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Aaron, Marcus | to Stella, 1919 February 25

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My dear Stella

I tried to sleep all day while Fannie worked her [ ] - finally at 4 oclock the rain ceased + we had 13 holes followed by a hot bath and a good dinner so the day was not lost. Fannie's good hum[our] continues - mine is dependent on the weather.

Your [Sundays] letter came + we read it and [one] from [Lester] with much pleasure; we are now looking forward to the next. Our sleeping porch is fine on rainy days - the hotel lobby is [thin] so stuffy that its [fun] to get the air [second ]


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They had wonderful weather [here] all [winter] altho 2 weeks ago they had snow that stopped golfing for 4 days. Lets hope we will have none of it How is the "rest" getting along. Did you see the Doctor.

Dont worry about Ikkel Fannie. She is perfectly happy. Love [kisses]