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Adams, Ruth | to family, Jun. 1901:

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June 6,1901

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: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904084001

Dear people:

Such heat! I hardly have strength to hold my pen. Well exams are over, my last studying for a long time is over and done, in fact I am a sophomore. Of course provided I passed. I am not terribly worried over the subject [but] still pride always has a fall you know. None of them were very hard but the Latin was long. Each


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904084002
day has been hotter than the one before. It's very nice to feel we are all through, though of course we don't realize it. Every body is departing and it's quite exciting. We are already saying how nice it will be when we all come back next fall.
Cora just heard Miss Wilkinson's voice in the hall and rushed out to ask her if we passed. Wilkie said she did. And then Cora said "I suppose Ruth did too?"


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904084003
Wilkie was quite fussed and said "Ah. Uh. I…Yes, that is. I-I haven't looked over her paper yet." As to the dentist, perhaps I had better have him look inside my mouth but I don't think any thing is wrong. The 18th would be all right. I could hardly come home on the 15th because I wouldn't have any time at Fall river at all then. My dress from Mrs. Gal has not arrived yet. Either she lied


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904084004
When she told you she sent it or else it has been lost. It's a terrible pity you have to go and blow her up so much. I never heard of anything like it. I suppose she thinks when we order a dress for me at college it makes no difference whether we have it at college or not. Our class pictures have come they are pretty good on the whole though a lot of girls are left out. We are all going to drive with Mr. and Mrs. Pelton tonight. Ruth. So hot.


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904084005
The money cause OK. Thanks.


: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904084006
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: VCLLettersAdamsRuth1904084007
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