne. Miss Lyon also came in. Spent very pleasant half hour. Chapel from 6:30 to 7. Spent evening in our room. Did not study. We fixed up a little. Miss Dowdall was


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883023
here quite a while. Retired at ten.
Sept. 27. Arose at 7. Studied until 7:45. Breakfast until after 8. Made my bed. Studied and recited at usual periods. Lunched at 12:15. Walked from about 12:50 until 1:30. Bought a French literature for $1,40; also some fruit and candy. Went out on the Lake for over 1/2 an hour. Delightful now. Dinner at 5:15. Spent from 6 to 6:30 in Miss Hillyer's room. Met there Misses Wilkinson, ..., and Anderson. Played muggins.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883024
Chapel from 6:30 until 7. Miss Heller came up to our room, and she Miss Johnson, and myself studied French together. Miss Shields and Miss Dowdall then came up with three mush melons. Picnic. Talked until half past nine. Received clothes from the wash today. Nicely done up. Retired at ten.
Sept. 28. Arose about seven. Studied French until 7:45. Ate breakfast. Studied French again with Misses Johnson & Heller until 9. Miss Shields then brought me up a letter


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883025
from dear Mamma and Hattie, including a note from Minn. Oh joy! oh rapture! It just cheered me up. Very interesting and newsy. Recited next period. Came up, made my bed, and studied Geom. Recited 4th period. Studied the remaining time, with the exception of lunch time, until 2. Latin period, after which Miss Ward and I spent 3/4 of an hour on the lake. Exceedingly pleasant. Came in for Miss Heartwell and Miss Rand, and


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883026
took a short walk. Prepared laundry list, and then got ready for dinner. Dined at 5:15. Went with Miss Tyler to call on Mrs. De Saussure. Met there Misses DeS., Halliday, Hancock, and Dean. Chapel from 6:30 to 7. Called on Miss Harvey, Miss Leech, corridor teacher Miss Lyon, and some other girls. Missed some callers while I was gone. Took a bath at 9:20. Retired at ten.
Sept. 29. Arose, breakfasted and made bed as usual. Received a letter and P.O.or-


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883027
der for $5.00 from papa. Quite a surprise, a very agreeable one. Miss Heartwell, music teacher, invited me to walk to town; but I declined, as it is too far. Read prayer and other books. Spent a while in Miss Ward's room. Lunched at 12:15. Read "Lucile" most of the P.M. Walked an hour with Miss Ward and Miss Milk accompanied us part of the time. Misses Johnson and Shields went to P--, and bought sofa and curtains. Dined at 5:15. Chapel at 6:30. Spent evening in


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883028
my room. Wrote New Year's letter home, and commenced a letter to Hattie. Misses Greene and Wallace called. Then Miss Dowdall came in and later Miss Hillyer and Miss Wilkinson. Latter knew Lou Ashley. Retired before ten.
Sept. 30. Arose at 7:15. Breakfast at 7:45. Made my bed, and wrote a long letter home. Went to Chapel at 11. Spent from 12:30 until one in the reading room. Dinner at one. Walked from 2:10 to 2:40 with Miss Lyon. Came


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883029
in and copied some French exercises, and then studied a while with Miss Johnson. Miss Dowdall, and Miss Taggart came in for quite a while. Wrote a letter to Hattie Fulton. Supper at six. Chapel at 6:30. Miss Briggs came up with Miss Shields and made a long call. Studied a while after she went, and then almost finished a long letter to Jennie Jones. Wrote in my diary, and retired at ten.
Oct. 1. Real cold day. Arose, break fasted, made my bed,


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883030
studied, recited,lunched, and dined at usual hours, walked half an hour alone, and half an hour with Miss Bemis. Prayers as usual. Miss Heller was up here in the evening. Retired about ten.
Oct. 2. Happy New Year. Would like to be at home today. Break fast at 7:45. Excused from all lessons. Read a long prayer, and spent most of the morning in my room. Lunched at 12:15. Spent about an hour and a half in the reading room.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883031
It rained very hard all day until about 3:30. Miss Hills and I took an hour's exercise. Went first to the orchard and got some apples, then walked around. Dinner at 5:15. Meeting of new students in Lecture Room at six. Addressed by Miss Goodsell. Chapel at 6:30. Immediately after, certain of the young ladies, myself included, were to go to the Lecture Room. Object, to see about Essays, &c. Are to meet Mondays and Thursdays, at ninth period. Miss


