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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother and Father, 1920 January 22

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Dear Mother + Father,

No more classes this semester. There are no classes tomorrow, the day before the exam. period starts. We finished our Math review today. [The] stupidity of the class showed their high degree of [panicyness]. I am glad to say I was not among their number in that subject. The atmosphere is certainly wild about this time. Girls are excitable under normal circum-stances, but now -----! I am really behaving all right, in so far as I can


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control things.

The "[Ten] O'clock Club" has been changed to the "Society for the Suppression of Midnight [Maniacs]" I was [coasting] on Sunset yesterday for the second time. I am glad I found a course that is not bumpy, or I would not be able to go. I went yesterday with Phyllis' room - mate, to get her in [trim] for finishing the Latin re-view. It is quite an experience to take a girl from [Mississippi] on her first coast in the deep snow. I can easily see how that [Maben] girl was drowned. Speaking of the lake, - the ice carnival is


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Saturday night, and I can-not skate! Talk about having to exert your power of self control.

I have gym this after-noon.

I plan to do some more reviewing this after-noon. I have not got the necessary thing for exams unfortunately - a [clear] head.

Otherwise nothing new.



Jan. 22.