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Markwick, Marjorie (Anthony). Diary, 1914

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Daily entries from July through December 1914. Newspaper clippings concerning Vassar's field day, moonlight sail, and mountain climb; a letter from Markwick's aunt Mollie; an invoice for directing song practice and class meeting; and a Vassar room deposit receipt are pasted into the diary beginning in May 1914. The diary also contains social news clippings, calling cards, musical programs, an article on a Vassar fire drill (Oct 3), and a Vassar "circus" ticket (Oct 31). The summer entries (Jul 31-Aug 31) mention trips to Pleasant Lake and Tupper Lake with several friends, and Markwick's attempts to dissuade her friends (Peter, Tunk, and Robert) from proposing marriage to her. Fall entries consist of brief references to social visits and films and several letters concerning social news and working on the Vassarion (Oct 10). Markwick also mentions the Junior Party, an off-campus dinner party, a visit by former Vassar president James Monroe Taylor (Nov 2), getting a suffrage button (Nov 5), and the health emergency of her classmate Miss Thallon (Dec 6). Current events cited by Markwick include the declarations of war between England (Aug 4), President Wilson's proclamation of a day to pray for peace (Oct 4), and Turkey's entrance into the war (Oct 30).

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: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914009
Monday eve.
My dear:
I want to thank you for your very thoughtful remebrance of me and I assure you I appreciate the kind thought which prompted it.
We had a very


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914010
quiet Xmas and -- what ... without Harry. He is in Texas ... and ... goes over with old Mexico expecting to be back to ... next Sat. ready to begin school Mar.
May you have a very happy 1915 - is the wish of ... Aunt Mollie


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914019
July Friday 31 1914
Peter came up. Talked over Pleasant Lake and Tupper Lake trip.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914020
1914 Saturday 1 August
Pleasant Lake in Hugh's car. With Harry, George C., Mr. Starbuck and Peter.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914021
August Sunday 2 1914
A swim - a row - a talk!


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914022
1914 Monday 3 August
Fished all day but had no luck. Peter and i explored mus bay in the "gebstar". Nancy caught 1 pickerel and one bullhead in Loon Island.
Peter and I talked till late. Poor deluded Peter! He will insist upon forcing his affections on me and i just can't make him realized that I'll never marry him.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914023
August Tuesday 4 1914
Germany's reply to England's ultimatum demanding that the integrity of Belgium be respected was unsatisfactory and England declared war on Germany at 7 o'clock to-night. Almost simultaneously Germany declared war on England.

Pleasant Lake. --
Swim. Mother came for me this afternoon but I didn't go home. She took Peter, Katherine and me as far as "Breezy" corners and we walked back from there.
Went fishing with Peter at 7:30. He caught a bass and a bullhead and I slept. He made me tired bossing me around and I got a grouch and refused to talk. Served him right! He takes too much for granted. There is one thing certain I'll never marry him and he needn't think that I'm going to.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914024
1914 Wednesday 5 August
Went in swimming twice to-day. Went fishing in the evening and Peter got 5 bullheads, Nancy two -- Becky and I sun fish!
Peter and I had a long talk afterward. I know that he is very much in love with me and he knows that I'm merely a good friend of his. I know that I will never be anything more than that. He is not the kind of a man that I will fall in love with. The man I marry must first of all be honest, true and good - no bad habits - and he must be masterful - Peter is not. He lets me be master of the situation always. That's why I don't love him. The man I love must be one I look up to - not one who bows down to me!