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883032
Goldberg gave me a very pretty New Year's card. She also gave me a sheet of N. Y's paper, Saturday, on which I wrote home. She is from Jefferson, Texas. Miss J. and I studied French together for over an hour. Then Miss Goldberg came in and stayed until 9:35. Miss Patterson, Senior, was around to see about our getting collation tickets for Phil. day. Put our names down. Retired at ten.
Oct. 3. Arose before seven. studied a while; break fasted at 7:45;


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883033
studied and recited as usual. Lunched at 12:15. Took part of my exercise on the Lake; then walked the rest of the time. Made my first visit to the Museum with Miss Shields. Had dinner at 5:15. Misses Poppenheim, Winne, Tyler, and Lyon were here between dinner and Chapel time, when we all went to prayers. Miss Heller came up to study French. Wrote a letter to Minnie Church. (How glad I would be to see her.) Was much disappointed not to


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883034
hear from home so far this week. Retired at ten.
Oct.4. Arose and studied as usual, had breakfast at 7:45. Made my bed, studied and recited as usual. Had meals at regular hours. Took usual amount of exercise, partly on the Lake, and part walking. Went to the English class for first time. Must have an essay ready three weeks from today. This evening after dinner went to the parlor and danced with Miss Winne. A great many of the girls


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883035
go every evening, but chiefly old girls. Miss Heller came up again. Had seats assigned in Chapel last night and occupied them tonight for first time. Mine is in the 4th row from the front. Miss Patterson and Miss ... came to collect fee for Exoteric $1.00. I am now a member. Hope I will enjoy it. Miss Marchand was here for quite a while. Have not studied much to night. Will retire at ten. Am not satisfied with my diary; as it is


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883036
composed of only the facts without comments; but I have so little time, and so many come into our room. Of course I am always glad to have them; but when they are here, I can not write. Just the same with my letters. Wish they would send me some papers and letters from home. Must write to them to do so. This is all for to night. Bon nuit.
Oct. 5. Arose at a quarter of seven; studied a little; had breakfast at 7:45;


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883037
Made my bed; studied until 9; went down to the Office; "still not letter from home;" recited French until 10; studied then recited Geometry until 11:30. Commenced 6th book to day. Studied Latin until 12. Lunched at 12:15. Wrote a postal to papa. Walked 1/4 hour. Came in and studied Cicero. Miss Dowdall was here most of that period. Recited C. at usual time; after which started out to walk alone; met Miss Bemis, and we were out


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883038
until four. Went over to the Tennis grounds and met Misses Dudley, Krauss (?), & Botsford. On my return, filled out my laundry list. Studied a little; then dressed for dinner. Dined at 5:15. Made a very short call on Misses Knight and Motley. Misses Jones and Fox came in and stayed a while. Chapel at 6:30; after which we called on Misses Mills and Colburn. Did not make any more calls, as many were out. Miss Shields and I went


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883039
down to the store and bought some fruit, crackers, and butter. Lunched until bedtime. Miss Shaw came in and stayed all night with Miss S. Retired at 10.
Oct. 6. Arose 7:15; breakfast at 7:45; made bed; went for mail; received three letters or rather six. Happy! Read and spent some time in the Library. Walked about fifteen minutes with Miss Van Zandt. Lunched at 12:20. Read in Lucile. Went down to Parlor J with Misses Jones and Johnson. Played on the


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883040
piano for first time in Vassar College. Went walking with Miss Ward. Number of young gentlemen strolling around the grouds. Several of the girls were in our room. Cutrains all up at last. Had dinner at usual time. Chapel also. Went to Exoteric with Misses J. S. & Mills. Danced and had refreshments. It was very pleasant. That is about all I can say of it. There is a little girl in college Miss Marshall of Nashville, who has attracted a good deal


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883041
of attention by her rather pretty face, peculiar walk. A good many remarks are made about her, some pro, some con. I do not admire her, as to me there is rather a fast look about her. She was quite the belle last night. The Misses Halliday came up with us from Ex. and stayed until 9:30. Retired at 10.
Oct. 7. Arose about 7:15; took breakfast at 7:45; made bed; went to Bible class at 9; wrote to mamma and Hat. Chapel from 11 to 12:30. Walked till one; dinner till almost 2;


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883042
read a little; studied French an hour; dressed and made a call; had supper at six; Chapel at 6:30; called on Miss Hartwell, Misses Goldstines and Hillyer & Wilkinson. At nine, went to an organ concert in Chapel by Miss Finch. Music very fine. retired at ten.
Oct. 8. Arose at seven; studied; breakfast at 7:45; made bed; studied French until 9; received advertisement from P.-by mail; studied and recited Geometry as usual after French class; studied Cicero until 12; lunch


