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Worthing, Margaret (Fletcher) | to family, May 13, 1908:

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13 May 1908
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Wed. P.M.
May 13, ‘08.

Dear parents; -

Only a minute before the mail man - Have been busy studying etc-

Grace plays at the recital this P.M.

I am going to dinner tonight with Mabel McCullum.

Yesterday ^afternoon met L[crossed out: e]otta McCloud who


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1908-05-13_075_003_012_002
used to sit at [a] our table last year, and she wanted me to go to the Inn with her, so I went and had ice cream. My it’s been so hot all this week, melting hot -

Mabel is here in the room and sends love!

Send also my L’Aiglon, a french book. I read it first semester


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now they read it 2nd semester. It’s in the ^upper hall, ^in the book case with glass affair, on top shelf, paper covered light blue book. Send it right away.

Short and [scrally?] [sp:scrawly?] -