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Hagerman, Mary E[lla] (Comstock) — to brother, "Will," April 12, 1882

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Vassar College -
April 12 - 82

Dear Brother Will,

To say that I was surprised to receive a letter from you does not express my feelings, but I was awfully glad to get it whatever surprise I may have felt. I wish that you wrote every week


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because your letters are so lovely and newsy and full of funny remarks. Although your opinion of your debut as a debater is I see not a very high yet I am inclined to believe that some of the credit due the negative side is due you as well as Logan Marquis. That makes me think how is the Marquis church progressing? Is it almost finished? Last evening most of the girls


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returned from their vacation and today we have had recitations as usual. [Our?] two parlor-mates however have not yet put in an appearance but think they will arrive to-day. One of them, Lillian Stevens is awfully pretty. Will not answer your ? about my back as I think you must know all from the epistle I sent home last week. Should think that in spite of the many draw-backs


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you and Ann would have some real [s?]illy times at Prof [...uki?]’s, one thing, you are both always sure of a partner. How do you and Ann get on? Do you like her as well or better than you did last summer? Hope that you will condescend to dance avec [rotie?] [..] guard je viene chez [vous?]. Now don’t retaliate by writing in German for then I will have to get one of the girls to


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translate it and I do not believe you would like that any better than votre soeur (your sister).

Lunch. More [anon?]. Miserable lunch but had come of the staff of life so perhaps I can entertain (?) you a little while longer. It was indeed news about the place - It will hardly even like coming come to have the flowers + porches gone. Have you taken away the “lilies of the valley”?


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I hope not for I think it was such a nice bed of sweet smelling flowers - I have learned to play Lawn Tennis and like it ever so much - Hope we can play when I come home. Now I have a plan. I want you and Mama to come on for Commencement. I know that you would both enjoy it and as all the examinations will be over on the previous Friday evening I could devote


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myself to showing you around. If you decide right away will endeavor to find a place for you to board near College - If not am afraid you will have to go in the Hotel for a great many will come up and some of the places are engaged all ready I expect. Received a letter from [Jennie?] Prescott Friday. Said she had walked over to Uncle Albert’s to see May + Carl - So think she must


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really be improving. I am so glad. Now, Will won’t you and Mama please have your pictures taken immediately. I think it is a shame that I haven’t any of either of you in my album and anyhow I want you to look at every day - so please do - I have written about this ever so many times. What did you think of Mother’s gown &c ? Be a good boy, make Aunt have as good a time as


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possible and write every week to your loving sister Ell[a]. Am very sorry you are having such weather. It is real cold now to-day & have not yet been without a single day. Write soon. This scrawl is for you only.