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Barnes, Lucy | to parents, May 26, 1872:

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May 26, 1872
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Vassar, May 26 72
My dear Parents,

Your kind wish for us with regard to Lake Mohunk has come to pass- and we are again settled in our "Vassar Home. Last Friday at noon we all assembled In the College parlors and from there a 160 of us started in different conveyances- There were 4 or 5 large Waggons and several carriages. We were in a party of six and happened to get a very


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875008002
comfortable carriage. We had so much rain during the week that the roads were very nice for driving. We (all in our load) sent to Smiths for different things so we might not be come exhausted on the way for we did not expect to get there until 7 o'clock. We sang & carried on high all the time and had a jolly time. We were among the first to start and got there some time before six so that we had time to go up the mountain to Sky Top where we had a beautiful view of the country


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875008003
We were able to see 5 states- (Vermont, Mass. N.Y. Penna, N.J.) Some among our party were obliged to leave earlier that the others, on account of being waitresses that evening at tea. We could not take servants with us and so we had to turn in to them ourselves— I waited, under Miss Fisher as head waitress at the same table with Lizzie. It was lots of fun, the Profs & Pres. Miss Morse - Mrs. Raymond- Miss Terry and [crossed out: lots] ever so many teachers were here and they seemed quite proud of our first attempts. It was not very nice to clear


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875008004
up and especially to wait till about nine before getting anything your self. After tea we had some dancing and about 10 1/2 (when the moon was out, we went out rowing. It was perfectly splendid. It was such a comfort to be out of hearing of bells and be able to go to bed when one wanted why really we didn't feel anywhere within thousands of miles of Vassar.

Next morning we got up early and went to all the places around It was dreadful climbing but I enjoyed It. I climbed up the Crevice although Prof.


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875008005
Orton advised us not to, and of course when got up through safely, we felt quite victorious, for last week the seniors & juniors had to have two Profs. to drag them through some of the places. About 12 o'clock we had dinner up on the top of a Mount 150 ft. high - (I did not envy the waitresses that time) We started for Vassar in the afternoon about 5 and got home real late after a very jolly time. This morning I felt real stiff and tired after so much unaccustomed exertion but


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875008006
it Is very natural I should. I cant say, at present, that I think Monday's lesson will prove a success -

The other day I sent Mr. Brooks a "Miscellany" and a few days afterward a note came from Mrs B- thanking me for so kindly remembering her. A joke. Eh?

I have heard nothing from Mr. Buckman, [crossed out: and] so perhaps he did not get his. When I came home last night I found quite a large box of Whitmans, sent to me by express from Phila -


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875008007
the handwriting looked very familiar, so before opening I stormed around for a little, to think of having to thank the "old thing" when much to my surprise the enclosed card said Compliments of Fred H. Andrews - wasn't he kind he sent Kate one too - But didn't I feel like a fool for my mistake. Also much to my surprise I got a very lovely and lengthy letter from Pattie Semple a few days ago (it was her birthday) I sent her my card


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875008008
& written on the back was - "My sincere wishes for many happy returns of the day." I did not know what to expect in return but I got a very nice letter which I fear will not rec'd such a very nice answer. In reply to your question about my lilac silk- It is just as
you last saw it for I have not yet had it on. I am perfectly satisfied to still wear it over my black silk and get a whole dress some other time for you know lilac Is not a very becoming color to me


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875008009
But of course I am willing to do Just as you think best about it. Can't you always write to me on Thursday for I will then get your letter Saturday and be able to read it more
satisfactorily for on Friday afternoons I have a recitation right after dinner and am always a little fidgety unless I study before it.

With love to all, I am as ever your daug[hter].

Lucy (Sellers) Barnes, '75


: VCLLettersBarnesLucy1875008010
Mrs. John Sellers Jr.
3300 Arch Street
West Phila, Penna