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914025
August Thursday 6 1914
Home from Lake at 6 p.m. Band concert with Peter and Wonderland afterward.
Got a letter from Cac in which she said that there was no room at Aunt Gay's for me. I don't know whether I can go or not. It all depends on how the thing works out.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914026
1914 Friday 7 August
Ed Mills came up to see me and we went for a long walk. he is the queerest man I ever knew. Everything he says has a double and deeper meaning. From what I should judge he is a man of love or hate - no medium between the two. if he likes, he likes - If he dislikes he dislikes - But I like him because he is different and interesting to be with because he is always trying to veil his own thoughts and feelings thereby making them all the more interesting to study. So much for first impressions and 8-7-14


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914027
August Sataurday 8 1914
Left Gouverneur at 10 A.M. Arrived at Malone about 1:30 P.M. Dinner at the Flannagan Hotel.
Started for Tupper. Stopped at Paul Smith's and at Saranac Lake.
It is the most beautiful ride up the mts that I've ever seen. In some places we road [rode] right through forests for miles along the most twisty beautiful roads. Went past "Pine Hurst", "Bull point", Camp "Ihi", "Camp Iroquois" etc. Got to Tupper about 7 P.M.
In the evening we went to "The Palace" and got some soda water.
In bed about 11:30 P.M.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914028
1914 Sunday 9 August
Con and I got up at 7:30 A.M. - had breakfast at 8 A.M. and waited for the boys till about 10 A.M!
Went to Hiawatha Lodge for dinner - a lovely spot on Spectkle [Spectacle] lakes. Harry Bockus and I slipped out while the rest were singing and got a canoe and went exploring. Found loads of water lilies and got back to find that Pete has lost his Beta pin.
Got home about 6 P.M. and started right off again toward Litchfield park on the most beautiful road - all twisting and turning. Had supper at a Wakeska Lodge, where we broke the bridge but had a good laugh. Home about 9 P.M. Went up to [Ormiston's]. Had a grand fight all around and parted on none too good terms. So much for 8-9-14


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914029
August Monday 10 1914
Left Tupper Lake at 9 A.M. Had a beautiful ride down arriving in Saranac Lake at 10:30 A.M. Left the car in the garage and Hugh and I wandered around the town while Pete and Harry fixed it. Peter and I had lunch at the St. Regis.
Left Saranac lake about 2 P.M. - Had a puncture just this side of Paul Smith's and were held up on the road by construction work. Ran into some rain the other side of Malone.
I sat in front with Harry while Hugh and Peter composed "ballads" for our benefit. "We're going to Malone!To Flannagan's Home!"
In Malone had dinner with the boys and then went up to Aunt Mollie's till 9 P.M. when we started home. Got on bad road but finally got as far as Potsdam when bang! and thereby hangs a tale!
I curled up on the front seat and slept while the boys fixed the puncture.
We were held there 2 hours and just as we all crawled in


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914030
1914 Tuesday 11 August
and went about 200 yds. Bang! went the tire again! Hugh and I walked in to town hunting for a telephone. Finally we saw the policeman and he let us in the hotel to telephone Mother. Just after that the boys came along in the car. We waited till about three then the Baker came and let us have some eats. After that we all went back to the car and curled up and slept. Hugh on the back seat, Peter in front, Harry on the Wonderland step. Hugh and I took the 6:28 train here and I went to bed till 4 P.M!
Went to wonderland with Mother and Charles - and I'm going to bed now.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914031
August Wednesday 12 1914
Went on a cornroast with Tom Marshal's cousin whom I did not like! It was the stiffest affair that I ever attended. The people did not even sing with half a heart.
Everyone was there.
Jess Mc D. Murray H.
Helena Bob
Gert Babe
Issy Tom
Ruth Abbott Poke
Bun Harold
Miss Hatmaker Ed. Mills
V. Fuller Mr. Bacon
Peg Mr. Marshal

Hot dogs
Marshmellows [marshmallows]


