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DeWitt, Nettie | to mother, Dec. 10, 1892

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December 10, 1892
VC Ex 1896

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Vassar College.
Sunday (December] 10, 1892

My dearest Mother:-

Three good letters I wrote you last week and only two did I receive What is the trouble? Don't think because I am coming home sometime that I don't want to hear from you just the same. You see you don't deserve a long letter and as there is really little to write letter rather short.


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To-day has been a lovely Sunday, and directly after dinner Cad Hawkins, Ethel and I went for a long walk to the top of Richmond hill where I had never been before and from where we got a glimpse of the Hudson. This evening we are to have an illustrated lecture on the work of the Kings Sons and Daughters in the tenements of N.Y City and I
expect it will be very interesting.

This afternoon I have been amusing myself fixing up my accounts, rather a dubious amusement. I come out pretty well, only a dollar behind on the past two


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896009003
months. It is needless to say that I have spent rather more than I expected. I fear I will be obliged to have Papa send me a little more money. I have thirty dollars (ten in my purse and twenty in the bank). I haven't sent Miss Hogeboom any flowers yet but intend to, and I want to buy a few Christmas gifts before I come home so you see—— I am rather ashamed of my last letter having said I didn't want anything to ask for so many things. I have had so much that really I want you to use your own judgment and get me just what


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896009004
you think best and nothing more.

Friday noon Ethel had a little luncheon at one of the cottages - we were seven, and oh how good everything did taste. That afternoon Lou and I went into town, walked both ways and I got material to dress a doll - You will wonder what for - Well the Y.W.C.A are dressing them to send either to some hospital or for the College Settlement in New York. Ethel and I are dressing it together. It would be real fun If only we had more
time. Yesterday Nan


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896009005
Morton had a fine box from home as it was her one. Don't you agree?

Someone is sweetly singing "Just a Song at Twilight" above me and recalls to my mind that I will soon be singing it for your benefit myself perhaps. I think I hear


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896009006
Clare groan as he reads this.

College lets out (elegant expression) at noon an Wednesday much to my delight so that I can leave on the 12:44 train which will bring me into S- about that hour on Thursday. We will have a jolly crowd going home Marcia, and Kate Enos her roommate, Maud Walton, and one of her room mates. One of the girls at our table goes as far as Rome and probably Fred will join us at Lyons tho' you need not mention it.


: VCLLettersDeWittNettie1896009007
Luce and I are trying to make connections and I do hope we can. (They're singing "After the day" up above now). Our travelling lists have all been made out and I expect Miss Etoos wrote for a berth for me this afternoon when she wrote for her own and Marcia's. Oh won't it be joyful? It seems as tho' I could not wait. I'll be studying all so good and all of a sudden the tho't flashes over me that I am going home in less than two weeks and drives every ^other thought out of my mind. No more to night. With heaps of love to Papa Clare Grandpa and all Your loving daughter N.

(Nettie (Brand) De Witt, ex-«96,