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Sylvester, Helen (Seymour) | to father, Nov. 9, 1865:

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November 9, 1865
VC Spec 1865-1866

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: VCLLettersSylvesterHelen18651866009001
Vassar College -
Nov 9th 1865.
My dear Father
I was so glad to receive your letter a few days ago
and then afterwards to get the papers. It must be very uncomfortable
to be without carpets this cold weather but you will soon have them
down probably. You say you have had snow at home. We have only
seen a few flakes floating In the air. It has been cold enough to freeze
ice half an inch thick though. I would give a good deal to help arrange
things at home but can comfort myself with the thought that I am
improving here. I hope to know French and German very well by next
Summer. In our Geology


: VCLLettersSylvesterHelen18651866009002
class we are collecting specimens of all the
rocks. To-day we got a quartz specimen or rather Prof. Tenney got it
for us. I expect to come home with a great box of rocks. I am glad
James got such splendid paper for his room, he wrote to me about it.
I have a suggestion to make. As you have to wait for Henry every night
cannot you spend the time in writing to me? It would amount to a good
deal every night.
I am very glad you had resolved upon a long letter, it was fortunate
for me. Has James been home since he has been at Rochester? He
comes home often as usual I suppose. How nice it must be.
Have they succeeded in getting Mr Brown? I do hope they will have
some one before I get home. James wrote


: VCLLettersSylvesterHelen18651866009003
they had mostly agents to
preach lately. There are about 325 scholars here. Some have gone
home from sickness and some were unable to come at all. They had
accepted 350 but of course things happened to prevent some from coming.
President Raymond had a "reception" for the teachers a day or two ago.
Emma Wehner is expecting her father here to-day. I am glad Mr
Kimball has received so good a call. I suppose his objections to a city
church are removed.
I see Henry is sacrificing himself to the good of his country. I am
glad election is over before Christmas or I should not expect to see him
as soon as I do. School closes on the 18th of Dec. so we are to have two
weeks vacation I hear, and Henry must come


: VCLLettersSylvesterHelen18651866009004
on the 17th that is Monday
in just about six weeks, or a little over five. He must hurry if he expects
to get ready by that time and I am afraid he never will get ready to start
on Monday but he must. You say your letter was getting very old. It was
just as good for all that. Do you sit in the tower room any? I must close
now for I have already encroached on my study hour to write to you.
I send James a picture of the College for his album which he will probably
show you.
Will you please write a note to Pres. Raymond and send it to me
asking him to let me go and stay in New York from Friday night to
Monday morning? so I can give it to him? If you and Mother are willing I
should like


: VCLLettersSylvesterHelen18651866009005
it so much instead of going away Thanksgiving. I mean
the Friday after Thanksgiving. Write soon and please send


: VCLLettersSylvesterHelen18651866009006
me the
Independent as well as the other papers. I noticed there was a speech
of Gov. Seymour's in the World.
Your affectionate
daughter Helen.