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Frantz, Edna (Bachman) — to Rosemarie Boyle, February 17, 1915

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17 Feb 1915
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mailed 2-17-15

Tuesday ---

Rosemarie, you were just a dear to send me the darling little Valentine cakes. They came Saturday morning.

We are all too tired to move after our gay weekend. The prom went off without a hitch and everyone had a wonderful time.

Friday night the choir and Euterpe club (a men’s


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musical society from Poughkeepsie) gave a joint concert. The eight-part music was very effective. Friday morning the Glee Club gave a concert. It was as cute as could be -- with clever songs for the prom men sung to the tune of all the popular songs.

At noon there was a Valentine dinner at the College Inn.

The prom began at


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four and was a dinner dance. There was informal dancing from four to five. At five there was a grand march and the prom proper began. The cotillion favors were [canes] with streamers for the men and colored bows for the girls. Dinner was served in the balcony. The decorations were simple - trellises of green


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smilax -- but were very effective. The dance was in Students Building -- a wonderful place to have a dance -- on account of the committee rooms which were turned into boxes. I never heard a better orchestra.

Peggy, Gertrude, and I had an exceptionally good time because we had heard so much about each other’s partners -- and all felt like old friends.


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Last week Peggy, Gertrude, Constance (Peggy’s Sophomore sister) and I went to New York for a day. Peggy went down to buy her prom dress. We shopped all morning - It was a beautiful day, sunshiny and warm -- and the dressed up crowds on Fifth Avenue -- the spring suits and hats


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all made it seem just like Easter. We visited ever so many shops and Peggy tried on dozens of dresses. She bought the most becoming little gown, made over the same model as the one Mrs. Castle dances in, in “Watch Your Step.”

We had lunch at a very attractive tea-room on Fifth Avenue, the Merry


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Elizabeth, and then went to Tiffany’s and Van Tine’s. Dot had gone home for the week-end, so we all met in the afternoon and went to the theatre together. We saw “Under Cover”. Thrills! My dear, I was so excited I hung on to my seat with both hands. It was perfectly great. William Courtenay and Lillian [Cahill?]


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have the leads.

It’s almost lunch time so I must stop and fix my hair. Thank-you again just loads for your sweet ^(it was sweet) Valentine - Give my love to your Mother - write to me soon,

Loads of love from,