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Judd, Dorothy (Leonard). Diary, 1917

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This item consists of typed extracts of Dorothy Leonard Judd's 1917 diary. Judd briefly discusses home life in Grand Rapids, Michigan; viewing footage from soldiers in the first world war and the new Russian revolution; trips to New York City; and camp life in the Gulick summer camp in Maine.,From page 1 - "LIFE IN GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN; LIFE IN THE LUTHER GULICK SUMMER CAMPS, SOUTH CASCO, MAINE; LIFE AT VASSAR COLLEGE, POUGHKEEPSIE, NEW YORK"

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Grand Rapids (Mich.),South Casco (Me.),Poughkeepsie (N.Y.)
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1917 A.D.


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1917 A.D.
January 3: Mrs. Vogt and her daughter, Charlotte, Mrs. Dykema and her
daughter, Mary Esther, came over for tea.
January 5: Left home at 11:05 — with Marty (Mary Martin) and Dick
(Dorothy Dickinson). Waldo (McKee) got on at Ann Arbor to tell me he
has been chosen chairman of the J—Hop Committee and wants me to come
out to be his partner. It means I will lead the grand march with him,
forming the letter "M." I will dance with all the biggest men on
campus. Generally speaking, I will be the bell of the ball. How can
I work this? I will have to cut Friday classes (at Vassar). Freshmen
aren't usually given that privilege. Telegraphed tonight for Mother's
permission ... Mother's letter must have worked wonders ... Miss
Stamford looked up train schedules — and my records at the Dean's
Ice Carnival tonight. Skating on Pratt Lake simply ideal — to
music — bonfires all around the lake.
Three cheers. I have permission from the Warden to go to the
J—Hop. Telegraphed Waldo. He replied: "Will have the band out to
meet you."
January 20: Studied Latin eleven solid hours today. Wonderful Dark
Music tonight.
January 25: Mother and Dad are going to chaperone the J—Hop. Went to
Madam Homer's concert tonight. Telegraphed Grand Rapids tonight -
talked to the whole family - even down to the cook. Dear little
Buddie (Chuck Leonard) telling me a long story.
February 17: We all — Class of 1920 — went down to serenade Cyn
(Cynthia Wiley) — just elected president of our class.
Sunday: Church — Episcopal High Priest — thought I would die, jumping
up and down again — seems so silly - not a bit of meaning to it.
February 25: Church: Dean Shailer Matthews — great to hear a real
genuine "go—to—hell" Baptist. Marty's (Mary Martin) mother was here
today — great to see someone from home.
Went to hear a Chinaman who was at camp (Sebago—Wohelo) — the
Gulick Camp — studying the Camp Fire Girls. I was so thrilled I could
hardly contain myself.
February 26: Class meeting. I was nominated for chairman of the
Browsing Room Committee. Hope I get elected. I feel rather lost
without responsibility. I like to do things in the class, but I
haven't been able to get into the swim somehow. I can't get elected
to office but I can at least begin to work and show people what I can
do. That's the way I got my jobs in high school.
Fir§t_fl9rld"flag: Lieutenant Roedner — head of ambulance service
— showed pictures of the battle. You could see movies of the men
falling into the trenches.


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March 5: Marty, Agnes McCrae, Dot Miller and I went to New York.
Went to see “The Professor's Love Story" - George Arliss. The dear
old absent minded professor is so funny.
March 10: Miss McDonald took Marty, Dot Miller and me shopping in New
York. Then Marty and I went to the Sebago—Wohelo Camp Reunion
luncheon — so good to see everybody again. Went to New York with $17
to spend. Came back with $15!
March 17: Today was the triangular debate — Vassar — Wellesley and
Mount Holyoke. Question: "Should the U.S. adopt to the Canadian law
of compulsary strike arbitration." Every affirmative won.
March 19: Hurrah. The railroad strike was called off — due, however,
to the fact that we are in a state of war with Germany whose Y
submarines have sunk three American ships. War can not be declared
until Congress is assembled.
March 20: Marvelous lecture today by Professor Textor, my history
professor, on the new Russian Revolution.
March 23: Spring vacation coming up. Sitting around this deserted
place waiting for our train. Quite a bunch of us today: Marty, Dick,
and the Detroit bunch.
March 26: Franta Gulick, Marty's and my Camp Counsellor, came to
spend the weekend with Marty and me. She is to give movies and a talk
about camp. More G. R. girls must go there.
March 27: Spring vacation. Grandpa Leonard took Sis and me to the
opera tonight — Il Trovatore — Boston Opera Company.
April l: Sunday. Dear old Dr. Wishart — such a relief to hear a
regular sermon — and such a sermon! He improves every Sunday. They
clapped three times during it. The Church is jammed every week.
(Fountain Street Church.)