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Eldridge, Muriel (Tilden) | to Family, circa 22 October 1912

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Oct. 22, 1912
203 Josselyn Hall. r.e.
Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Dear Family, especially Mother -

I know It’s been ages since I’ve written, but if you could have been up here watching me, you’d understand and forgive my negligence. Never before in my eventful career have I ever worked so hard! I’ve [simply] slaved in the library every spare minute from morning till night, often barely stopping to eat, and truly labor has it’s just reward. Much against Mrs. Yost’s advice, I took the Argumentation examination on Saturday afternoon and, joy of joys! I passed it and also passed on the written work that I was required to do beforehand - this consisted of a brief, [speech], [...] and bibliography on music in the P.S. I tutored in the theory of Argumentation with Adeline de Sale - student-tutor - I had ... lessons, each with work to be prepared for her, outside of my regular daily work and that I was doing for Mrs. Yost.
    I went to see [...Chittenden]


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About some musical magazines the other day in preparation for my brief and she wanted to know why I was not taking lessons this term. I duly explained and she said that if I would start in as soon as my condition was off, she would make up to me the lessons I had missed in spite of the fact that such a principle was totally against her ... ideas. The proposition appeals to me strongly, especially since this course in interpretation that I am taking is hand-in-glove with piano lessons. I had to play in class today - played a Beethoven ... and Prof. Gors said some mighty nice things to me, which pleased me very much, particularly since they came from him for he is a very strict music critic. If you could hear him scold just once when things aren’t played properly!
I’m sorry to have to tell you


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that although the ten dollars, aforementioned, was duly refunded to me, it was stolen from my bag, out of my bureau drawer. We have been nearly distracted here with thefts. I was the second of three girls in our immediate neighborhood to have a ten-dollar bill taken, and over in main, a pearl ring was missed besides much money. There have been the most [suspicious] losses lately - we haven't heard so much about them for the past week or two days and we’re hoping the unpleasant episode is completely ended. I hate to have to ask for cash - by-the-way, [however], what have you decided about my allowance - [please]? - but I owe Adeline de Sale $6.75 for tutoring and [Miss Levan] $2.50 for proctoring my exam. I had to have her do it because she is


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The college-tutor; and her [...] is worth $1.25 an hour. Moreover, I haven’t bought my [pliel] ticket (dramatics season ticket $1.00) nor paid any of my dues, Christian, Athletics, etc.
Sophomore Party to the Freshman came off Saturday night - I was “taken-off” as one of the Juniors in the play. Dorothy [l…], Martha Biell (1914 basket-ball manager) Margot [Creshing] (Qui Viva Speaker) Gretchen Hollister (Daisy Chain) Gretchen Thayer (College Song Leader 1914) Natalie Bassett (Junior Party Chairman) and I were the honored “celebrities (?)”. I don’t think I told you that I was offered the biggest honor of Junior year - chairmanship of Junior Party - but that was before


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I had passed off the Arg. and it was while I was doing the slaving-act in the library, so it was not for little Muriel. Natalie Bassett got it at the second election. I hope she makes as big a success of it as this year's Sophomore Party.
We’re in the thick of political excitement here now. The college as a whole represents the U.S. and there is an entire political campaign being carried on. Today was the National Convention - tomorrow is the Republican Rally, etc. This evening the Democratic Party had a torchlight procession for Wilson, headed by the party symbol, a donkey, led by a girl in a cap-and-gown - supposedly Wilson. Between supper and chapel, Teddy Roosevelt alias Betty Heilberg


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made a stump-speech in the Soap Palace. Most of the girls, or, that is, as many as could get hold of them, wore men’s suits; and the whole thing is most amusing. To me personally it seems a waste of perfectly good time, but as long as the general public enjoys it, why object? “Smile and be happy” is my motto, for the present anyway.
I’m sending you two snapshots that Edna [Dillingham] sent me - don’t bother about returning them for I have several of Evelyn in that pose and another print of myself. You might all write to a very busy lady if you had time. She loves to get mail! I do hope you’re O.K. as to health now, mother, and that the decorator’s mess is over. How is Babe’s neck - please tell me.


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22 2 00PM

Mrs. B.O. Tilden
291 Westminster Road
Brooklyn, N.Y.


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Camp Quinibeck
Lake Fairlee, Vermont