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Adams, Ruth | to family, Feb. 1901:

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February 1901

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Dear people:-
This is the the German class. And is very stupid, so having recited, I think I will write a letter to you. I can keep one ear on what is going on. I find it rather hard she keeps looking at me. I wish I wasn't in the from row. Yesterday I got some lawn to make my costume, and have started it but I doubt if I even finish it. Suton-Thompson is coming here on Thursday to lecture and I intend to go in to hear him, whether I get any lessons or not. Then there is a concert out here this afternoon which I don't want to miss. Just see how things pile up.


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Here. My course was cut short with as big a scolding as I ever had in my life. After making me over the coals for a few minutes and letting me that even if I knew any German I couldn't pay attention to what was going on and write at the same. She ended by telling me it was extremely impolite. Whew! Whew! It's such a bore. I think she has a particular grudge against me. Well I have just come from the Suton Thompson lecture. It was very interesting. My costume isn't done and I don't know what is going to happen but I except it will finish up. They are to have my gulag to adorn something for the lecture, American and British Flag and so on! Very fine doing


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as to my health it is fine. Never felt better. Nothing disturbs wen there is really something I might worry about I never do. Lovingly Ruth


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Prof. George B Adams
57 Edgehill Road
New Haven