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DeWitt, Nettie | to mother, Oct. 1892

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October 1892
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(Oct 1892), Vassar College. Sunday night. My dear Mother I have just returned from making a few calls and will do what I can to-wards my usual voluminous letter. The week has passed very quickly and yet it seems a long time since 1 wrote you last. The days do fairly fly here aad the time seems all too short to do all the things I want to do. One day last week three of the girls and I went out for our usual ex in the afternoon. Miss Sanders (the one Hatt wanted


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896002002
to room with) Ethel Simonds Nan Morton and X. We went over to a farm
house where the other three girls had cider and doughnuts (I didn't care
for any) Then being still unsatisfied we went to a neighboring house,
Mrs. McGUnns, and demanded of her something to eat. We had cake and
two of the girls had wine jelly* When we came in, we went to look over
the express. In search of a box one of the girls expected and one I look
for every day but donft find. W e didn't find what we were looking for but
Instead a box for my room mate which looked very much as


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896002003

tho' it might be candy so we carried It In triumph to our room and went in search of Lou who didn't happen to be with us. After some time we succeeded in finding her and our greatest expectations were realised when the box proved to be a fife (this is meant for five) pound box of Huyler*s from her father. Well, we have just been feasting on that since. We managed to save a very little for to-day. It is quits surprising to see how rapidly it vanishes. If you do send me a box, what I want most of all is some real home made cake and lots of it- We don't have


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896002004
good cake at all here. I am Just pining
for some real home cake and pickles.
Friday afternoon Lou and I went into town and got several things for our
room and really look quite cosy now. I took my little picture of the
children fishing to be framed In a simple frame of gold and white, then
I got a divan cover which we did not succeed in getting made yesterday.
M fixed a yellow lampshade of paper which looks very cute. Lou bought
a desk and we have hung our portifcre up to the door which goes into my
room and looks quite


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896002005
elegant. Friday night there was nothing going on
for a wonder and I was not sorry for it seemed good to have a night off
and I really lounged for the first time since I've been here I do believe.
Saturday afternoon we had a class meeting to elect our President. The
girl I voted for didn't get it* much to my disgust* but a Windsor girl
instead* I voted for Queen Ferry of Detroit* a perfectly lovely girl - I
don't see why she did not get the election for she is a favorite. I was so
disappointed I didn't know what to do. Saturday night


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896002006
there was a debate
between the Republicans fc Dem's oa the issues of the campaign and I went
with Marcia for a few minutes. It wasn't so very good* tho the republicaas
were the best I think at least all I heard of them. This morning we had
Bible study at nine* church at eleven* and this afternoon at a quarter of five
Oct. 1892 - 3
w< had an address by Bishop Hare (or some such name) from So. Dahota.
He has been and still is I guess a very successful worker among the
Indians. He was simply fine. The best Speaker I've heard since


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896002007
been here. He had gray hair and was very nice looking and tho* he did not
look really like him reminded me so much of Grandpa that it just made
me homesick to see my dear Grandpa. I hope he is well. The girls went
out for a short brisk walk this afternoon. It is getting quite cold and
wintry and I am glad of it for it is so much nearer time to go home. I
have written to Counts A - Lynn Matt G. Arth and a note to Will to-day*
By the way don't get jealous of W on my account or your own. Of


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896002008
it is not your fault if he does or does not have a good time. He has been
so much with the girls that probably he felt kind of funny when he saw you
there* tho' of course he had no need to. He sent me the best picture of
himself the other day. Have you seen one of them? 1 had a nice little
note from Arth He has been made Sergeant Yes I have had a letter from
Lotte this last week but none from Luce. The bell has rung for retiring
so no more now. I hope your new hat will suit My suit Is much admired


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896002009
Do go out all you can and keep happy and contented.
I am not homesick but would like* oh so much to see you all. I
have mot ree'd any letter from Papa yet. Give him my best love and all
the rest With heaps for yours elf-
Lovingly Nett.
(Nettie (Brand) De Witt, ex-'96,