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Adams, Ruth | to family, Feb. 1901:

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February 1901
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Dear father:
I have been talking with Franlein Bareteman. She doesn't seem to think I had better do it. I feel rather unhappy in my own mind and don't know just what I want to do. She says even if I had the highest marks possible ("which you haven't Miss Adams") she wouldn't advise me to do it. Now is she right in her estimate of what I can do in German or am


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i? It seems to me that I know more German than any other girl. But perhaps I haven't cared to make an effort to show it. Or perhaps I don't know as much as I think. Miss McCaleb, the sec. say I can't take that French next year without passion of the Freshman french in an exam. And I can't take French tis semester without taking an cam in last seems. work. It too bad isn't it? I am really quite disappointed though I keep telling myself that there


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wasn't any possibility of my doing it. What do you advise me to do. Drop German this seems. take French (and Miss Mc.C. said perhaps Prof. Brac would let me wait until the end of this seems or next Fall before passing off the 1st semester French work in June or Sept, work on German during the summer and take exam on 2nd semester work in Sept. and have the chance of loosing both. Or take German this


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semester pass it off in June and work what I can this seems on French and this summer, then try to pass off Freshman work in Sept and get into Course C. If not take Course B (which is what the frills with French as 1st language do this year) and drop German next year. What and which? Answer as soon as you can. I rather think I had rather study on French than on German, particularly this Freytag in the summer.


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The worst part is that I am afraid I shall have forgotten French so by that time that I shan't be able to do it. Isn't it too bad. I am unhappy. Oh no I am not. We have just been doe the grandest sleigh ride; Cora, Lucile, Edith, Dubé, Hilda (to chaperone) and I. I wish I had time and money to tutor in French.


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Prof. George B. Adams
57 Edgehill Road
New Haven


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