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Sylvester, Helen (Seymour) | to brother James, Mar. 10, 1866:

VC Spec 1865-1866
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March 10, 1866
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Vassar College
March 10—1866

My dear brother

I must say you go from one extreme to another, very soon. The last time you wrote it was on French paper and this time it is on business paper and in a yellow envelope. I think the change is for the better though. I am sorry you cannot take lessons in French I hope you will be able to soon if you are not I will give you lessons if you will behave. You know you are a very trying scholar. There is nothing of interest going on here. Did you get my letter about the procession?

I do hope Anna Wickes


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will have the very same kind of Scholars that she was herself, for she was a perfect trial to Mrs Cary- I have written all the news in father's letter so you may read that. I had a
letter from Lizzie to-day. She says Mr & Mrs Levy have just sailed for Europe and they are very lonely without them. I expect they will bring back some more presents to them. She said she looked for me all through Feb and wants me to come soon to see them and enquires if you and Mother are coming in the Spring. She says cousin Mary is not well at all, cannot endure anything hardly and is very weak, so the poor girl must have a good deal to do. I am very glad our minister is going to be married and hope the report may not


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prove false. He will be more likely to stay with us- I wish they would buy a nice house for him. Is there any in town?

The wind is blowing a perfect gale again and our room is very cold so I am close by the register as I write. "Turtles' as you call her is "dumb". When are you going to send my "croquet"? I shall soon want to use them. Prof. Wiebe the music Prof, is going to have a concert next Friday and we shall have some music from the Organ I expect.

I think they were cheated when they got the Organ for it has not a good tone at all. I do not know but they will send it back now. I have spent nearly the whole morning writing and the girls have been so noisy I could hardly


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write at all. I shall be all ready to go with Henry when he comes and if he does not bring those "Skirt-covers" I shall not know what to do. You dont say anything about them at all-

The Catskill mountains look beautifully from my window this morning the air is so clear and the sun shines very brightly- They are just as blue as the Sky- Have you any Calla lilies in blossom I wish you would send me some flowers in a box with some wet cotton if you have any to send. How is your camelia flourishing?

I hear you keep the piano going do not be too hard on it- You must answer soon and write a long letter for I want one when Henry come. Do write all of you- and I will be perfectly happy-

Your affectionate Sister Ella.


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P.S. Give my love to Sarah Smith and tell her to write to me. My love
to Mother and Henry —— Ella.