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883043
at 12:15; went out at one and studied Latin with Miss Ward; recited from 2 until 2:45; rowed on the lake about 20 minutes; came in and studied until five; dinner at 5:15; note to Uncle Eli; Chapel at 6:30. Studied from 7 to 8. Had corridor meeting before 7; Miss Jones came up and stayed till almost nine; Miss Leech came to see me about changing place at table; am real sorry to leave Miss Hartwell. Took bath about 9:20. Retired at ten.
Oct. 9. Arose a little before 7;


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883044
day as usual; lunched at 12:15; spent about an hour on the Lake in the P. M.; was excused by Miss Goodsell for Thursday; had dinner at 5:15; made a call on Miss Leech; Chapel at 6:30; read a little in Lucile; had a very pleasant call on Miss Braislin. She is so kind and lovely. Met Miss Acker in her room. Came back to my room, and retired about 10.
Oct. 11. It is Yom Kippur, and I have fasted all day. Arose after eight; received a letter from home; said a prayer


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883045

for two hours; walked half an hour with Misses
Shields and (Johnson) Greene; read another prayer
in the afternoon; read other matter; walked an
hour with the Misses Goldstine; dined at 5:15,
pretty hungry. Missed our usual Yom Kippur
supper. After chapel came up and studied till
after eight. Went over to Music Hall, and
bought some candy. Returned and studied until
almost 10:30. Retired.
Oct. 12. Arose about 7; had breakfast at 7:45;


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883046

bed; studied and recited French and Geometry as
usual; prepared Cicero; lunched at 12:15; had
an examination in C; walked an hour, part of the
time in the rain; came in and found Miss Marchand
here, prepared laundry list; dressed for dinner;
dined at 5:15; spent half an hour in reading room
looking over the Hamilton Lib. Became quite
interested, as I found frequent mention of John
D's name; also Dr. Miller's


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883047

and Mr. Morey's. Latter seems to be studying law.
Chapel at 6:30; called on girls in parlor 64; then on
Miss Shulze, not at home; on Miss Hartwell, where I
met Miss Farnham; on Dr. Allen with some of the girls;
then came home; read some; Misses Shaw and Harvey came in;
retired about ten.
Oct. 13. Arose at seven; had breakfast at 7:15; made bed;
got clothes ready for laundry; received a lovely letter
from Hattie Fulton;


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883048

read nearly all morning. went down to Miss Goldstine's
room about 11:30; stayed till lunch, 12:15; received
three papers from home; walked with Miss Rose G. from
one to two; came in and read more or less until dinner
time; had dinner at 5:15; called on Miss Goodsell for
a little while before Chapel; prayers at 6:30; came
up and began to get my French; Misses Taggart and
Conkling came up to hear the story of the man said to


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883049

have been in Miss Means' room. Hardly believe the
story; but don't know. Misses S. and J. went down
for some pickles; and we munched till bedtime;
retired at ten.
Oct. 14. Arose at 7:20; had breakfast at 7:45;
went to reading room to learn Bible lesson;
came up and made bed; went to Bible class at
nine. wrote a letter to Hattie Houston; dressed
for Chapel; wore my white muslin as it was so
warm; services at eleven; dinner at one; took


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883050

and found some chestnuts; came in and wrote to papa
and mamma, Hattie, Jennie Meyer, and Ray Fischel.
(Dined at 5:15) Had supper at six. No evening prayers;
but instead some missionary lecture; did not attend;
Misses Goldstine came up with me from supper and
stayed until seven; tried to study a little, but
could not. Miss Trude Jones stayed all evening.
Retired at ten.
Oct. 15. Arose at 6:30; studied until breakfast,
7:45; made


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883051

bed; studied and recited French and Geometry
at usual periods; received a nice letter from
Julius and James; had lunch at 12:15; studied
and recited Latin Prose; went chestnutting with Miss
Pomerine; came in and studied some until
dinner time, 5:15; spent a short time in
reading room; attended a short meeting of
Exoteric, special. Not as much dignity as
Kalamathian; Chapel at 6:30; studied till
after eight; called on Miss Lyon; Miss Dean and
" (meaning "Miss") Jones stayed in our room


