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Fitt, Harriet (Bradley) — to mother, February 15, 1910

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15 Feb 1910
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Vassar College.
Feb 15 - 10

Dearest Mother -

I am not going to New York this week, especially as you prefer that I should not.

Two dozen lovely red roses came from Annapolis today, with Judge’s card. Was it not thoughtful of him? They are quite fresh. Almost every one has flowers today, and


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chapel was full of them tonight.

I like this sample very much indeed, Mother. I cannot think of any thing now which ought to be sent ahead.

This can only be a line because I have too much work to do for tomorrow. The entire afternoon was taken up with going to Mrs K’s office, dressing for gym


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class drill, bathing and a trip to the infirmary. At that rate not much is done. Besides, they gave us such an extremely strenuous class drill that we are all exhausted, which is not the best thing.

I could not find my overshoes after dinner, which made me late in starting for chapel. I ran the entire way and caught up with the “main body” but forty girls were shut out. I was the fortieth. We all managed to get into the gallery, however before they closed those doors, and I think our excused will be accepted.

I love you both so much, dear ones. Tonight is almost homesick, but it is because I am tired.


Monday night.