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Eldridge, Muriel (Tilden) | to Father, circa 14 October 1912

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Oct. 14, 1912
Sunday p.m.

Dear Daddy -
It seems to me as if all my friends were writing to their fathers today, and it inspired me to do the same. I was coming home from the library yesterday and I thought I saw our car standing out front of Josselyn Hall - it didn't take me too long to hustle up and find out that it wasn’t, but for a second I was quite excited over it.
Yesterday was Senior Parlor Reception to which Seniors and Sophomores are invited The is one big parlor over in


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Main Hall that is re-furnished annually by each senior class, and it is “opened” with this big reception. Everyone has a new dress for it, and goes and gets jammed nearly to pieces in the crowd and has a terrible time trying to manipulate a plate of ice-cream, manage a piece of cake and carry on an intelligible intelligent conversation in the mean-time. After the formal offering, the “Parlor” is kept exclusively for the Senior’s and their guests. Every Sunday between chapel service and dinner there is a


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Musical program. I was invited to go over today - the program was short but very nice. A couple of piano selections and another couple of violin pieces were played - the violn was especially nice. The chairman of the Sunday Entertainment Committee has asked me to play there some-time and I’ve said I will. I did some accompanying there several times last year.
Have I said anything about the new “Students Building” that is being erected on campus? Some “unknown donor” presented the college with a hundred thousand dollars


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for it - and it’s being put up back of North Hall. I haven’t been over near enough to get any details about it yet, but from the glimpse one gets of it from the walk, it looks as though it would be the same type of architecture as the dormitories - red brick sort of heavy construction if you know what I mean - I don’t know the technical terms to apply to architectural creations.
There are a number of “old girls”, meaning those belonging to the class of 1912, back assisting


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in the college, one is over in the observatory in the Astronomy department, one is doing library work, and one is assisting in the Biology Laboratory. Every week-end brings a handful of them back to visit, but 1914 can hardly wait until First Hall Play which comes in November, for there is 1912’s reunion. The latest graduated class always come back in a [...rdy] for the Hall Play following their graduation - and


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and certainly will be good to see them again. Betty Ralston, a 1912 Poughkeepsie girl, comes back quite a lot to see us, so we don’t feel as if we had really lost her at all. She’s such a tiny cute little mite, it doesn’t seem possible that she’s an alumnae.
Beatrice Shaw-McGill’s niece is here, Helen Shaw. She is my dear girl and I’ve seen her quite a lot this fall although we’re not in the same hall - she’s over in Lathrop. Josselyn is infinitely


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superior to any of the other halls and Florence and I are very glad we took our chance to draw in here. We have delightful rooms - so much so that whenever the College has guests they sooner or later get brought out to 203 Josselyn to see our study. Dr. Taylor brought the acting Minister (that sounds funny, I know - but I don’t know what else to call him) and the Mrs. Minister up a few days ago - and not long after that Dr. Hill, Professor of Bible, brought a regular horde of women in


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upon us. We have to keep neat and picked up, you see, for we never know when we’re going to be “shown off”.
I’m working like everything on my Argumentation - and feel guilty everytime I have a minute and don’t use it on that, so I’ll stop scrabbling and get back to work.
Very very best love to all - I’m going to answer Babe’s letter the first spare minute I have. Will you thank Mother for me for sending my dress and alarm-clock. They were both very welcome. Love from Muriel


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14 10 30 AM

Mr. B.O. Tilden
291 Westminster Road
Brooklyn, N.Y.