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DeWitt, Nettie | to father, Jun. 8, 1894

VC Ex 1896
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June 8, 1894
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June 8th '94.

My dearest Papa:

Your note with its check, came this morning and I want to thank you and assure you at once that the check is more than sufficient, and will settle all bills and bring me home nicely. I am all through with my


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exams, and I hope that I have passed them all - I think I have. You can not have any conception of how fine it seems to be through. I cannot take it in that I am utterly free. It is a very great relief, and that is almost the only way I can look upon it at present, though I am sorry in some ways to have the year come to a dose. I can never be a sophmore any more. Think of it.


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Ethel came this noon, and will stay over Sunday with us. She is looking so well, now, and has a new diamond ring with five big diamonds in it. It was her birthday present.

I don't know that it matters about my ticket being on the M.C. but I prefer to come in at Court St. as I always do - so I think I shall change it.

I hope you will write me from home up to the last minute, for I want to know just how I shall find you, well or ill- You will, won't you?

I shall leave 2:43 Wednesday noon, June 13th, without doubt. If I change my plans will let you know at once. I am so anxious to get home, yet I do not want to leave till everything is over. My very best love to you all-

Yours, Nett.

(Nettie (Brand) De Witt, ex-'96,