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914032
1914 Thursday 13 August
Washed and ironed all the A.M to get ready for the river. In the evening Ed. Mills came up and took me down to hear the band concert. Then to Wonderland, the Tea room and home- Pat was up to see Con and they seemed to be having a scrap all the evening.
In the afternoon, Nancy, Mrs. S, Con., Mother, Charles, Robt & I went up to Sylvia for a swim. I learned to do side stroke.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914033
August Friday 14 1914
Busy all the A.M. getting ready for the river trip. in the afternoon Ruth came to take me for a ride with Tobe and Gert- In the evening I stayed at home except for a trip down town after some of life's necessities!
I got a dear letter from Bob to-day and feel like a criminal to think that I've not written him before- He is a dear and cares a lot about me and I am not agoing to hurt him again. If I can help him I will do so.
Pete never called up to say good-by- I shall tell him a few things Tuesday if I see him.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914034
Left Gouverneur bag and baggage on the 8 A.M. train for Ogdensburg. Ogdensburg 11-2pm. Visited Mrs. irving and Frank store.
On the boat down met Bad. And he stuck the rest of the time. Took me to the dance in the evening where I had a good time with Howard Potter. Walked home over the sticks and stones and 1 A.M. In bed about 1.10!


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914036
Trimmed all day down at Brown's. The House looks awfully pretty now that it is done- A big screen of Vanity and Queen Anne's Lace as a background- And holihocks [hollyhocks] up the stairway. And Vanity on the lights from which we hung a shower of Balsam blossoms.
Gert looked adorable- white satin- a little castle cap trimmed with orange blossoms. They were adorable during the cermony [ceremony] and when he kissed her and turned around-
Then we went in to supper.
Pat Mason-ring. M. Babesek-money. Mrs Smith-thinble.
We followed Gert w A's car and sang "Here Comes the Bride".
M.B. and Das were up to see ... & I afterward- Played '21!


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914037
1914 Wednesday 19 August
Got down the river about 2 p.m- And went up to Jone's Creek and Bay with the Potters in the White Otter.
In the evening Tunk was up to see me- Sat on the rock and talked- and talked- and talked-
I don't see why men have to spoil everything by getting serious about me right off almost as soon as they know me at all. It's almost a cures- this love- summer love, "love of Spring' Still I'm happy in it- I love my friends dearly- without them I'd never be happy - especially men friends - Men are so much more wholesome and honest in their friendship. Girls are always looking out for rivals --


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914038
August Thursday 20 1914
picnic at Allee's Dock. Tunk and I went for a canoe ride for about an hour- He likes me- I can see it in his eyes and it makes me glad and sad - I want him to like me because I like him but I don't want to fall in love yet for a while and i don't want him to do so either.
In the evening Tunk and Morris came over- We got stuck on a shoal coming home from the picnic and Turk had to get out and shove the boat off.
Tunk and I talked- and talked and talked - out on the rocks right near the water and the moon paths.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914039
1914 Friday 21 August
Loafed all day- In the evening Tunk was up- I like him more all the time - He's so good and big and blundering - and honest - He couldn't fib if he tried - We sat on the rocks right out in front of the cottage until about twelve o'clock - looking at the starts and exchanging confidences - He like me - almost love me now but will he later? That is the question - and a big one - I hated to see Tunk go to-night for it means the end of all our good talky times to-gether - tomorrow will be different --


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914040
August Saturday 22 1914
Staid in all day- Tunk, Helen and Mrs P were over for a minute to say good-bye.
In the evening we all dressed for the big dance, Marion, Constance, Dot, Helen and myself. Constance as an Indian, the rest as gypsies. Tunk and I had a talk before we started, a talk during the dance on the same old rocks where we spent such a happy evening in June -- and a talk afterward sitting on the bow of the "White Otter" -- He told me that he was not going to tell me anymore about his dreams and wishes until he know how I felt toward him-- He wants to see me every night that I'm home before he goes away-- My conscience hurts me-- Poor Pete!


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914041
1914 Sunday 23 August 23,'14
Up about 12 A.M to find Kit Douglas, Ned, Murray McGregor and Cy Sammons stranded down on the front porch-- They staid until about 1:30 and then started back as soon as the river calmed down a little.
A hamper came from home and I got a letter from Bob -- a business like affair with no thrill in it at all--
Played cards all the P.M. and evening--
In bed about 10:30 P.M.
[Hump] - quite tame for Sunday night.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914042
August Monday 24 1914
Up about 11 A.M. - Over for mail at 12 A.M where we saw Maurice, Mr. Taylor, Blanch and Edity - no mail - Home for dinner -
In the evening Dot, Constance and I went for a row - Ran on a shoal - Came home.
In the afternoon - Family squabble over bathing suits after which Const., Mother and Cha. left [in] state while Dot, Marion and I talked --
So says G.S.B's wedding cake after seven nights!


