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Johnson, Caroline (Curtiss) — from father, "Alijah Curtiss," October 16, 1878

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16 Oct 1878

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Central Park, North and East River R. R. Co.
Office, 10th Avenue, 53rd & 54th Streets,

Abijah Curtiss, President New York, Oct. 16th 1878

My dear daughter Carrie

I was very glad to get your letters of 10th and 12th and to hear such good news as your letters give of your success in your studies, but I am sorry & really grieved over the disappointment which I fear you are having in not being able to visit Yonkers this week. But you must not think Carrie that we do not wish to see you as much as you wish to see us. I am going away tonight to Sheffield & shall not be back until Saturday so that if you came this week I should miss you. The I do not like to have you come down & go back alone - and it is also expensive and I want you to think of that. You have only been away about a month & during that have been up to Hyde Park contrary to my wishes. You must think that life is not all for pleasure, unless one’s duty becomes always a pleasure, and you can always then enjoy doing it. You ask me for some more money, & I shall send you in this letter ten ^($10) dollars. You also send a notification of the payment required [on?] Music [as?] $15 - for which I inclose a check. I have made out the check to your order, & you will have to endorse it by signing your name on the back. I have written in the back of the check the order which you are to sign - Sign your name right under “Vassar College” & then hand the check to the Treasurer & take a receipt for it - I hope, as I requested of you ^that you are


: VCL_Letters_Johnson-Caroline-Curtiss_1878-10-16_070_011_001_002

Central Park, North and East River R. R. Co.
Office, 10th Avenue, 53rd & 54th Streets,

Abijah Curtiss, President __2___ New York, 187

keeping an accurate account of all your expenses, entering in the account all the money I give you, & then see that it balances so that you may know just what has become of every penny, and whether you have lost any. I want you with all your other learning to learn a little of business, as well as to become frugal and industrious. You must think sometimes of the value of one dollar, of how many hours of hard labor it would take you & most of the world to earn - of how much food & clothing it has to furnish for the poor man who only earns one dollar per day and has to support a family upon it. If you learn all this nightly & see it as it is, you will also see a great sin in wasting anything. I have sent you to day, some little [almanac?] mem[..] books which have come to me - one of them from your [...] Wouldn’t Miss Butter have been very lonely if you had come down this week & left her? [Dont?] you cry one little tear, but bless & kiss your parents in imagination & be as brave as the bravest. Either Mother or I will be up to see you soon, or you will be down to see us. I have been very busy [thus?] for the month, but am going to have more leisure in a week or two, for I am not going to remain Pres. of the Road after this month. Your mannish girl must appear as much out of character as a ladyish man would. [There?] have been such cases known & have been almost historical. One is as un-normal as the other. I must hurry to catch the train - Good bye my darling Carrie & may God bless & keep you - Ever most affectionately Your Father -