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Adams, Ruth | to family, Dec. 1900:

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Dec. 1900

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: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904035001
Dear people:-
I have been lying down the last hour and wishing I was at home. I made various plans for seeing if I couldn't go home and still continue my work. They all seemed very plausible. 1 don't know whether they would strike other people in the same way. However I don't really wan't too. I have slept better since I came back but I feel pretty frightfully nervous. It makes me so angry. I don't see why I can't stand it when


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904035002
other people do.
Sunday we got here all right after 10 and had to ring the bell and be let in by the night watchman. We stopped at the station to get some hot chocolate. Monday and Tuesday went about as usual. I nearly put in a meal order Tues. night, but decided it was foolish after all and didn't. I am quite lame from working in the Gym. Mon. I took me glasses down to be fixed. They didn't have to send to New York and I can get them as soon as I go for them. I expect to go down tomorrow and want to try to go to see Miss Wylie too. But I am very busy Thurs.


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904035003
Oh I almost forgot to ask you. Do you think there would be time for me to send a doll to you and get it back before we leave for Christmas. And in any case do you want to dress it. I can get it done up here for $.75. You needn't be very particular with it. I should say they were about 8 or 10 ins long.
Most of the girls have gone in swimming this afternoon. I ought to
have my suit here. Do you know where it is.
Miss Slade goes Friday. With lots of love


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904035004
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: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904035005
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