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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother and Father, 1920 October 14

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Oct. 14, 1920

Dear Mother + Father,

I just came from a French Club meeting. We are going to have a 2 day drive ([Gag] Day) to raise $500 for shoeless children of France. The request came from a Vassar graduate, who is doing work over there. We are going to have the tags in the form of shoes, and have a desk in the soap palace on which will be placed a very large cardboard shoe. The money will be dropped into it. We will have real shoes on a table in the halls those two days to catch people as they come out from dinner.


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Then we are going to have large posters. I have charge of getting people to make them. Most of the ideas, at least, a good part of them, originated with yours truly. What do you think of them?

The result of an English and a history cut was only one class this morning. I [worked] on my history topic this morning. I have all the material, but I have to arrange it this evening.

The Spanish conference yesterday consisted of read-ing a long list of words (for purposes of pronunciation correction), and talking a little. [EC] still interests


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me very much. It certainly is not hard.

I have a huge am't of Eng-lish reading for Monday.

I have lab this afternoon. It tires me, but I don't think much more than it would even if I were perfectly well.

We had a meeting of '22 and '23 of Davison last night, in connection with our [stunt] party, which is coming off next Friday night. I think it will be pretty good.

Me for my [Corona] next time. I am spoiled.

Has Gdpa. been sick again? R.S.V.P. honestly.


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Why did Aunt B. come?

[Paps], is your right hand sore or is your pen broken?



What about your trip East?