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Tappan, Eva March | to mother, Feb. 1874:

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February 28, 1874
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: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875001001
Vassar, Feb. 28, 1874.

Dear Mother,
Yours came
yesterday. I have written
Mary tolling her that it
will not be possible for me
to come vacation, however
much I should like it, because
of the expense of it and because
after refusing Ella's invitation
I could not possibly accept
another to Providence without
hurting her feelings. I am
sure I do not know what
to say about clothes. Somehow
there is that same bother
every summer. And then
another thing, I think it
quite possible that I may


: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875001002
have another imitation
to Waterbury, not from
Law, but perhaps from
Kate Maltby. I don't know, and
it is rather absurd to say
anything about it when I
am not certain, but I
know Kate would like me
to come and I rather think
she means to ask me. So I
want to take that into
account, if I should go there
what clothes would be
best. Vacation comes in
four or five weeks. If I
should go there, I'd rather
have something good to
wear there if not so much
in the summer. What do
you think, about a dress
I mean and a hat for
spring? I thought I'd tell
you now so you could
be thinking. Perhaps the


: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875001003
waist of a dress could be
made here better than
in Providence. I think this
woman's prices are not very
high. She charged $ 1.75
for making my black waist.
I don't know whether Ella
really expects me to go home
with her or not. She speaks
of it as if I were going, but
I have told her several
times that I did not think
it would be possible for
me to come. I have begun
a little crocheted sack
for Anna's baby. I don't
know when I shall get
it done. There is so little
spare time here. Jennie
Titus says she is coming to
Vassar. It is so funny, for
two weeks or more I have
had very few letters, until
last Saturday; but I will


: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875001004
then have had twelve.
So queer! All the people
that I only write to once in
an age seemed to come
together in one week.
Lou Kellogg's mother has
not grown strong at all,
and now they are planning
to take her to Aiken S.C.
to spend the winter. Mr. K.
and two or three of the
children are going. Lou
was planning to go there,
so far, in the spring vacation,
but now she means to
go home next week to stay
over Sunday. Wish I had
the extra cash that she
has. I did indulge a little
in flowers the other day.
Kate had been away and
I wanted her room to
look bright and pleasant
when she came back, so


: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875001005
I went to the hothouse for
some flowers. Such a
funny old man as keeps it!
He has not nearly as much
custom as the others in
P. so perhaps that was why
he was so generous. I told
him 30 cents worth. I thought
that would only buy a
few little sprays, but he
gave me scarlet geranium,
violets, fuchsias, calla lilies,
and lots of flowers that I don't
know the names of.
Such a quantity! There
were three or four vases
full when I had arranged
them. I believe this is the
second time in my life
that I ever bought flowers.
Dr. Storrs of Brooklyn
lectured and preached
here this week. He was
simply wonderful. He used


: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875001006
no notes, but his work
was as finished and
polished as if every word
had been written. His
delivery was very fine,
finer than I ever heard
before. Bishop Huntington
of Central New York
lectures here tonight and
will preach tomorrow.
They say he is very fine.
Dr. Webster is very
popular. She is so different
from Dr. Avery. I have
quite a hard cold, the first
I've had this winter, and
yesterday I asked her to
excuse me from walking.
She did so without a word.
You can't appreciate
it as we here do who
have known Dr. Avery's
way. Dr. Avery would
never excuse anyone from


: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875001007
walking on account of a
cold, no matter what the
weather was, and yesterday
was very pleasant.
I think a [heraani] would
be pretty with the waist
made like a shirt waist
only without plaits and
sticking out under the
belt in points or something.
Either that way or a basque
would be pretty. Joe sent
the check and I paid the
bill. I will enclose the
receipt. What is coming
for spring hats? Don't
you think my last
spring's sacque, if trimmed
with lace would be pretty
for this spring? Seems
to me it would do very well.
I have a horrid cold, but
I have been taking aconite
and hot baths to an


: VCLLettersTappanEvaMarch1875001008
unlimited extent, and
I guess it will be better
soon. It is about dinner
time. Write soon.
Eva M. Tappan

I had a long letter from
Mrs. Harris the other day.
I will send it in this and
put the receipt in the next
one. Send It back when
you have read it.