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883052

quite a while. Retired at ten. One thing I forgot.
Subscribed for Vassar Misc. $2.00.
Oct. 16. Arose after seven; breakfast at 7:45;
made bed; made professional call on Dr. Allen;
no prescription yet, am to go again Friday, may
be before. Studied and recited all lessons as
usual. Received a most interesting letter from
Jennie Jones. Lunched at 12:15; went to walk
about three; studied until nearly five; "Miscellany "
was brought by Miss Ewing; Dinner at 5:15; wrote
part of a letter to Dora


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883053

Frank. Chapel at 6:30; attended lecture on art
by Prof. Van Ingen from 7 to 8. Miss Heller
came up to study French; but we talked most of
the time; munched on crackers jam and pickles
until bed time; retired at ten.
Oct. 17. Arose after seven; had breakfast at
7:45; studied and recited all day as usual;
received a letter from my dear mamma; lunched
at 12:15; walked from 3 to 4; went to see Miss
Finch about taking Virgil; not yet decided;
A number of teachers and


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883054

pupils went to Newburgh to the celebration.
Dined at 5:15; spent a while in reading room;
Chapel at 6:30; Misses Kaufman Schreyer, and
Marchand spent part of evening; studied and
read until bed time. Retired at ten.
Oct. 18. Arose at seven; had breakfast at 7:45;
studied and recited all day, as usual; lunched
at 12:15; received a message to go to Miss Finch
at her office hour; walked 1$ of an hour; went
to Miss F's and was admitted to Virgil Class,
on trial. Am


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883055

to go to her again Nov.1. Remained in V. Class
but a few minutes; spent 3/4 of an hour on the
lake with Miss Van Zandt; studied until 5;
dinner at 5:15; wrote to mamma; Chapel at 6:30;
studied from seven until nine; retired at 10.
Oct. 19. Arose at 7; had breakfast at 7:45;
made bed; went to see Dr. Allen, who gave me
some medicine which was effectual; studied and
recited at usual periods; first recitation in
Virgil; walked an hour; heard part of a lecture
given in Chapel


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883056

by a Pinte Indian woman in costume, very good;
dinner at 5:20; dressed and went to Chapel;
called on Misses Anderson, Cowles (French
teacher), Ward, Abbott, and Goldstine; a
number of the girls were in till bed time.
Retired at ten.
Oct. 20. Arose 7:15; breakfasted at 7:45;
spent a while in reading room; went to the
Mail and received very interesting letter
from Hattie; made bed; said prayer; read
until 11:30; walked 1/2 hour; lunched at
12:15; walked another half hour; rained


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883057

hard; spent a while in library; read a little;
girls came in and proposed a little spread for
evening; buttered bread and prepared things;
dressed for dinner; dined at 5:15; went to
chapel at 6:30; Exoteric in room D at 7:30;
went with Misses Kauffman[sic] and Schreyer, and had
reserved seat; large attendance; exercises
consisted of a farce "Who's to win him." Very
good indeed. Adjourned about 8:15. Misses March
and Dean, Wychersham; Schreyer, and Kaufmann[sic]
spent most of


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883058

evening in our room. Served chocolate and sandwiches;
pleasant time. Miss Leach came and spoke about girls
not being in their rooms by the twenty five minutes
bell; second time she has been here lately. Retired
at ten +.
Oct. 21. Arose at 7:15; had breakfast at 7:45;
studied Bible lesson; made bed; went to Bible class;
dressed and went to Chapel; walked half an hour;
dined at one; wrote long letter to Hattie; prepared
my Latin Prose; had supper at six; no prayers


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883059

this evening; wrote to Cousin Hat.; studied
French a little, and commenced Essay; read
a few minutes. Retired at 10.
Oct. 22. Arose at 6:45; studied a little;
had breakfast at 7:45; studied and recited
as usual; lunched at 12:15; received four
papers from home, which I had no time to
read till this evening; took an hours
exercise; dined at 5:15; read papers;
Chapel at 6:30; Studied French with Miss
Heller from 7 until 8 P.M. Studied Latin
rest of evening.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883060

