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Aaron, Fannie | to Mother and Father, postmarked 1922 January 21

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n.d. [postmarked 1922-01-21]

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Dear Mother + Father:

At present am sitting in the doctor's office waiting to ask her to let me sleep in Metcalfe Thursday + Friday nights. I have two exams Sat. + one Friday + I have such noisy quarter that it is impossible to get a good night's rest before 7 AM. Incidentally, I slept till 9 this morning.

Am going to lab from here. I prefer finishing up today than next week.

Read Byron for a while last night. Also went to see K. [Steen] who is in the infirmary with a broken ankle. Her mother + father came on to see that it should be properly attended to. They wanted to take her home, but she didn't want to miss midyears, so her mother is staying up here, nice luck! She'll have a good long sojourn in the infirmary

Was honored by a somewhat lengthy visit from E. Spiro + [Pappeu] - [huiuer] room- mate. The latter is without doubt the homeliest girl I have ever seen, but she isn't half bad to talk to!

I'll take the 11:09 to N.Y. the Phila. week-end, arrive 3:30, + take the next train to Phila- probably 4 P.M, or at the latest 5 P.M. So I can certainly go to the hospital that night.

Sent you an exam schedule yesterday.

Peggy Higgins, debate chair


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man, told me yesterday that in answer to our letter turning Brown's challenge for a debate on the Brown-[Ruiherst]-Williams League subject down, she had one offering to debate us on our league subject here any date we set. Wo we'll probably debate them, too, in April. She promised me that if I do Barnard or Holyoke, I can do either Amherst or Brown. How can one resist?



Just spoke to Dr. B. If there is a bed available, she'll be glad to let me in. I also told her about Phila, etc. She is strongly in favor of the [anaesthetics] exam. She surely is a peach. I hate to think of not having her here next semester. She strongly advised not coming to a decision about going home until after Phila. I guess she's right.

Laundry [eame] today, also [...ickey] from Miss Schroder. It is O.K