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Fitt, Harriet (Bradley) — to mother, March 11, 1910

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11 Mar 1910

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March 11 - 1910

Vassar College.

Dearest Mother -

Had such a nice letter from Follett this morning. The cards came yesterday. Thank you for them.

I have met “Dot” [Turmerliff?]. She asked me to dinner one night, and I thought I wrote you all about her. She is most charming. She went to Annapolis last Easter, and has a lot of Kodak pictures of people I know.

I also met Mrs. Maury at


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West Point -- at least I have the name connected with a very attractive some one whom I did meet.

Also, I wrote Mrs. Spencer a long time ago, and she wants me to come. Miss Rogett has a room for Doss and me.

I am going to the dentists this Saturday, and rather dread it. My teeth have not hurt at all, but they [need?] attention seriously.


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I shall hunt suits ---- if only the other had been fortunate - and tend to all the little last things I can think of. For there is only this and one more week end before the twenty-fifth. Follett has asked me to go canoeing [with?] which is dear.

The second physical exam was yesterday -- I have gained in every-thing but my left hand, which comes, I suppose, from not riding. My back strength is .80 instead of 75, which is an improvement.

I am going out to dinner tonight -- at Katherine Yates, so I must stop and dress.

There was a meeting of Founder’s last night - the model wild roses are lovely - and I am so glad that they have adopted my suggestion.

With much love,