Some of the girls here nearly all the time.
Retired at ten.
Oct. 23. Arose at 7:15; breakfasted at 7:45;
made bed; studied and recited all day as
usual. Received a letter from Hattie Honston;
lunched at 12:15; returned my Virgil as Miss
Kauffman lent me one; ... pens $1.30,
consequently; took an hour's exercise;
dined at 5:15; chapel at 6:30; studied till
bed time. Nell Johnson had been sick all day
and a great many have been in to see her.
Time now to retire, 10.P.M.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883061
Oct. 24. Arose about 7; breakfasted at 7:45; made bed; studied and recited all day as usual; lunched at 12:15; was asked to take part in Exoteric, but have not time now; have to study real hard with four studies; took an hour's exercise, part with Miss Ward; dinner at 5:15; chapel at 6:30; studied all evening. Went to see Miss Clark; excused till Monday for Essay; obtained permission from Miss Leach to keep light burning until twenty minutes past ten. Retired.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883062
Oct. 25. Arose at 7:15; breakfasted at 7:45; made bed; studies and recitations at usual periods. Examination in Geometry, Book VI; not hard; English class met; another essay in three weeks; received ... papers from home; forgot to say that I received letters from Papa, Julie, and Dora yesterday. Lunched at 12:15; dined at 5:15; took hour's exercise during the day; darned a pair of stockings, and did a little sewing; chapel at 6:30; studied nearly all evening. Retired at 10.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883063
Oct. 26. Arose about 7; had breakfast at 7:45; lessons as usual; began Book
VII in Geometry; lunched and dined at usual time; walked an hour with Miss Mills; came in and made out wash list, and then dressed for dinner; spent some time in reading room; chapel at 6:30; did not make any calls; at eight went to chapel to hear a lecture on Greece, by a native; lasted two hours and was very interesting; illustrated by a stereopticon;


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883064
took my bath at 10:15; retired about a quarter of eleven.
Oct. 27. Arose at 7:15; breakfasted at 7:45; made bed and prepared clothes for the laundry; received letters from Mamma and Heather; read "Through one Administration", by Mrs. Burnett, nearly all morning; lunched at 12:15; walked for an hour with Miss Tyler, and spent 1/2 hour in the museum. Miss Shields received a handsome brass placque for our room. Misses Symonds and Hassan were here for a while. Dined


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883065
at 5:15; chapel at 6:30; spent most of the evening on my essay. Retired at 10.
Oct. 28. Arose at 7:15; had breakfast at 7:45; made my bed; Bible class at nine; commenced a letter to Mamma and Papa; dressed and went to Chapel at 11; dined at one; walked half an hour with Miss Halleck; finished my letter and wrote to Heat. and Jule;
studied French till after five; supper at six. Chapel at 6:30; called on Miss Heartwell; (out), Misses Hillyer, Wilkinson,


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883066
and Hassan called. Studied some; talked to Misses Shields, Kauffman, and Schreyer. Miss K. has a decided mash on Lizzie, and is here nearly all the time. Have a miserable cold in my head. Retired at ten.
Oct. 29. Arose at seven; had breakfast at 7:45; made bed; studied and recited as usual; lunched at 12:15; received a Bible from home; it rained all day, so I did not go out; dined at 5:15; darned a pair of stockings;


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883067
went to chapel at 6:30; corridor meeting afterward; studied till after eight; Miss Jones came up and we made some chocolate; Misses Goldstine and Marchand came in and stayed until twenty minutes to ten; took foot bath and retired at ten.
Oct. 30. Arose at 6:15; studied; breakfasted at 7:45; made bed; studied and recited as usual; lunched at 12:15; obtained missing clothes from laundry; received two papers from home; walked an hour;


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883068
dined at 5:15; commenced letter to Hattie Fulton; chapel at 6:30; went to Miss Abbott's room with Miss Van Zandt to learn something about reading Virgil; studied good part of the evening; Misses Colburn and Milk called; retired at t0.
Oct. 31. Arose before 6:30; studied till 7:45; had breakfast; made bed; studied and recited as usual; lunched at 12:15: walked an hour; dined at 5:15; studied til 8 , with exception of chapel time; invited Miss Kauffman, Schreyer, and Colburn


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883069
in to celebrate Hallow E'en; first wrote names on slips of paper, put them in apples, and dived for them. My Apple had Mr. Coleman's name on it, one of Nell's Spring field fellows. next we had Neapolitan cream and cake, which we ordered from Smiths; climbed a sheet, played a few tricks; and altogether had a very nice time. Celebrated pretty well after all. Retired after eleven.
October gone; Thanksgiving will soon be here. Hurra!


