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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother, Father, and Lester, 1919 November 22

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November 22, 1919.

Dear Mother, Father, and Lester:

My typewriting pupil came over for another lesson yesterday afternoon, and staid till the hockey game. That is why I did not have time to write.

Miss Cochren, the head of the English speech department, spoke in Hygiene on the relation of hygiene and voice culture. She was exceedingly funny, but in spite of that we have to write up her lecture.

The Seniors beat the Freshmen in the final hockey game of the season.

After the hockey game Josephine Marle and I called on Mlle. Champy. She is the other Freshman in the class. The boss insisted on talking English. She said she would have preferred coming as a student, but she took what she got. I guess she cannot be very old. She was quite interesting, also amusing. That is one call off the list.

My telescope came with two large cracks in it. It striked me that that is rather early in the game for anything like that to happen. If I have time this afternoon I'll take it into Lucky's and see about it.

I don't know if we have to work over Thanksgiving--I hope not, but I rather imagine we will.

Last night I heard a lecture by Dr. S. K. Ratcliffe, London University extension lecturer, on "The New Europe and the Coming International Order." Miss Kitchel strongly recommended it to us. She said he was the best lecturer the college had last year. I was too tired to get all out of it I might have, but even so, I enjoyed it very much.

Have you Roosevelt's Letter to his Children", either at home or at Princeton. If so, please bring it to New York or let me know if you haven't got it and I'll buy it. I have to have it to read for outside reading in English.

Also, Mother, please bring me some stockings to match the light-topped shoes I wore in New York. I'll have to use them Thanksgiving, and I discovered my stockings are all worn out.

There is a sign up on the bulletins to lock your valuables over Thanksgiving and take the key with you. Carolyn Fay has been missing stuff. I thought it was very lucky that nothing like that had happened before.