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914043
1914 Tuesday 25 August 25
Big late breakfast- Dot and I rowed over to the hotel to get the mail - Dot's letter from Paul did not seem to amount to much when Clady and Morris paddled right up to Harris's dock and didn't stop to talk with her. Poor Dot, there was deeper gloom yet when we met them on the way back to the hotel and Morris did not stop to say good-bye to her. The Aldrich's car drove in about 1:30 P.M and Dot departed bag and baggage for Gouverneur. Played "21" all the evening and then went out see "Maud" - a horrible rattle, and bag and we came back - Much scare - Much heels-!


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914044
August Wednesday 26 1914
Got a letter from Tunk saying that he might be over for the dance and no sooner got back to Atlanta Camp than Mother arrived with the news that he and Helen were here- Later we found them over at the store and Tunk and I sat around and talked while the rest went in swimming- They came over for supper - and Tunk and I were sent over for milk when lo! and behold there was Peter on the dock. I said "Hello". Peter said "Hello". Tunk said "Hello"- Then we got out and shook hands- It seems Peter, Bab, Woof, Toad, Blanche H. and Brownie had all come over for the dance- It was a pickle for me! Finally I made H.P. come over to supper and then went to the dance with Peter-- Had a peachy time in spite of difficulties between Peter and Tunk- Jennie Laidlaw, Bill D. Martha Johnson, Wainwright, Cy Sammons, and his bunch and a big crowd was there.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914045
1914 Thursday 27 August
Up early to keep my promise to meet Tunk at 11.A.M. We sat on the dock and talked - and talked and talked - Then ate dinner to-gether -- got some ice ice the "White Otter" Ten went for a walk- Found a wonderful spot on Sucker's Creek -- an abandoned river bed -- where we looked at fossils -- and smiled at each other -- and watched the rest of the bunch looking for cottage sites! We girls had a supper with Helen and Tunk at the Hotel -- a ride to Hammond, Tunk, Blanch, Helen, Marion, Constance and I, after hot dogs- a corn roast in front of the cottage- ate, then lay on the rock & talked- Blanch, Helen, Clady, Morris, Tunk, Helen, Lillian, Ed--sat there till 2 A.M. Tunk and I disagreed and he went home with Blanch. Br-r-r-r-r-r-r- Helen staid here all night. In bed about 3 A.M.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914046
August Friday 28 1914
Got up about 3 A.M. Had breakfast then went over to the dock where Helen, Marion and Constance were in swimming- Clady, Morris, Tunk and Ed came over too and we sat and talked on the dock. Finally everybody left but Tunk and myself and we sat and quarreled on the end of the dock till about 12. Helen and Tunk left about 2 P.M. for Hammond. Constance and I, Clady, Morris & Ed. went over in the car for films and ran into H & H at the ice cream parlor. "Good-bye" again and we left for O.P. in swimming at 5 P.M. In bed at 10:30 P.M


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914047
1914 Saturday 29 August
Up at 7 A.M - packed - Swept and mopped the camp - Girls left on the none oclock boat and we came later in the car picking them at Morristown. Got stuck in mud on the [Richville] road - So did Hugh who came to our rescue. Home about 3 p.m-
In the evening Constance and I went up to the Station for our baggage and found Harry, Pete and Tom C there. Said good-bye to Peter. Then went to Wonderland with C.E.A Saw Tunk standing on the corner with T. Caufield. home about 10 p.m. Printed pictures until about 12:30 A.M.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914048
August 30 Sunday 30 1914
Got up about 11 a.m. Read and loafed all day long - Ruth A and Spencer Crane were in to see us about 1 a.m.
Tunk was up in the evening. had a rather dry time I'm afraid. Talked all the evening - Mostly in explanation of some of the incident things of the River. I hope that I can go with him to-morrow. It will be lots more fun to be with someone whom I like.
In bed about 12.a.m.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914049
1914 Monday 31 August

