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Aaron, Lester | to Mother, Father, and Fan, 1923 June 2

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4 Story Street,
Cambridge, Massachusetts,
June 2, 1923.

Dear Mother, Father, and Fan:

There is very little to tell you this evening. I got up early this morning and worked with Harold Birnbaum on an old Property III exam before going down to Temple for the opening exercises--I mean closing exercises.

I had lunch with Dick Mack, went out with him to see August Kohn who is in the Infirmary, and then went out to Brookline and called at Rosenau's, at Harold Birnbaum's relatives', and at Arthur Marget's. I got back here and met Dick Mack by chance as I was getting a bit to eat and had a long bicker with him. Meanwhile the evening is gone, and I have a lot of work to do.

I was out at Lew Hitzrot's last evening. He went down to New York this morning to work in a hospital for two months.

I am going to work like a fool for the rest of the week; so I probably won't get any letters written. I have spent all the time speaking to people and bickering with them that I can spend; it has to be hard work and lots of it for the rest of my time up here. Since I'll see you at the end of the week, I'll make my correspondence brief.

At what time do I have to be Poughkeepsie Saturday? R. S. V. P.



[I suggested sending the laundry to Poughkeepsie. If you think Princeton would be better, send it to 5 West [?] in Ted's [care?]. I rather think Poughkeepsie is better.]