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Worthing, Margaret (Fletcher) | to family, May 8, 1907:

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8 May 1907

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Friday P.M.
May 8


Dear parents; -

Don’t know whether G. has written today or no. She is at Latin and I can’t ask her that question or where her writing paper is, but I think it’s gone.

Ella wrote yesterday she could come today. But Minnie wrote today that Ella was not able to come this week.

Tonight is Soph tree ceremonies. The Sophs choose a tree, secretly, practice secretly then have their


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1907-05-08_075_003_002_002
ceremonies some night. They always pretend that the ceremonies ^are to be kept secret, but if no one attended then the Sophs would like it.

Harry is coming tomorrow P.M. Sat., and going on on the sleeper. He wrote that perhaps Fred couldn’t stop as he had got to do some buying - perhaps one more pattern to be added to Ashley’s spring goods!)

Tomorrow A.M. is field [meet?] if it doesn’t rain -

gee! it poured bucket-fulls all day


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1907-05-08_075_003_002_003
yesterday and looks threatening now.

Mom wanted to know if Fred W. came that ^A.M. We didn’t see him get on. He got on at Potsdam.

“Swaine” honored me with her presence here in G’s room last night for one hour’s communing with Ovid!

Miss Orvis is informing me concerning [Fr?]. history. She is teaching that course (my course - French I) in college now I think. Anyway she knows it all and if I don’t know it when she


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1907-05-08_075_003_002_004
gets thru with it, it won’t be her fault. She charges students rates $.75 an hr. I think she is taking some Junior work in college, also.

I am not going to take vocal, I don’t believe, - I can’t get a piano to practice on, easily - and I am too busy otherwise. I have had 2 lessons in each Fr. & Lat. since Wed,

There is a lady at Cary’s (!) who has been here all the yr. with her daughter who is a freshman, and she expects to stay during all four yrs. They go home only [crossed out] in Summer.


: VCL_Letters_Worthing-Margaret-Fletcher_1907-05-08_075_003_002_005
They live in Colorado. [Horn?] is their name.

So the soprano got the job! Am glad [...] gave Miss [Neff?] a recommend. unasked for.

Get rid [crossed out: e] of your boil quick, mom.

Suppose you’re at Grandpa’s today -

[...o?] Benjamin heiress!

Geo. Bourney good looking! He must have changed considerably since I saw him.

It’s [crossed out: all) O.K. to send the letters to [...].

M’g’t -