Tunk - Barn dance.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914050
September Tuesday 1 1914


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914051
1914 Wednesday 2 September


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914052
September Thursday 3 1914


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914053
1914 Friday 4 September
Tunk - Corn roast


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914054
September Saturday 5 1914
Tunk - Mary Bush's


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914055
1914 Sunday 6 September


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914056
September Monday 7 1914
Soir - Tunk


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914057
1914 Tuesday 8 September
A.M. Sewed
P.M. ditto
Eve - Zeb


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914058
September Wednesday 9 1914
A.M - Sewed
P.M - Sewed
Eve Ed Mills


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914059
1914 Thursday 10 September
Got up about 10 A.M. and set to work. Cac came up unexpectedly-


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914060
September Friday 11 1914
Picnic Coopers T.C.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914061
1914 Saturday 12 September
Ed Mills and excitement


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914062
September Sunday 13 1914
Zeb and ["Oaty"]


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914063
1914 Monday 14 September


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914065
1914 Wednesday 16 September
Miss Marjory Anthony


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914066
My dear Marjory,
I am very glad you've come back to do the work
I am staying at "Two Pine Villa" and I will be there at 8:30 if you come over then.
It will be nice to see you again-
Mary Nourse


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914071
1914 Monday 28 September


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914084
October Monday 5 1914
Constance and I went down to the Movies "One Wonderful Night" with Francis Bushman in the chief part. Had a wild time with a wild man who visited on making acquaintances in a most unseemly way in the Movies.
Edith and I picked out stuff for the curtains for the reading room - Blue $.98 per yd.
To-night I've been studying and talking to McCarthy. Mostly talking to McCarthy.
A letter from Cac and Brownie!
Please let me hear from you again "soonest" will you?


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914085
1914 Saturday 10 October
Dear Peggy,
Wouldn't you like to work with me on the comic page of the Vassarian? Polly Abbot asked me to. I think it would be fun to work to-gether. I'll tell you more about later.
... B.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914088
October Saturday 17 1914
Congratulations on Reading Room. It is very pretty.
K. Brewster


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914090
October Monday 19 1914
Junior Party
Entire Cast!!
New Gym Monday 7:30


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914092
October Wednesday 21 1914
A nice surprise by Mrs Coye in the shape of an off campus dinner party.

Mrs Coye
Dorothy Guckenberger
Katheryn Remington
Gertrude Tenley
and myself.
For eats we had
Oyster Cocktail
Tomato Bisque -
Turkey - French Fried Potatoes
Celery - olives bread.
Salad -
Tomato Scalloped.
ice cream and cake.

Opened Reading room to-day. Everyone likes it very much indeed.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914093
1914 Thursday 22 October
Sick in a.m.
Cut Ed and English


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914095
1914 Saturday 24 October
At 10 A.M. left for down town- Lunch at Smiths - 12:01 A.M, boat for New Paltz.
Gert has a darling home - a little white house second from the corner - We arrived to find Howard colorless so we took a walk to give him time to get ready. The "At Home" was a huge success. Bunny, Constance and I helped serve the coffee and tea etc. The Color scheme was yellow and white and even the cakes carried it out.
We arrived home about 6 P.M. in time for dinner in Davsion. No chapel on account of Sophmore [Sophomore} party -
Gertrude and I went over to call on Mrs Coye who was over in Irene's room.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914096
October Sunday 25 1913
Chapel on A.M.
Tea at Irene Coyes in P.M.
Supper at Carys
Gertrude Tenley (Hostess)
Mrs. Coye


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914097
1914 Monday 26 October
Economics written.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914099
1914 Wednesday 28 October
My hardest day! Six out of eight hours of work.


: VCLDiariesMarkwickMarjorie1914100
October Thursday 29 1914
hard work all day - Junior party rehearsel [rehearsal] at night.

Please come to new gym Tuesday 8:30 P.M.
Costman ch...