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MacCoy, Marjorie Newell | to Family, 11 April 1909

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[April 11, 1909]

Dear Family-

        It has been such a nice Easter -- such a beautiful, fresh, clear day. [There’s] [lovely] music tonight. This morning I went to Church and the music was very good. [Val] took [Livias] [over] to the Inn for dinner, so I feel quite festive. This afternoon Margaret Brady and I had a nice walk that freshened up our [unreadable].
    The Easter music tonight was particularly nice as it wasn’t as [pretentious] as [some] we have had, but was thoroughly sweet.


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Professor Gow had written words and music to a Motet which he dedicated to the soloists of 1909 and it was exquisite. The choir [will] be sadly in need of good soloists for next year, as the Seniors are out of it now. Theta and Omega Chapters are giving a play next Saturday - it is an Irish Comedy and is intensely stupid, but our Lilias and I are the two men - she the leading man (!) and I the fiance! Most everybody else in it are [H] Freshman, so we feel very


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aged and important. 
    The [green] dress made J’s debut tonight, and is much admired - everybody put on their most [scrumptious] frocks - for no reason in particular. 
    My brain seems singularly stupid and I [don’t] [think] of anything interesting that has happened. Hope you are all [well] and flourishing. 
            Ever Lovingly


April 11, 1909


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[Postmark]     Poughkeepise
        6-30 PM
        APR 12-09

    Dr. Alexander MacCoy
    Mrs. William P. Logan
        Overbrook Ave. and 58th St.