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883070
Nov.1. Arose at 6:30; studied a little; had breakfast at 7:45; studied and recited all day as usual; lunched at 12:15; received a letter from Minn. Church, dear girl any way, though she waited so long before writing; wonder when I will answer it. Had examination in Cicero today and yesterday. Went to see Miss Finch and expect to stay in Virgil. Miss Dewitt, singing teacher died here today, and Miss Goodsell called a meeting in Chapel at 1:15. First death in College,


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883071
since I have been here. Very sad. Received oil painting, tabourine, and velvet cap from home. All very nice. Walked an hour. Dined at 5:15; chapel at 6:30; studied French, wrote a postal home; ate candy and cake; "talked"; and retired at ten.
Nov.2. Arose about 7; had breakfast, lunch, and dinner at regular hours; studied and recited as usual; went to English class for twenty minutes; walked an hour; did not dress till after dinner; read my four


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883072
papers which I received from home; chapel at 6:30; called with Misses Ward, and Lowe on Prof. Braishir, Misses Finch and Hillard; all out or engaged; sent card up to Miss Clark's room, as I knew she was out; took bath at 9:20; retired at ten.
Nov.3. Nell and Lizzie left for New York a little after five; I arose at 7:15; said prayer for Sabbath; received a letter from Hattie; settled laundry bill; obtained some ... and screws from Mr. Wheeler for


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883073
oil painting; went in to Miss Hartwell's for a few minutes, and she gave me permission to play on her piano in the afternoon; finished "Through one Administration", and like it very much; lunched at 12:20; walked an hour; practiced almost two hours at music hall; ...came up and bring my picture, which looks very nice indeed, and reminds me so much of home; dined at 5:15; spent time until chapel in reading room; chapel at 6:30; studied


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883074
until about nine; Miss Poppenheim was here a while; girls returned about nine; retired at ten.
Nov. 4. Arose at 7:20; had breakfast at 7:45; went to Bible class at 9; wrote or rather finished letter to Hattie Fulton; went to chapel; walked half an hour; dined at 1:15; wrote to Hat. and James; studied my Virgil; went to organ concert by Miss Finch from 5:30 to 6: then had supper; chapel at 6:30; called on Misses Hillyer and Wilkinson;


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883075
came back and studied French, nearly all evening. Miss Hartwell has very kindly offered me the use of her piano for every Saturday P. M. Lovely of her. Miss Heller came up for "Second Wife." Retired at 10.
Nov. 5. Arose at 7; had breakfast, dinner, and lunch at regular hours; most delightful day; received letter from Ray Fischel; walked half an hour, and spent the same length of time on the Lake; went to Reading room after dinner; chapel


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883076
at 6:30; corridor meeting; studied all evening; took bath; retired about ten.
Nov. 6. Arose at 7; breakfasted at 7:45; studied and recited all day as usual; lunched at 12:15; received a lovely letter from Belle Howe, and an advertisement from town. Was so glad to get the former; took an hour's exercise in the P.M.; dined at 5:15 in the French room; like it very well for a change, and hope it will help me with my French; wrote a letter to Papa and Mamma;


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883077
went to Chapel at 6:30; studied remainder of evening. Retired quite weary at 10.
Nov.7. Arose at 7; decided change in the weather; quite "breezy"; had breakfast at 7:45; studies and classes as usual; lunch at 12:15; Miss Conant called with her parrot; Nell and Miss Heller went to town; took my hour's exercise; dined at 5:15; read in Reading Room until chapel at 6:30; studied all evening. If I were at home tonight I would no doubt be at the Opera House to


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883078
see Mrs. Langtry in "She stoops to Conquer". Would like to have the pleasure; but what's the diff? What can't be, can't be. Will hear all about it. [sentence in French] Almost ten, time to retire. Bon nuit.
Nov. 8. Arose at 6:30; dressed and studied till breakfast time 7:45; studied and recited all day as usual; lunched at 12:15; received Catalogue of Eastman College; took an hour's exercise; dined at 5:15; spent remainder of evening as usual;


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883079
retired at ten.
Nov. 9. Arose at 6:30; studied; had breakfast at 7:45; lessons as usual; lunch at 12:15; excused from exercise on account of rain; did some mending; patched my "first elbow"; not so badly either; Nell is trying to break me of say[sic] "I don't know", so much; dined at 5:15; read "Hamilton Lit." in reading room. Only one name in it to interest me this month; Dr. Caldwell is absent so Miss Goodsell filled his place; consequence, prayer longer


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883080
than usual, which is by far too long; called on Miss Colburn, Mrs. De Saussure, Misses Heller, Jones, Goldstine, Winne and parlor mates; all out but Miss C. Came home and read "Christabel" and "Among the Hills"; took bath, and retired a little after 10.
Nov. 10. Arose at 7:15; had breakfast at 7:45; much disappointed to receive no mail; read a prayer; bought a hair pin; learnt a little of my French; kept Nell company while she worked; Lizzie had to go to Infirmary,


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883081
on account of her eyes; but came back in afternoon; lunched at 12:15; received a circular from Eastman; Mr Hank from Springfield sent Nell a lovely basket of fruit; I spent a couple of hours in reading room, looking over the different college papers; walked an hour in the rain; practiced 3/4 of an hour on Miss Hartwell's piano in Music Hall; dined at 5:15; happened to ask Miss Brown in French room where her home is; she replied in Dansville;


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883082
knows Ed. Money, his sister, and Miss Clara Whiteman Norman Marsh's "friend"; commenced talking English at a great rate; but Mademoiselle soon stopped up; told her we were excited at having found mutual acquaintances and could not speak of it in French; When we mentioned Bertha Holbrook, Miss Ellis from Antwerp, who sits next to me, asked if I knew her. Discovered she knows Bertha, Addis Whitney, Herb. Clarke, Alice Lawrence, and all the Gonv-


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883083
... crowd. Chapel at 6:30; meeting of Exoteric at 7:30; very good. First on program, "Greece in Flames" a burning candle; second "Things to Adore"; key, padlock, &c.; next a recitation by Miss Symonds; Maud Muller illustrated; very good, indeed; Farce "Courtship under Difficulties", very short having but three characters, Misses Welden, Dunham, and Hannah Patterson; after meeting, wrote part of my essay; retired at ten.
Nov. 11. Arose at 7:20; had


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883084
breakfast at 7:45; Bible Class at 9; finished essay; wrote letter to Hattie; dined at one; walked half an hour with Miss Ward; studied a while; at 3:30, went to Chapel; Pulpit occupied by Dr. Ferguson of the Five Points Mission, New York; there were with him fifteen of the Mission children, who sang very nicely , and also recited. One, especially, had a beautiful voice; copied my essay; had supper at 6; chapel at 6:30; commenced to study Virgil;


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883085
Miss Brown made a long call; studied a little more; and the Misses Goldstine called; retired at ten.
Nov.12. Arose at 6:30; studied; breakfasted at 7:45; studies and recitations as usual; received letters from Cousin Hat. and Sister Hat.; lunched at 12:15; walked an hour; dined at 5:15; chapel at 6:30; Prof. Dwight in the pulpit; studied and read papers from home; retired, after bath, at ten.
Nov. 13. Arose at 6:30; had meals and recitations as usual; received letters from


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883086
Mamma and Eleanor Couper; Nell had to go to Infirmary on account of a cold; so many sick; Lizzie has much trouble with her eyes; am very, very sorry and hope she will not have to go home. Walked an hour; wrote to Hattie Houston; chapel at 6:30; Prof. Drennan in Pulpit, and short prayer for a change; hope he will conduct the meetings while Dr. Caldwell is absent; studied till nine; retired at ten.
Nov. 14. Arose at 7:15; had meals and lessons as usual; Nell still in Infirmary;


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883087
Lizzie and Jean Kauffman sick all day; at least, inclined to be; took an hour's exercise; wrote to Mamma and Belle Howe; studied nearly all evening; retired at ten. Nothing new.
Nov. 15. Arose at seven; studied, recited, and had meals as usual; received letters from Hattie, Julie, Leo and James; needless to express my pleasure; lovely in Hat. to answer my letter so quick; walked an hour; had English class; another essay Dec. 6th; interview


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883088
Nov. 22nd in Miss Clark's room. Made short call on Miss Ward, it being her birthday; chapel at 6:30; studied some in the evening; Retired about ten.
Nov.16. Arose about seven; had meals and lessons as usual; took exercise; chapel at 6:30; wrote letter to Hattie; Lizzie in N. Y. to see the Doctor. Misses Shulze, Rabe, and Nix called; Misses Jones spent the evening, made popcorn, and had good time generally; Lizzie returned about


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883089
nine; can not study any more, and expects to go home soon; retired at ten.
Nov. 17. Arose at 7:20; practiced an hour; meals as usual; went to town in the afternoon with Lizzie; visited Smith's, and several other places. returned home very tired; lay down all evening; Misses Jones, Briggs, Forbes, and Maloney were here during evening; retired at 10.
Nov. 18. Arose at 7:15; had breakfast at 7:45; went to see Dr. Allen, as my throat


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883090
felt a little sore. made me to to the Infirmary, and stay until Friday.
Nov. 19. Spent the day in bed at the Infirmary. Received a letter from Hattie Judson.
Nov. 20. Another day in bed. Letter from Jule; did not feel a bit sick; trouble with me, contagious sore throat.
Nov. 21. Allowed to get up today; received "Advance" from home; studied a little Latin; played games with Jean Kauffman who is also in Inf. and in same room.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883091
Nov.22. Am one day ahead, but nothing of importance happened during preceding days, so no matter. Received while in Inf. a note from Nell, a rose from Miss Goodsell; a note and some flowers from the Misses Goldstine.
Nov. 23. Came out of the Infirmary; everybody very nice and glad to see me. Went to classes as usual; examination in Geometry at hand. retired at ten, after attending a meeting of Exoteric.


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883092
Nov. 24. Arose at 7:30; made long morning call on Miss Jones; called this P.M. on Miss Ward; borrowed her satchel; walked an hour with Miss Colburn; had interview with Miss Clark about my last essay; attended a Phil. play "Cricket on the Hearth", with the Misses Goldstine. It was very good indeed. Held in Music Hall. Large audience. Retired at ten.
Nov. 25. Arose at 7:30; breakfasted at 7:45; wrote to Cuz. Hat; went to Bible Class at 9;


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883093
chapel at 11: dinner at 1; walked half an hour; Miss Heller brought me up my ... materials; supper at six; spent a little time in reading room; studied more or less all day and evening. Retired at 10.
Nov. 26. Arose at 7:15; took meals and recited as usual; received letter from Jule and check of $10 from Papa; did not go out on account of rain; commenced my banners; retired at ten.
Nov. 27. Arose at 6:30; meals


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883094
and lessons as usual; received letters from Hat. & Hat. Fulton; took exercise; went down to Miss Heller's for a little while after dinner; this evening attended very fine piano recital by Miss Stevens, graduate of the class of '82, who has been in Europe some time. Retired at ten.
Nov. 28. Arose at seven; lessons all day; bought tickets to and from N.Y. Nearly all the girls went away on the P.M. train. Miss Howell and myself


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883095
had a special street car. Met Hat. at the depot, and arrived in N.Y. at ten. Hat. was sick all the way down. Henny, Zelle, and Cousing Hat. met us at the depot.
Nov. 29. Thanksgiving Day. went over to Kate's in the morning. Found her sick with a cold. Stayed until twelve. Abe and Ed. came up after dinner and stayed all evening. Cousin Hattie from Scranton came in the afternoon. In the evening, we had music, and then


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883096
all took a long walk. Had lunch after our return.
Nov.30. At 11:30, started for Hoboken to see Hattie off from Scranton; had lots of fun on the Ferry; spent some time on Broadway; walked from 14th St. up to 55th. Met Campanini on the street, also Jim Tallman and Turner. Spent the afternoon with PaulineSchloss; met there the Misses Davis, Meyer, Mayer, and several others. Did not go out in the evening.
Dec. 1. Went with grandma


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883097
to Aunt Bessie's; thence to Pauline's with Zelle; then down town; saw the Masonic Temple on five; went to Simpson;s and bought jersey; then to Huyler's; then home; received invitation to party Christmas Eve; returned to College on the 4 P.M. train; came out on the car with Miss Nassau; lent her 30 cents (in parenthesis); had lunch before retiring.
Dec. 2. Heard neither rising nor breakfast bell; went to Bible Class and


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883098
Chapel. wrote home and to Aunt; walked with the Misses Goldstine; studied; called on Miss Hartwell in the evening.
Dec.3. Lessons as usual; first day of gymnastics; not assigned to any class yet; notheing particular happened, that I remember.
Dec. 4. Was measured and weighed for gyms. Weigh 140 lbs.; belong to 8 P.M. class; received letter from Belle and Mamma.
Dec. 5. Took part of my exam. in Geometry in the


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883099
evening. Wrote and sent back my Jersey to Simpson's to have it exchanged. Only required to take half an hour's exercise now.
Dec.6. No lessons today; received postal from Hat. saying she would arrive at noon; met her at the depot; went to Smith's for lunch; spent afternoon in the College; Hat. did not feel well; dressed about 6:30; and went down at 7:30; had good seats in chapel; exercises as follows; playing by the orchestra,


: VCLDiariesGuttmanIda1883100
"Poet and Peasant"; prayer by Dr. Caldwell; address by Miss McMillan Pres. of Phil.; Singing by Miss B... of N.Y.; playing by Miss Stevens; announcement by Miss Loomis, the Marshall. Collation in dining room; promenading in corridor and parlor, beautifully decorated; dancing and singing by College Glee Club. Retired a little after eleven. Hat stayed with me and Miss Beach with Nell. Very pleasant evening.